21 thoughts on “Week 3 Playoff Picks Video”

  1. @634 If they need ammo. They are in big trouble.

    You are either prepared or you are not.

    A spliced, edited clip of what I "said" will have no bearing.

    I'm rather sure DDC is more focused on reading the guards, jamming the TE's, stuffing the trap. And so on.

    If you need a video, you already lost.

  2. If you have seen video of DC then you will see that they are not soft. They are a very good team. Big, fast and physical.
    -View fan

  3. You people are crazy thinking Riverview will even hang with Divine Child not a chance.. this game is to big of a step up for Riverview. DB's and safeties are to small and slow the D-Line is physical but Divine Child O-line will wear them down..let's just get real people

  4. Haters gunna hate. View and DC are both very talented teams. View plays hard, physical, rugged football. They play as a team. There are no individuals on this team. You don’t see that often. Riverview can beat Divine Child. And the hate only gives them more motivation. Keep on Rollin! Go Bucs!

  5. @MrNoshies, while I enjoy your writing style, I hope you are 100% wrong. SMCC and View just need to hang in these games into the second half, and they each will have a shot. The T gives them both the opportunity to do so. Good luck to both teams.

    In regards to your Tyrone Wheatley comments, he was a beast in November of 1990, no doubt about it. I will say this however, we held him to under 5 yards a carry; no explosive plays over 20 yards; and TW said long after that game that it was the hardest he was ever hit in high school. As Coach Sanderson told us after the game, Tyrone was not the only good football player on that team. They had multiple other players go on to play college football.

    In regards to the tough QB's the Falcons have faced over the years, if Gary went back as far as you did, Mill "the Thrill" Coleman wasn't too shabby.

  6. I really am pulling hard for the View and CC, but wow their opponents are tough. Good luck and bring home those regional titles boys.

  7. Gary I agree with you.. my message was to the other posts about how Riverview is going down and the Dzone and some other sites picking D.C to win. Like last week no one outside of the Huron league gave Riverview a chance!Go Bucs

  8. The only teams left where View would be true underdogs are DeWitt and Muskegon. Those 2 happen to be in the other side. Everyone else, I definitely give them a shot. A good one

  9. Well, well…hmmmmmm….interesting picks fellas…For Riverview…they beat one Falcon but along comes another one with sharpened talons. I hope I am wrong…but the Pirates have now found Davy Jones' Locker…and dropped all their doubloon over the port side. Great year Riverview Pirates but the Falcons are feeding you to the fish. Aye.

    SMCC…wow…interesting year to say the least…again…I hope I am wrong…but I believe the Nightmare on Elm Street is bout to happen…end of the line for The Green and Gold.

    It was interesting hearing you both talking about tough QB's SMCC has played against…which made me think who was someone who they could just not stop in a playoff games…and to me…that player was…Tyrone Wheatley. If I remember…he was a one man team.

  10. Come on. I get being supportive of The Huron league, but be realistic. Riverview will not beat Divine Child. Its not going to happen. Dc is, well, DC. RV played good ball this year, but they haven't played anyone close to the caliber of DC.

  11. Don’t forget about the weather.. it’s suppose to be really cold which we’ll help the T teams.. Go Falcons Go Pirates..

  12. Love the Riverview pick! You guys have been spot on, and your analysis I agree with..
    Gardner and Guthrie will have pressure on Day and if he steps up to run Naïf and Dively will be there clean it up
    But both D ends for Riverview are strong and will be the key fir us to move on

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