Week 2 Playoff Coverage.

We will start our playoff coverage with previews beginning today. Look for SMCC @ Hudson today, Ida @ Algonac tomorrow and Riverview @ Carlson on Wednesday.

We will also include a bonus game as we will include coverage of Riverview Gabriel Richard @ Madison Heights Madison.

On Thursday our video picks will go up. Tune in as we talk about the games, give our insight and make our picks.

Our score predictions will come out on Friday morning and of course we will be sure to have the most up to date live score coverage in the area Friday evening.

6 thoughts on “Week 2 Playoff Coverage.”

  1. Milan Fan- Hudson QB doesn't run the ball. Doesn't fake either. If he has any rushing stats this year its because he scrambled. Now their running backs on the other hand…the SMCC Def. coordinator has his work cut out for him this week.

    -LCAA fan

  2. It sounds like you are the ones making excuses for losing @ Navarre. Horrible field, dim lights, fans in the endzone ha ha ha!

  3. Thanks Milan Fan. It is nice to know that someone is not going to be " anxiously waiting" for the Falcans excuses like the other two posters. Yes sounds like Hudson has a bigger line. Win or loose the Falcans will compete.

  4. Hudson is a very good team. Should be a good game. SMCC hasn't seen a team with this kind of size since Riverview and they might run the T better with a coaching staff that has been ther for years and one state titles not so long ago. Their 6-4 QB will be hard to bring down and have a monster line with a couple of really good backs similar to what SMCC has. I wouldn't count SMCC out though. You never can with a school like that.

    Milan Fan

  5. 1:32 I am in agreement with you. Not sure the win will be that big, but I think you are on point with your other comments. If this was being paid at HORRIBLE NAVARRE field, it might be a little tighter, but since SMCC have to travel and possibly play on a good surface with bleachers, lights and the SMCC fans aren't standing in the endzone…..it will be tougher for the Falcons.

  6. I’m gonna be anxiously waiting for the Falcon excuses on Saturday morning. I give them a 10% chance of beating Hudson.
    Prediction SMCC 17. Hudson 35

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