Week 1 Playoff Scores

Ida 22 Denby 20  final

Flat Rock 6 River Rouge 42 final

Milan 14 Chelsea 23 final

Huron 19 Carlson 29 final

Trenton 7 Riverview 34 final

Bedford 14 Wyandotte 30 final

SMCC 45 Addison 28 final

96 thoughts on “Week 1 Playoff Scores”

  1. I hear about so many D1 athletes referenced on here. Then signing day comes around and once every 5 years someone signs a legit Letter of Intent for a D1 school. Reality people….reality.

  2. The supposed D2 coach must not do a good job. Pretty common knowledge Milan has 2 D1 players and Rouge has 4 or 5 already with offers. If he recruits this area he should live at Rouges high school trying to get some of those kids to pass up better offers for his D2 school. These days its looking like NAIA schools are better than most D2 schools anyway.

  3. No a scrimmage doesn't really matter!! Carlson can't stop the run and that's all riverview does plus the Bucs had a sophomore down on jv for the first 3 games of the year and has been a monster since coming up with 9 sacks in 7 games. He probably will be eyeing the D1 quarterback all game so look out
    Hoe on the Choo Choo for this one!!!!!

  4. To Big Bob,
    Just stating what I have seen in the area.
    Actually signing an NCAA letter of intent and receiving scholarship funding is a ways from getting a letter, talking to someone or even verbally committing.
    Most of us D2 schools withhold actual funding until after official signing date, so we get a better picture of who may or may not get a D1 scholarship or possible preferred walk on status.
    This is not always the case, but is what occurs much of the time.
    Huron League is a good competitive league, but does not generate a lot of college players.
    The difference between the Huron and larger school leagues across Michigan and Ohio is vastly different.

  5. Every coach in the league would love to have 2 D1 players on their team. I also bet every coach in our league could win 5 games if you gave them 2 D1 players. Hoskins is a great coach but it helps when you have the most talent even if its not deep. Talent is talent.

  6. Hey to the D2 coach! Milan has 2 D1 players who are currently on our Roster….Wisconsin and Toledo!! And there is going to be more!!

  7. 10:52 obviously wasn’t at the 4 way, the view choo choo ran up and down the field at will. I understand you probably just got to the blog, a few weeks back the View O’line was The player of the week. As for your quarterback one player doesn’t make a team. Look up who leads QB sacks in the Huron League, by a x2. It will be close but Oscars D can’t stop the choo choo.

  8. 11:44 that is correct. #4 from Huron had a big hit on him and he didn't play the rest of the 1st half and sat out I believe 2 possessions of the 2nd half

  9. I played D1 ball. There are 1 or 2 potential D1 players in the Huron League. Rouge had maybe 1 potential D1 players #21 was the only potential D1 I saw.
    They have 5 or 6 D2 potentials maybe like a Wayne State, Ferris State type kid. However, I don’t know anything about test scores, GPA, backgrounds, etc. These are also weighted and included in the recruitment/potential process. These are all important things. D2 schools only allowed to award 34 full scholarships so schools need to be careful in how they are handled and awarded.
    I coach and recruit the SE sector of Michigan for a current D2 University.

  10. I didn't realize that this blog has so many college scouts on here. So many experts. If you didn't think River Rouge has any D1 or D2 recruits, then how many in the HL? College recruits on size and potential and athletic ability.

  11. Our Milan boys have so much to be proud of!!! Had a great season despite all of the obstacles!! Hines is doing better today. Diagnosis was a mild concussion… Good Luck to the other HL teams still in the playoffs!!!

  12. @10:05 RR did make adjustments to FR. FR moved the ball the 1st quarter, not much after that. And there were multiple D1 players on that team.

  13. Carlson runs away with it! Good season Riverview but just like the scrimmage we are going to run up and down the field on you and throw to our TE whenever we want too! Your line can’t match the size and speed of our D! 9-2 is a great season but we have the Coach that made the offense you try to run! OAC 42 – View 14

  14. @ 9:21 Where have you been? LOL Nice of you to join us here on the blog. We will give you a few moments to catch up to where we are.

  15. Rouge played very undisciplined ball. May have had more yards in penalties than total offense, and made no adjustments to what Flat Rock did on offense.
    They had bigger kids who were faster and more athletic. I really did not see any D1 caliber players at all.
    I will be surprised if they go far in playoffs.
    Flat Rock just out matched with athletes.
    Good season Flat Rock, just a tough draw

  16. 12:09 the truth is Carlson couldn't stop Hurons ground game last night how do you plan on stopping View. Carlson does has very good offense and their QB could be the difference in what I think will be high scoring game. But I like View in a close one.

  17. Who cares about offers? I made an offer on a house once and didn’t get it. I was at the game and sat through the entire thing and I couldn’t have picked out a single kid that even looked D2 worthy. But in their defense, maybe they weren’t putting in 100%. I must say, if I was a Big Ten or MAC scout at the game last night, I would have left with an empty notebook. FR did have a bad luck draw on the schedule (should have hosted a week 10 game) but Rouge was not that impressive and I don’t see them playing past week 11.

  18. Milan dominated the line of scrimmage at Chelsea tonight. Just another bad luck moment for the big reds. Hines hit his head on the ground the first drive of the game after leading them 60 yds down the field. Milan responds by back to back TD’s to take a 14-10 lead. Brandon lange hats off to you kid. Never played a snap of Quaterback in his life and leads the big reds for 3 1/2 quarters.

