7 thoughts on “Week 2 Playoffs Video Picks”

  1. Franklin went down when the score was 6-7 Huron. They were keeping him contained, aside from a couple 12-15 yard runs in the first half. The second half just slipped away from them. For finishing 8-1 in the regular season, Carlson did not impress anyone by barely escaping past New Boston Huron. Don't let the 29-19 score fool you. That game was a lot closer up until about 3:00-4:00 left in the 4th Quarter.

  2. Go Ida Bluestreaks. Looking forward to a good game. Those boys know that it is going to be a tough game. Last year there were way too man mistakes and this team knows that can not happen, if they want to be the victors. If they play like they did against Hudson and Denby they will win.

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