Week 1 Playoff Picks

Here are our picks for tonight’s games. Frank Vajcner is our guest picker this week.

Flat Rock (7-2) @ River Rouge (7-2)
Chris’s Pick: River Rouge 39 Flat Rock 18
Gary’s Pick: River Rouge 30 Flat Rock 14
Frank’s Pick’s: River Rouge 28 Flat Rock 16

Milan (5-4) @ Chelsea (8-1) *
Chris’s Pick: Chelsea 24 Milan 21
Gary’s Pick: Milan 21 Chelsea 20 OT
Frank’s Pick:Chelsea 38 Milan 21

SMCC 5-4 @ Addison (7-2)
Chris’s Pick: SMCC 30 Addison 14
Gary’s Pick: SMCC 27 Addison 13
Frank’s Pick: SMCC 22 Addison 21

Huron (5-4) @ Carlson (8-1)
Chris’s Pick: Carlson 32 Huron 17
Gary’s Pick: Carlson 34 Huron 10
Frank’s Pick: Carlson 40 Huron 20

Trenton (5-4) @ Riverview (8-1)
Chris’s Pick: Riverview 30 Trenton 13
Gary’s Pick: Riverview 35 Trenton 17
Frank’s Pick: Riverview 38 Trenton 14

Bedford (6-3) @ Wyandotte (9-0) *
Chris’s Pick Bedford 20 Wyandotte 17
Gary’s Pick: Wyandotte 21 Bedford 14
Frank’s Pick: Wyandotte 28 Bedford 24

Ida vs Denby @ Mumford
Chris’s Pick: Denby 32 Ida 30
Gary’s Pick: Denby 30 Ida 21
Frank’s Pick: Denby 38 Ida 20

*Denotes different pick

23 thoughts on “Week 1 Playoff Picks”

  1. This is true. But in case you missed it, I'll fill you in. I graduated from Ida in 2007, and I currently work as a football official and baseball umpire in Monroe, Lenawee, and Washtenaw County. I'm also the Social Media Director for Dundee High School Football and Basketball, as well as the PA for basketball. In addition, I also have done work for Jared Janssen, the owner and founder of JJ Sports Video.

  2. We’re giving credit where it’s due. Coach Potter has exceeded expectations in year one. I may be an Ida alumnus, but I’m not here to wave the pompoms. Right now, I think they have a shot vs Algonac, but I still have to look at Algonac as a team.

  3. We missed on Ida in the preseason. We realized however, coach Potter is doing a great job very early on. He should be in the conversation for Region coach of the year.

  4. None of you gave them a shot all season. You questioned them multiple times. You all gave them to chance tonight. Look back at the post. Ida 4-5. Is Ida for real? Always questioning and never straight out saying wow Ida’s a good solid team. It’s cool though. We aren’t in the almighty Huron league.

  5. Hey guys please keep doubting Ida. You guys picked them to win 4 games this year. Nice job. And you all picked against them tonight. We appreciate the hate. Go blue. Keep the doubters at talking.

  6. Ok, to the Ida people who want to come at me, yes I picked against them. And I own up to being wrong. But, I believe I said that Ida had not won a playoff game on the road since 1990. Also, what I saw on file from Denby scared me, as I thought that Tavion Buck and Armani White would would carve up the defense. Turns out White did most of the damage, but Ida did a nice job keeping Buck in check. I wanted Ida to win, but I was making a pick as an analyst, not as a fan and alumnus. That being said, I hope they can pull it off next week against Algonac or Gabriel Richard

  7. Nothing worse than a Pirate that doesn't know his mode of transportation. That's like a Chief that rides a giraffe.

  8. Looks like decent amount of rain coming for these games tonight. Could make things interesting. Seen a lot of upsets in bad weather due to turnovers. Could make some of the games a lot closer. I hope it helps us. Go Chiefs.

  9. 11:54, Chelsea rolled them the 1st week!!! The boys know what to expect, and are ready for them!!! Go Big Reds!!!!

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