Week 2 Playoff Scores

Hey folks, Frank and Gary are at the SMCC game and I am down in Venice Florida taking in the Venice high school game against Clearwater international Academy. Please submit your scores with quarter and we will get them posted ASAP.

Carlson 27 Dexter 23 Final

Riverview 27 Rouge 49 Final

Airport 29 Divine Child 15 Final

Flat Rock 42 Summit 6 Final

SMCC 14 Clinton 22 Final

Whiteford 24 Hudson 14 Final

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  1. There was an era not that long ago where the entire Detroit Catholic league was winning or playing for state championships year after there. There was a year where Novi CC won D1, Brother Rice won D2 , de Lasalle was runner up, D3, and Orchard Lake won d4 . The narrative was they recruit players, but it is what it is. But schools like that also just draw kids in who want to play football.

    If you followed football for a while, DPS schools were not very good. Then Cass and King started building up their programs in the mid to late 2000s and Cass beat CC in the state championship back to back years and that was really a turning point in the area.

    When predominantly white, privileged schools were doing it, no one really complained. Now when majority black schools gets kids with a common interest to win and excel in football it somehow looked at as a bad thing.

    Last I checked and correct me if I’m wrong, I believe 44% of Riverview high school students are school of choice. I am sure there are kids who go to riverview because of football. Why is that so different than what the black schools do? Kids who want to play hockey go to Trenton, kids who want to row go to Wyandotte, girls who want to cheer go to Carlson.. it’s not a bad thing for a school to draw in students based on a sport.

    1. Could not have said it better! All facts! Especially the part about Riverview complaining but being a school of choice.

    2. Bringing race into a topic that has nothing to do with race is always interesting. I am sure there are some that think that way, although probably a very low percentage, but almost every school has some kids that are school of choice. Just the way high schools are. Recruiting happens whether we like it or not, more times than not it is not “come here and you will get x” it is more of “hey we played little league sports together, come to this high school so we can continue to play together and win some games.” Airport has had a lot of good athletes who did not have any ties with the school and lived out of the district. Just the way it goes.

  2. Awesome job airport! Their elite run D can stop almost anyone. A real shot at ford field! Harper wood can be beat.

    Carlson surprised a lot of people and played two unfamiliar teams in the playoffs and earned it. Next week will be a challenge, Mott’s QB is one of the best in the state, very athletic.

    Flat Rock has a good really chance to make it to the semi final!

    1. Divine Child fan here. Congratulations to Airport. That was one helluva game. Got a chance to talk with some Airport fans and you guys have our respect. When your D stepped up after that early fumble, we knew it was gonna be a tough task. Best of luck next week, beat Harper Woods. I am proud of the way all those kids fought, that is what it’s all about.

    2. I’m sorry but AP has zero chance to make it to Ford Field and you shouldn’t put that on your kids. Cros Lex was a legit team. Look at Harper Woods schedule. They beat Clarkston 34-7 and a bunch of class a teams like Roseville. And barley lost to Southfield who just beat Cass Tech. I’m sorry. It’s just a different level of football. Nothing wrong with that. Really nice season for AP. Lots of good players.

  3. Congrats Airport Flat Rock Carlson and White Ford.Now go get that regional title.and for the rest of you haters get a life.

  4. Congrats to the Jets on a district title!!! Also congrats to Flat Rock as well. All things considered SMCC had a really nice season. I remember at one point even Gary was wondering if they would get in at 2-7. Way to turn your season around. I know I talked a lot of smack with a couple (or possibly just one) Riverview fan after our game this year but believe me no one respects your program more than me. A really nice season overall for the Pirates. Unfortunately those all star teams are really hard to beat and you guys lost to one of the most established all star teams in the state. Airport gets a crack at one of the less established all star teams next week so we’ll see what happens.

    1. The real factor was the size of their line and backs. They seem to have an infinite number of big linemen. Riverview had a chance early when they went up 7-0 on an Adams 80 yd td, but then they gave up a kick return td, then promptly fumbled on the next series to get down 14-7. 3 seconds left in the half, rouge breaks a 21 all tie with a Hail Mary to marsh who appeared to land out of bounds, from my view. The real factor for rouge was the size of that line. If Riverview had the depth at line rouge does, I’d take Riverview. It wasn’t the Rouge skill players who out speeded Riverview, it was the brawn on that line. Harper Woods is going to be similar, but I think Harper Woods is better on defense. In the old days, the actual River Rouge Panthers were a 2-4 win program, but the Wayne county panthers are another story. I’m not even sure a Huron league all star team of linemen would be better. You rarely see one giant guy who can really play, let alone a team of them like the Wayne county panthers.

