Week 8 Our Thoughts, Not Yours

As usual people, these thoughts are from Frank and Chris. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much.

Well….as this guy (Chris) predicted, Airport is a league champion.

That’s why they say throw the records out the window in a rivalry game. 

I wonder if my game prediction was bulletin board material for the Marauders 😉

To say that’s a big win for the Vikings is an understatement. And yes, our picks for this one were bull junk.

The Erie Mason program does a lot of things right. The wins just haven’t come this year.

You just can’t lose to your rival on homecoming.

It’s still an odd year, not just on The Island.

Chief’s win…..they won the JV game on Thursday too, although the chain gang didn’t.

Streaks serve up a 50-burger (in a half of football)

Motivational speeches are overrated. Just saying.

I’m not the playoff guru Gary is, but I think Milan can sneak in with a win against Skyline.

Seems like a weird comment, but I would be interested in being part of the Monroe program. (Shameless plug? Probably)

They are champions yet again, but I believe Riverview would like to have another shot at Airport.

You’ll never see an SMCC team overlook Jefferson while Adam or any other alumni is coaching there.

Dawgs handle their business

Bobcats are just on another planet.

Bonus: Weird stuff happens on Friday the 13th. The same can be said for football results.

Bonus: Since the stage is set for next week, I will keep banging the drum. PLEASE, LCAA SCHEDULING POWERS, WE BESEECH THEE! KEEP IDA-DUNDEE IN WEEK 9 PERMANENTLY!!! (how many times has Frank said this?)

Bonus: We are on to Tampa

35 thoughts on “Week 8 Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

      1. Who cares what might be
        Record books shows Airport won

        Co- champs

        Move on biggest enrollment in league – good talent – but can’t hold your own with same size schools

        Last time u made it to finals – lead by a CC guy- Flint

        Sick of the View crying

  1. I definitely think my Big Reds make the Playoffs. They played the 3 toughest teams in the League 3 weeks in a row, 2 of them were on the road. But I would definitely beat Skyline just to be sure, which I’m sure we’ll do without an issue.

  2. Is FR really better than last year? Find a way has lost its way.. will they make it to districts? I don’t think any d5 Huron league team makes it past districts..

  3. I wish people would stop making me (a Riverview dad) defend Airport lol.
    Do they win by the same margin as last time? Definitely not.
    Do the Pirates win by 3 or 4 TDs? Also, definitely not. I wouldn’t even say it’s a guaranteed win.
    But you play the game in front of you with the players you have and Airport took care of business that night and most nights since.
    You can’t discount the years of playing together on the varsity level for Nye, Mills and Zajack and their line was REAL. I’ll be rooting for them in the playoffs.
    Riverview is getting healthy at the right time (Lockhart should be out of a cast by the playoffs) and the line has found their stride. They have a 1000 yard rusher who missed a game (yes, THAT game), Pinkava is not far behind and again, with Lockhart’s return you’ve got another 1000 yard rusher and an anchor at that MLB spot. The talk of Riverview being “down” or “not as good” is crazy. I’ve been around the program since 2017. These guys are good. REAL good and have a legit shot at second straight District title.

      1. Here’s how I’m talking myself into a win v Rouge (assuming we beat a good Trenton or Southgate team first)
        1. We’ve played before and they struggled w the T.
        2. The last time we played we actually had a lead on them late in the 2nd until a turnover for 6 and one big play. The game was close the second half as well.
        3. No Coach Parker. Dude was special.
        4. It would be a home game and I believe Riverview and especially the Maroon Monsoon (student section) to be the best in the state and they’d ALL show up for a game like that.
        Again, not trying to overlook any DRL team, but as a dad I get to do all the “what if” scenarios while the kids have to focus on the game in front of them.

        1. The best thing going for Rouge against Riverview is not the size and not the athleticism. Its the healthy respect for the program and the offense they run.
          Rouge was 10 starters down 5 on offense and 5 on defense coming off the Bellville game. Including the QB and best RB. They got 4 back against OLSM and hope most back by playoffs.
          At least Riverview can’t grow the grass long anymore:).

    1. Normally, I would have rooted for them in the playoffs, but the way they ran their mouths with immunity from the officials the entire game, even after the game in the line. I’m going to lmao when Harper Woods burst the bubble. Go ahead, run your mouths on those guys and see what happens. Airport beat a young team with 3 starters out on defense and 2 on offense, it wasn’t that impressive. They could have been classy about it. No other team in the league behaves like that. It’s as if success is so rare at Airport they don’t even know how to handle it when it does rarely happen.

      1. WS Riverview is still crying 6 weeks later. And can’t wait till Airport beats Harper Woods to shut you up about that overrated team.

