Monroe High All-time Top 10 Teams

1.  Monroe 1995, 10-2

2.  Monroe 1997, 8-1

3.  Monroe 1988, 9-2

4.  Monroe 2007, 8-2

5.  Monroe 1974, 8-1

6.  Monroe 1962, 7-1

7.  Monroe 1982, 8-2

8.  Monroe 2014, 7-4

9.  Monroe 1998, 8-2

10.  Monroe 2001, 7-4


Watch for Huron’s top 10 within the next week.

7 thoughts on “Monroe High All-time Top 10 Teams”

  1. Man a lot of love for Monroe, will they have the deeper team? Absolutely. Will they have the bigger team? Yep. But to say they’ll be faster and stronger I just don’t think you can do that, Airport has speed and there are a lot of kids putting in A LOT of work right now. Would you have said the same thing 15 years ago? Probably but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of those Redmond would have beaten those Monroe teams of the same era.

  2. Just shows you how messed up the playoff system use to be. The 97 team beat Dearborn who also ended the season 7-2 and made the playoffs I believe Monroe beat them 35-0 and an 8-1 Monroe team was left out, crazy.

  3. Kudos to Airport for scheduling this game. Too many teams these days afraid to play up or play a quality team. Too concerned about getting to 6 wins.

    Monroe will be bigger, faster, stronger, deeper.

    Monroe’s schedule sets up to come out of the gates strong, much like Airport did last year.

    Can’t pick a winner at this point but you asked if they have a chance… Airport will have some talent. They have a chance.

  4. Hey Gary and/or Chris what is your early take on Monroe vs Airport week 1? Does Airport have a chance against a much bigger school?

  5. my guess would be they didn't have enough playoff points. back then there was no win 6 your in. there were some 9-0 teams that didn't get in because they didn't have enough points. It was a different time.

  6. Why was Monroe not in the playoffs for 1997? They looked like a good team based off the record.
    View faithful

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