The Countdown Begins

The dog days of summer are here, but the excitement of a new high school football season is just around the corner. In mere weeks, the sounds of pads popping and crowds cheering will fill the air, signaling the start of another thrilling season.

With practice set to begin in just over a month, the anticipation is building. Coaches are finalizing their game plans, players are honing their skills, and fans are eagerly awaiting the first kickoff.

To help get you ready for the upcoming season, we’re kicking off our FNV coverage tomorrow, Monday, July 8th, with Frank Vajcner’s highly anticipated annual schedule analysis series. This comprehensive breakdown of the season’s biggest matchups and key games is a must-read for anyone who loves high school football.

Over the coming days, Frank will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s schedule and provide expert analysis on the games that will shape the season. Whether you’re a player, parent or fan, this series is the perfect way to get ahead of the curve and be fully prepared for the action that lies ahead.

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready to join the conversation. The high school football season is almost here, and we’re just getting started.

What to Expect:

  • Frank Vajcner’s Schedule Analysis Series, starting Monday, July 8th
  • In-depth team and player profiles
  • Expert (haha) predictions and analysis (videos)
  • Scores and Game Summaries
  • Playoff Coverage
  • Annual All-FNV teams

Stay tuned for the latest insights and analysis, and get ready to experience the thrill of high school football like never before. It’s almost time to kick off the season!

3 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins”

  1. Patricia Peterson

    What does Frank Vajcner have to do w/ Monroe County w/ Monroe County High School Football ? What are his qualifications to present this ?

    1. Frank is about as in tune as anyone in the county when it comes to high school football. Frank officiates football, does research, knows coaches and players and maybe be the biggest fan of high school sports in Michigan.

    2. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more qualified.

      1. General Custer is his Great Great Great Great Great Uncle.
      2. He can recite every make and model Lay-z-boy ever produced. Especially the ones with the automated foot recliner, he loves those.
      3. He once swam the entire length of the River Raisin. Back stroke. No arm floaties.
      5. He holds the record for the most chili dogs eaten at Vince’s West Elm Drive in.
      4. It has been rumored(although not confirmed, Billy Joel is still a bit peeved), that he once escorted Monroe’s own Christie Brinkley to an event in Hollywood.

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