      1. Respectfully, rouge didnt need their skill players. Marsh got the ball maybe 4 times all game. They’re game plan was you maul Riverview upfront and they did.

        1. Actually, Riverview did a very good job on Marsh when they tried to go to him. I’d have much rather they tried that approach all game over the d1 college size O line and giant back. Unless you recruit like rouge, most schools don’t naturally have over a dozen giant linemen on their team.

          1. Guess this ruins the “their line is so big” theory. Maybe Rouge can coach too, imagine that. Also stopped the T after halftime. They got the ball after half, fully rested and got stopped. Guess Rouge can not make adjustments either.

      2. Still love the Wayne County Panther hate. Again, I do not hear anyone crying about what the Catholic schools do and have done since the beginning of time. I guess when the urban teams do it it’s a problem. Bottom line to compete in D1-D3 and to deal with the Cass, Kings, Southfields, and others, you will need a very talented team. You will find the occasional team that just put it all together for a season, but they will not be consistent. It’s going to trickle down too because King is really D4 and Harper Woods.
        Last 5 years the winner of the Rouge vs King game has gone to Ford field. I do not think that is changing this year either.
        I’m guessing this will end the coverage of Rouge on this site for the year. DL and HL it’s been a pleasure as always see you next year.

        1. I don’t agree with the whole Wayne county narrative, but the open enrollment does help. Especially the buses rolling into the city. As for the Catholic schools, and private schools quite frankly, people complain all the time.
          I say, stop the whining and play who with you have to play. Winners win and losers Usually complain. Congrats to River Rouge.

          1. I rarely agree with what Chris has to say. Its nothing personal to him. I could not be a high school AD like he is, but I 100% agree with what he says here. Thank you Chris for starting this blog way back when.

        2. If you’re really all that then, why not play in D1? You won’t even win D3 this year with all that shady shyster stuff your program gets away with. The real rouge team is a 3-4 win program. You need to go out and cheat to have the success you do.

          1. I’m sorry just can’t let you disrespect The Rouge staff like that. How are they cheating? You know why kids come to Rouge? To escape a bad school system. To find people that really want to help them and not just use them. Rouge gets kids by doing the things kids like, 6 different uniforms, 2 different helmets. Social media coverage and word of mouth. Rouge puts kids into school. Not just the big D1s but anywhere that is going to give the kids a free or well assisted education. Rouge coaches are graded by how many seniors get into a school more than wins. The wins come as a side effect. Rouge does more for its players than any staff around and that is a fact when it comes to getting into college. That is what gets passed down to the little leagues and why the mothers show up to Rouge with their kids. You should see the middle schools the future is bright.

            I gave Riverview their respect as did the team on the field. Not sure why the hate is so bad. Not sure if it’s just one person cause there seems to be a lot of people named anonymous living in Downriver area.
            And every since I have been a fan Rouge has won and that is at least 15 years. So I would say that is the real Rouge.

            Last thing Rouge lost to SMCC and Edwardsburg besides that Rouge has played the Idas, RIverviews, OLSMs when they ran a version of the T, Carlsons, Catholic centrals, cedar springs and won. 10-2 I beilive is over all record. we not perfect but to keep saying we can’t stop the T is not true. Not say we just kill it but we do as good as any.

          2. It’s no different than luman or SMCC or DCC or Country day so on and so on and so on. The MHSAA has allowed open enrollment. That’s why Belleville has 20 division 1 players if not more. Those kids don’t live in Belleville. Everyone knows it. Btw they beat Saline 65-12 today.

            You don’t have to like it, but the MHSAA allows it and it happens all over whether it’s recruiting during the summer or 8th grade years. Or it’s kids getting to go to the private schools for free cus of financial aide if they are great athletes. I don’t include SMCC when I make this comment but it has happened for years around the state.

            I don’t agree with all of this and most don’t. But you adapt or you don’t compete cus the MHSAA isn’t gonna change anything. If you’re a team like Riverview where you’re located, you’re gonna have to deal with it every year unless enrollments change which they sometimes do. Nice season for the pirates. A lot to be proud of.

        3. Maybe just have a stacked recruited showcase team league then. Then you can play similar programs for a title and allow high school football to be high school football. It’s getting out of hand is just my opinion. I agree with you that they do a great job there at rouge, but you also have to consider that the teams you beat didn’t achieve what they did by going out and hand picking a team, they actually had to coach and develop their players and make work what they had. There’s no real accomplishment when you go out and find the best players in the area year after year to beat inferior teams. All that says is you had better talent. You are an exposure team that should be playing similar teams for championships. This is the reason IMG does not qualify for state playoffs against high school teams.