    17-14 until about 5 min left and Chelsea QB broke one. Milan ran up and down the field all night but just couldn’t convert some big ones on a tough Chelsea Defense. Losing Hines was the difference at the end of the day. Milan would be traveling to rouge next Friday otherwise.

    Regardless proud of these 20 boys to fight like they did regardless of all the injuries and bad fortune for them this season. This 9 man senior class might be one of the toughest pound for pound in Milan history. Congrats boys. You have a lot to be proud of.

    Milan Fan

  19. Also just want to thank coach chad,coach don coach johnson and coach collins. Great group of coaches and my son loves you all. Great roll models for these boys.

  20. @ anonymous im not going any further in what i said. You must not be a huron fan or been at every huron game or you would know what im talking about. But anyway again i luv you boys i am so proud of everyone of you chiefs. Great bunch of young men

  21. So proud of the chief's you boys played a great game. Only a cpl plays away from a win. It has been my pleasure to watch most of you boys since little league. I luv you boys. And you should hold your heads up. Just wish things couldve played out different for you seniors i feel you got robbed this yr. But oh well time to move unto the next chapter

  22. Congratulations to Ida,SMCC,Riverview, and Carlson for their victories tonight! Good luck next week! Well done to Flat Rock,Huron,Bedford, and Milan. Thanks for great seasons and representing your schools with pride!

  23. CHOO CHOO thru 3 quarters I thought we might be coming your way for a rematch next week but just couldn't close the deal. I give View the edge next week but I don't think I would use steamroll. You won't stop their QB.

  24. I can't imagine the reaction around the area of Huron would have pulled that off. But losing 3 fumbles in the 2nd half won't win you many playoff games.

  25. The boys played their Butts off in Chelsea tonight Great game for the Milan boys for sure!! We lost Tristen in the first qtr with Concussion symptoms and he could not return for the remainder of the game! But the team really stepped up after Tristen went down!! This was a great coaching job tonight!! Lang went down but came back later! and Aeshenbacher also went down and did not return! Great Season Milan!!

  26. Great game Chiefs! Your fans will always be where your playing no matter the weather! Great season seniors! Take that don't quit never give up attitude with where ever life takes you and keep that Chief pride with you! Let's get behind Riverview and SMCC!! Let's put some red in the stands next week!! Show your class boys! It's the HURON league!!!

  27. Rouge is a damn good team. They have some grown men on that team but a very predictable offense. Rams had 32 in the backfield multiple times and he just ran thru it. Rouge could go to the state finals this year.

    Rams,a fantastic year. Beat both the rivals and made the playoffs for the first time in 27 years. Thats something you can hang your hat on the rest of your life.

  28. Chelsea knew they were going to walk away with a loss, so they hurt one of Milan’s key players early on in the game!!! But it didn’t stop the Big Reds from working hard!!!! Great season boys!!!!

  29. 10:13 I agree. Carlson couldn't stop Huron on ground all night. They won't stop View. Problem is you better have answer for their QB on the sweep. He came back in game and is at full speed. So much for easy path.

  30. Great game at Carlson. Slippery ball just caused too many fumbles for Huron. Chiefs played hard and gave Carlson a battle.
    Good luck to them in next round but if it is against Riverview I predict view win.
    Proud Chief fan

  31. 9:58 you my friend are kidding yourself if you think any of those kids are D1 quality. I never stated that they weren’t chosen, but bad choices are made everyday. Size don’t matter one bit. FR d line was stuffing your Jones-Drew on all his draws and traps. Your QB was your biggest asset and he is still very predictable. Actually, other than the kickoff return for a TD, Rouge wouldn’t have pit any points up until second. FR beat theirselves tonight. Not Rouge.

  32. 9:37 you are clueless. Their Oline average 6-3 290. Dline both d ends 6-3 220. They kids are recruited and hand chosen.

  33. Rouge won’t make it past their next round. FR played good and hard, but didn’t have it all together tonight. The clown saying that Rouge dominates the first quarter was obviously not there. FR has control of he game until the pick 6. That deflated FR. Rouge is nothing more than a glorified overrated football team. The commits that they are sending to D1 will never see the field. By the way, who were they, because I didn’t see any worth D1 status

  34. D2 college team really you've never been to a d2 college game you've just been around HL FB and haven't witnessed good hs fb

  35. River rouge is like watching a Division 2 college team play high school. I don't see Chelsea even keeping it close with them. They have 10-14 players with college offers and it shows. Flat rock put up and early fight but they were just too good! Rouge must have had 200 yards in penalties and they converted 1st and 40 and 1st and 30 . Thiat is how talented they are.

  36. A bummer to see Milan's season end, but given how Chelsea played them earlier this year, knew it would be a challenge. Tip of the cap to both the Big Reds and Bulldogs.

  37. Flat rock got clown out but straight up dominated the first quarter. It was the best quarter I saw. Rouge is s big, fast, undisciplined, and loaded. Their running back is build like jones-fmdrew an absolute stud. Dirty clip in the game but later the rouge kid can and shook the flat rock kids hand. Great first half, great game!!! Rouge is good!

  38. With Hines sidelined everyone in the stadium knew who the ball was going to but it didn't matter. Aschbacher rips off another long sweep around left end for the go ahead touchdown. Milan 14, Chelsea 10.

  39. Chelsea scores on a 13 yard pass. Milan drove down to the 10 before turning it over on Downs. Chelsea's next two plays were passes, the second of which was picked off by the Big Reds.

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