SMCC(6-4) @ Hudson(9-1) Friday 7pm

SMCC defeated Addison 45-28 in the first round of the MHSAA playoffs while Hudson took down Clinton, 28-6. These 2 teams have met once before in the D6 2001 playoffs, with Hudson winning 21-19.  SMCC has an overall playoff record of 43-19 while Hudson has a post season mark of 30-18.  SMCC has qualified for the playoffs 15 out of the past 18 seasons and Hudson 16 of the last 20.

SMCC, as always, will bring it’s profound rushing attack on the road and will look to control the game and the clock.  The Full House T is predicated on outstanding line play.  The Falcons are led up front by Jared Fleck, Briggs Hehl, Brandon Marting, Nick Goda, Bryce Iott and Connor Bogdanski.  The benefactors of the outstanding line play will be running backs, Collin Woolford, Nick Marino and Mitchell Sherrard Mitchell Duvall and John Ritchie will also be in the backfield rotation.  Sophomore, Wyatt Bergmoser, has been getting the start at QB for the Falcons.  The defense(18.9 PPG) is led by Gus Flint, Toby Huber, Sam Cousino, Mason Gullen and Woolford.  The Falcons have played 7 playoff teams, winning 3 of those contests.  SMCC is fronted by Head Coach Adam Kipf.

Hudson runs it’s own version of the Full House T and boasts a tremendous ground attack, averaging 37.7 PPG.  Hudson has played 7 playoff teams, winning 6 of those affairs.  Paving the way on the line will be T Isiah Krizek, (6’2″ 280), C Alex Price, (6’2″ 275), T Zach Kingsley (6’2″ 220) and Jarret Waters, (5’11” 195).  Running the ball will be Kaleb Lockwood, (5’9″ 205), Malik Ray, (5’9″ 175) and Andrew Trombley, (5’10” 150).  Andrew Valdez (6’5″ 185) get the start at QB for the Tigers.  The defense(13.2 PPG) is led by OLB Devyn Briskey (6’1″ 225), CB Jordan Hamdan,  DT Price and OLB Lockwood.  Head Coach for the Hudson Tigers is Chris Luma.

Both SMCC and Hudson have rich playoff traditions.  SMCC has won 34 playoff games over the last 20 seasons, Hudson 28.  The Falcons have made 4 trips to Ford field, winning a state title in 2014.  The Tigers have made 3 trips to Ford Field, bringing home the hardwear in 2010.  In 2017, both teams have what it takes to get back to Ford Field.  It’s dangerous of course for either to look ahead but the talent and tradition are there for both.  This is a huge roadblock for each squad.  The winner simply will be whoever blocks and tackles better.   The Coaches will harp on execution all week.  The weather might again be a factor this Friday night across Michigan.  Bundle up, stay dry and enjoy this one.  It doesn’t get any better.

44 thoughts on “SMCC(6-4) @ Hudson(9-1) Friday 7pm”

  1. I can say I will be curled up on the davenport eating some nice shells with meatballs…while also drinkin a little pop…with my headphones on my head while I listen to Nash Icon.


  2. Hey I was taught if you have nothing good to say about someone then don't say nothing at all! If you're going to say something bad about a coach a school call someone a name at least grow a pair and put your name on it!! Again great job with the blog Chris and Gary!!

  3. Isn’t it funny that when someone makes a case for anybody other than the prodigal child, there is a regurgitation of the same old same old. SMCC has had a good run on a mediocre season and should be given accolades for that, but this is the end of an otherwise lucky season. The kids grinned out a couple good wins and a couple that required some home team breaks. SMCC 8. Hudson 35

  4. I haven't read anything where SMCC is comparing itself to any of its previous teams. We don't do that. We are grateful to be where we are, with the opportunity before us. One game at a time played with HEART…….. Only someone WITHOUT a brain would say something so ignorant. Seriously…..

  5. Obviously people speak with their hearts and not with their brain. Hudson is far better and faster then CC. People need to be real and stop acting like this is another CC team like the one that won a state title a few years ago. That team was loaded with speed, size and talent. 3 things this team don’t have and are just lucky to be in the post season at all. CC 17. Hudson 35

  6. Hudson is beatable. But you have to play smart and not make any mistakes. They are the type of team that will totally take advantage of your mistakes.They are banking on it. When things start to fall apart so will they, mentally. Control the ball and the clock. No fumbles and SMCC can win this one.