        4. The thing to ask yourself is, would rouge have all this success in football if they weren’t out recruiting new players in each year? I think we both know the answer there.

          1. I understand what you are saying Anonymous 7:48pm but I would hope you understand SMCC, Country Day, Jackson Lumen Christi, hell even Allen Park Cabrini do not benefit from open enrollment. Yes private schools have the benefit of being able to take in students outside of their public school counterpart. However, in 2023, where private schools are now struggling and you can see it across the board with the exception of those private schools who are in a hotbed of several districts within 30 minutes of driving distance, the private school enrollments are going down while public schools with open enrollment policies are going up. The playing field is becoming more level than ever. I do know there is SOME exceptions like in the GR area when dealing with GRWC, GRCC, Unity, GRSC, GRC then you throw in some of the great public school programs who are just as good. Times are tough financially and all Catholic private schools use the FACTS system to determine financial aid. My kids have since graduated but I do have 2 nephews coming up and the amount of financial aid being awarded every year is going down while my BIL’s finances remain the same.

            I am sure Chris, Gary, and Frank enjoy some time away from this blog in the off-season but if there was ever a place for off-season content, I bet a weekly podcast would draw in viewers. If you guys along with a guest coach or AD every week discussed topics like open enrollment, transfer rules, playoff system, Hall of Fame inductees, promote upcoming coaches clinics, player of the year interviews, etc. that you would have a good following. Thank you again for all you do.

          2. Unpopular point of view and I know I will get keyboard attacked for this but: how many kids did Corey Parker and now Eric Pettaway get off the streets by getting them to play football? I know about the bus stops in other cities but I am also friends with many varsity high school coaches who have said some of the best athletes in the school building aren’t on any varsity teams.

            You also have to ask yourself, would Riverview or whatever public school you root for have as much success as they have in the last 7-9 years with open enrollment?

          3. The catholic teams/private schools have actually been hurt by open enrollment. I think SMCC has 1 or 2 players that don’t live in Monroe. Why would you pay tuition when you can just go to the school of choice for free. cC was D6 now D7 soon to be D8

        5. People just hate on you guys because it caps how far the teams around here can go. That’s why they see it is unfair. Your top end talent is enough to carry you. No hate on that, we can debate the ethics of it, but who cares, the MHSAA certainly doesn’t. Frankly they need the catholic league and PSL teams to be good. Hell of a game you guys played. I don’t know if the QB is the same caliber that helped you go as far the last half decade, but wishing you the best. Riverview, Trenton, Carlson, Allen Park, Huron will most likely never beat you guys, but to be honest the teams around here that are not SMCC or Whiteford in smaller divisions will never win a state title. They’d just run into another team in another region doing the same stuff. That’s why there is no real parody in high school football. People want to root for an upset but the caliber it takes to win 5 playoff games just doesn’t happen in local communities D5 and up. It just leaves us on here talking to each other. Good luck vs King.

      3. I see you are complaining about a group of kids coming together in an open school district (like Riverview) for a common goal, all because they are “too good”. I’m sure had these same “Wayne County Panther” been a subpar squad, you wouldn’t care about their construction. You’re also not giving credit to the level of adversity of the situations that many of these kids have to overcome on a day to day basis, as I’m sure you’re aware of is the case for a lot of urban male youth from the Detroit area. Couldn’t imagine what a lot of these kids could do with the type of stability that’s generally experienced in a lot of these huron league and downriver league towns and cities. You’re jealous of those kids football prowess, but you’re not willing to accept all that these kids go through.

        1. That is a great post. I happen to work in a district that is a lot like River Rouge. I have the privilege of working with kids who to have challenges that really only I could imagine growing up as a kid. I do think it’s really really important that we acknowledge that these kids that come from an urban environment, battle things that regular folks that most likely read this blog just can’t fathom. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but if you’re ever interested in, sitting down and talking about what my kids at my school and kids at Rouge experience on a daily basis, I would be willing to sit down with you. No strings attached!

  5. Hats off to the SMCC football players and coaches. You could tell that they came in with a great game plan. Many people in the crowd expected this game to be one sided after Clinton scored on their 2nd play of the game but SMCC kept battling. Aside from the penalties, it was a great game. We all were expecting another over time game but penalties killed us.

    Shame on the few adults who decided to make a high school football game personal with the awful things they were yelling as we had to take our grandson to the other side of the stadium. There is no need to scream and swear at our coaches or the officials. If you don’t like it, go sign up to be a coach or an official.

