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  1. Just watched the video, holding on 77 on first td umm we're, flag went up quickly
    45's entire body in the end zone on second touchdown, ball given to FHH and guess we're refs placed the ball on the goal line lol
    No cam Rodgers hurt at the goal line cause he runs those kids over
    No qb also hurt with his speed gone he's such a threat, but good luck to FHH against Muskegon

  2. Just got done watching both runs into the end zone both time the ball crossedvthe line. The officiating was clearly geared towards Michigan’s winningest coach. You don’t get a powerhouse offense twice within a yard of the goal line and both attempts fail, hell on the second one when FHH took over the ball the official marked the nose of the ball over the goal line and the other officicial saw what he did and went up and moved it. The video doesn’t lie.

  3. Riverview competed in a state semifinal game with their leading rusher who also starts defensively + their starting QB sidelined and people still want to pile on and lecture about not getting the job done. That's funny

  4. Now granted Riverview has not been consistent the last decade in the post-Doc era (their worst in the last 50 years), but View is still a top 25-50 all-time Michigan program & just made a D3 semi. The future looks bright once again under Coach McLaughlin and that scares and annoys all of the riverview haters out there. Glorious.

  5. To clarify your clarification 6:00, Riverview has indeed won two state championships, albeit not in the current playoff format. Think of of them in the same vein as college football national championships before the BCS era. Voted on by the Associated Press. So yes, they are legitimate championships and not "urban legends" that get repeated. Have a nice day.

  6. Keep your heads up high, Pirates. You had one hell of a season. Drove up from GI to support our fellow HL neighbor today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 21 point loss where the losing team actually played better football- in my humble opinion. Wing T chewed up yardage all day long and had FHH Def frustrated and gassed in the second quarter. FHH Def guessed correcly on gap assignments to stop both Riverview drives inside the 2 yard line in the first half (3 inside the 10). Could have easily been tied or even 21-14 Riverview at halftime. Score truly didn’t reflect the effort the Pirates put into this game. Great job players and coaches representing Downriver! You fought hard boys and should be proud of yourselves.

  7. To clarify … Riverview has never won a state championship. Mhsaa didnt even start the playoffs until 1975. So though Riverview may have gone undefeated in 1968 and 1960 that does not mean they won a state championship more like league championship. There was no playoff system. That is a urban legend that gets repeated .

  8. Riverview played big time football today and literally lost today by inches. Credit given to Harrison’s defense for stopping them 3 times with 1st down and goal to go inside the 10. If you are jumping on the “I told you they would lose” bus then you were not there. Riverview’s defense probably cannot hang with the elite offenses in the state but there is no doubt the offense can move the football on any team they would face including Muskegon. To say they couldn’t finish, fine but they marched the ball down the field on the same team that will be remembered for their defensive excellence. That is minus any concern for a running or passing qb which the Pirates did not have today. The one dimensional offense still moved the ball down field with many Harrison defenders visibly frustrated and tired. Yes, they lost but minus the two most effective offensive players #21 and #14, they put on a State semi-final worthy performance. There are no transfer students coming to Riverview and no parents moving into the city because of the exposure they may get, in fact many kids have left the district because they weren’t getting what they felt they needed. All I can say is for Black Scruff and all the other Pirates, this has been one hell of a year.

  9. The Riverview Pirates have won two State Titles: 1960 and then in 1968 under legendary coach, Donald G. Lessner (stadium named after him). Pirates were twice State Runner-Ups, respectively, in the playoff championship: in 1997, again under Coach Lessner, and in 2002, under first year head coach, Brian Flint.

  10. Just a question because I really am not familiar with Riverview's football past. Has Riverview won any State titles? Not trying to start anything. Just being honest.

  11. Not surprised by the score. In the blog a few weeks ago I mentioned teams like FHH. If you live in western Southfield, Farmington or Farmington Hills and are serious about football, you go to FHH. Just like Cass Tech and King. It's been that way forever at FHH and that's why that team has enjoyed so much success over the past 30 years.

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