        1. EM
          Being league champs is nothing to cry about. In your best year ever you couldn’t even run the table against a league full of young teams, lol, so trash talk that. Riverview will return about 17 starters. Have fun with that next year. It is what it is this year.

          1. WS I don’t get why you Riverview fans keep talking about next year when this year is still not over. You must be expecting a quick playoff exit.

      2. Success is rare at Airport…obviously they don’t know how to handle it when they plant a flag at Navarre Field in a game they were expected to win by 20.

        1. I’ll always root for the HL in the playoffs.
          Even when I don’t care for the program, I’ll always root for these local kids I’ve seen for several years and usually across several sports to have success of some kind because the a good portion of these kids are friends through social media and most are actually just good people too.

      3. I will assume most these comments are parents…right or wrong?
        What is everyone doing on here but running their mouth and we are grown adults.
        Anyone listen to the mic NFL players and the trash talking that goes on!? It’s a mental game too, you have to be tough in all aspects of the game! Most the time that’s all it is, getting in the opposing teams head, like someone said on here most these kids are friends on social media and maybe others not so much. I do know that parents on here that think their kids “never’ just wait because never will come!
        There is plenty that is NOT talked about on here that other teams have done. As much as everyone wants to tear down this team you don’t see us attacking your kids and blasting all the negative things they do. We will welcome you to our hometown restaurant while you talk bad about us, we will welcome you back when you flag our gym floor and even help you hide your horned car in one of our farmers barns if you need too.
        Let’s be better parents!

  4. Was anyone else impressed with the Jefferson pyrotechnics after a score? I thought the pre game speech was great but fireworks too? I want to be a Jefferson Bear!

      1. I’m embarrassed for all of the hard nosed football players and coaches from the 90’s and 2000’s that played at Jefferson after watching “the video”. You don’t need an alumni speech and YouTube video to play a football game against SMCC. Back in the 90’s we lined up and knocked teams on their asses and helped them back up without saying a word. Nothing needed to be said before any game we played!

  5. I Appreciate Mr. Junge and his classy post.. but , I believe last week after CC he said he was willing to bet anyone they would beat Huron..
    Can we say bulletin board material.
    Hoover absolutely outcoached FR in all facets .
    FR should have won by 4 TDs with their size and talent.

    1. Here’s what I actually said…. Just spent 10 minutes finding it.

      “Whatever scenario it was I can bet YOU or the Huron bookie or WHOEVER wants to lay a bet that Flat Rocks ENTIRE team of kids along with the coaching staff will stick together and MAKE IT RAIN with there response.”

      I’ll give you that I didn’t see Huron beating us and if it was Coach Hoovers scheme, hats off to him.

      But what I’m actually talking about is their response in the playoffs. This team has shown this season they can be lethal. Airport folks feel they had a let down against us.. I feel that’s who we are. We beat a very good Dundee team, we beat a very good Airport Team We had a chance on last possession of game to beat a very good Riverview.

      My Bet is the will get it together, and I think you’ll see them make a little playoff noise!

      We’re 5-3 with allot of football left and I Certainly would bet on this group of kids to get it together just at the right time.

      We’re down but we’re not dead!

  6. Huron league Fan.

    Riverview is the best team. Knowing that Airport beat a Riverview team that was missing 5 starters.. hands down Riverview is the best team. They would beat Airport by 3 or 4 TDS.

    1. Amazed by what some people actually say on here

      Riverview may be better but 3 or 4 scores is insanity to even say. This airport still beat the rest of the league outside of FR by 30-40 some points every game. Riverviews starters that were out do not change what happened vs what u dream of happening by 6 or 7 tds, what an insane take.

    2. Be a much different game, but the fact is, the older, more experienced line is Airport, so I don’t think it would be that easy. It would be a tight ball game, especially if there was honest officiating that called talking on both sides. Airport talked the entire game, even in the line after the game the mouths couldn’t stop running. I can’t wait for them to try that approach with Harper Woods and see what happens. Airport does not have the line or the speed to contend with that. This year is their one hit wonder and that’s where it ends.

      1. Every team talks on the field. It’s football it happens. It’s not just airport. Riverview talked in the line they talked last year. Every team does it

      1. Agree that they are the best team. Rams had a great night against them and Jets did not make any adjustments against Rams in week 3. That was the only time they had a little let down this year.
        There was a post several weeks ago that Jets were overrated. I hope that poster has woke up now.
        Mauraders with a huge win and going to win DRL and Jets dominated them 1st week!

        Jet Fan

    1. I think if played again, the game is closer, but I still think Airport wins. Riverview’s lines are playing much improved over the 1st couple of weeks. But they are still a bit smaller and less experienced than Airports.

      A former Riverview Pirate Parent.

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