    Congratulations to Clinton on their win! #21 was speedy but the Falcons took him out of the game. Clinton’s #25 was a bruiser tonight.

    Game 1 next year is going to be a whole lot more interesting now!~!

    Thank you to the Friday Night Victors staff for their coverage of all of our games this year.

    1. Typical SMCC fans.
      They think that tuition payment guarantees their kid a trophy.
      As for Kipf, he should be coach of the year for what he has done with young, limited talent kids.
      You fans are the reason everyone likes to beat SMCC.
      I was totally embarrassed by these people.

      1. Since you’ve made quite a few comments on the blog, I approved this post.

        You’re a FR fan, we know you were at the FR game, not the SMCC game. Hard to comment about actions of fans when you were 75 miles away. But you did it anyway.

        The bit about tuition and trophies, cmon man, really?

        Fans and parents aren’t always on their best behavior, and I’m never a fan of it, but I would say it’s spread pretty evenly throughout.

        1. Eh, you wouldnt experience it unless you play against CC. Its hard to notice if you support or went to CC. But I have seen it and I graduated in 2010.

      2. There wasn’t anyone yelling at coaches or officials. The issues was Clinton fans hanging on the CC sidelines clapping in people’s faces. You didn’t give us a locker room or stands why come to our side to talk?

    1. You obviously didn’t watch the game. The size of the rouge linemen and the huge backs were the factor, not speed.

    1. Might as well take your shots now at the only two programs that have consistent success. I could see how easy it is from all of your program’s accolades it would be easy to look down on them from that pedestal…oh wait your teams had today off. Ah oh well, take the shots keyboard warriors, means our names are still in your mouth and the ones you look to

      1. Keyboard warrior? At least I’m not hiding behind an anonymous post. You’re right my team didn’t make the playoffs but at least I’m not on here crying all season the we could beat Airport 10 times out of 10. Accept the loss and move on.

        1. Bill Smith's Dad

          We are good with the loss because we know what we teach in our young men that play for us. Have fun in your 3-6/4-5 purgatory each year.

    2. Only a d-bag comes on here to laugh at two of the best programs in the Huron League while your team has their once in a decade season. You know what the difference is between you and these 2 programs that are on another level? They would still tip their cap to your team if they lost cause of the quality of coaching in their programs. Their staffs are coaching with integrity and trying to instill values in their student-athletes while you are chasing school records. Best of luck to you going forward, karma is real in high school football.

      1. I never said anything about the teams. I was talking about their fans. Now go back and read my original post. BTW – stop hiding behind the facade of my dead father and man up with your real identity. True fans don’t need to hide.

        1. You’re the same guy who chirped the Milan coaches last week for getting shutout. Now going after Riverview and SMCC fans? Get a hobby bud, maybe go coach if you care so much about your team that only got 9 games, or is it just more fun to poke fun because your team has no hope? Must be so tough because you have a profile picture hahaha

    3. I’m right here and it’s been a heck of a year at Riverview, for a young team few expected would be that good. Next year won’t be like this year where Riverview had to replace most of the team. It’s never easy to beat an all star team that’s raided so many of the rosters in the area for players, but the fact is, they were right in the game with a young team.

  6. Riverview played hard. You could tell from the beginning they were going to have to score on almost every possession because the Rouge O just overpowered the Riverview D. They moved it easily. their runnung backs were tanks. Rouge has very few kids play both ways and Riverview got tired. Rouge did get stronger against the T as the game went on, but early Riverviews hit them with the trap a few times and had a punchers chance.

    the path for the view to win was a perfect game. and they were not close. players going both ways is what hurt them.

    1. Riverview is no joke. We are undefeated against them but believe me, we lose alot of sleep when this game comes up. Rouge is 9-1 against the T. The LBs are freshmen so it took half so the linemen could help them.
      Good game Riverview. Was closer than it looked. I’m sure we’ll be doing this again next year. Much respect.

  7. 49-27 ROUGE!
    RR scored every time they got ball except first time because we wanted to be cute. Riverview not the only one who can run the ball.

  8. Your in Venice Florida, which is on the Gulf coast and the funniest thing you can find to do on a Friday night is go to a local high school game. We got to teach you how to party a bit. Toes in the sand, drink in my hand. Cmon man.

  9. Airport 12 Divine Child 7. 20 seconds till halftime. Airport stopped DC 4th and goal at the 2. Then went 98 yards in less than 2 minutes. Nye on a short TD run.

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