  7. I was at the Ida/Hudson game. Ida handled Hudson from start to finish. Malik Ray is a good back, but nothing else impressed me a bit. I'm not saying that SMCC will win, but if Hudson plays like they did @Ida, it's on to the next round for the Falcons.


  8. Don't know a lot about Hudson… sounds like the Oline is formidable. Only way Hudson wins is if they have a big tough Dline too. If CC can bully that dline that game will be over in an hour because they will be drain the clock with quarter long drives. That is if CC doesn't turn it over.

    But assuming the teams are equally matched this one will come down to the last drive… I think extra points play big in this one. CC's kicking game was better last week but they also converted on 2 point tries two or three times.

  9. No doubt CC has played a tougher schedule, Hudson is a great program and they have a really good team this year again..I just don't see them beating CC ..seen the hudl tapes on Hudson, they are not faster as a group and CC backs are faster ..CC will win this game !!! All the experts picked Addison last week also …WRONG again..CC is battle tested and ready !!!

  10. I have seen film on both these teams. Both teams are good but I will go with the Falcons in this one. The difference in this game will be Smcc backs are faster and will break some runs off.. also Smcc D is better.. 28-14 Falcons.. IDA parent.

  11. First it's " the HL will find out how bad it is once they get into the playoffs"

    Now it's "if SMCC wins then D7 is super weak"

    You got all your angles covered buddy.

  12. Hudson is ranked #1 in D7 yet they lost to Ida 16-0. Smcc is usually a higher caliber team than Ida. Gary, Chris did you see the game between Hudson and Ida? Also when are CC and Ida going to matchup week 1! It would be a much better matchup than Jefferson vs Ida.

  13. Clinton Fan – Hudson is good, very technically sound and they don't make mistakes. They grind you and grind you in the T and wait for you to make mistakes then they beat you. I have not seen SMCC except for a few highlights on HUDL. I think SMCC will play right with them down to the end. Clinton contained them on defense but made to many mistakes on offense and was completely shut down. Hudson cannot defend the pass, however from what I hear SMCC can't throw it so it won't matter. I was expecting Hudson to dominate Clinton much worse than they did, so I give this game a 50/50 toss up to each team. Strap you chin straps, it will be a physical one for sure!

  14. Just checked out Riverview Gabriel Richard schedule. That would be an Excellent schedule for SMCC. Not sure if that is a league or not. Most every team was a private High School. I think that would be very fair of them to play a schedule like that.

    The Huron League is just a battle test for their playoff runs. Play against big brother all year and them you have less problems with little brother. Sure they hang with Big Brother most years, but once you have become accustomed to it, you raise your bar to compete. Whoever thought of that way back when for them was brilliant. If they played class C schools for the last 40 years, I guarantee you they wouldn't have the program they have today.

    GO TIGERS !!!!

  15. You never know, could be a close game. Hudson's only loss was to Ida. They crushed Dundee, Blissfield and Erie Mason.

    Hudson is bigger, but yeah that doesn't mean anything. Right EM. LOL

    If SMCC moves on at 6-4, obviously D7 is pretty weak.

    GO WHITEFORD !!! 10-0

  16. I predict this to be a low scoring game with both teams running the ball 95% of the time. With that, have to go with the home team

    Hudson 24, SMCC 16

    The only way I see SMCC outscoring Hudson and their tough defense is if they break a kick return, fake a punt, or some kind of screen. Hudson has shown that they don't always defend the pass well but SMCC doesn't pass anyway. Should be a great game!

  17. Some of you never learn. I bet any amount of money 11:37 is the same guy that said Addison would put a running clock on SMCC. The Catholics move on 28-20. EM

  18. 11:37 That was a real nice way to put it. You would rather be your negative self. The Falcans will at least compete. Something you probably know nothing about.

  19. Smcc is going to get steamed rolled.. won’t even be a game. Over at half. Running clock in the 3rd quarter. See ya wouldn’t want to be ya..

  20. Hudson all day long.. Hudson 35 Smcc 14.. Smcc has no team speed.. Hudson will beat up Smcc on the Offensive and Defensive lines..

  21. I don’t think Hudson will have any problem winning this one. SMCC needs to be bigger to compete with a large Hudson D line
    SMCC 17 Hudson 28

  22. 28-20 Hudson. The lights get turned off on the Falcons.
    The finish of a solid season continuing people wrote them off early in the season.

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