New Boston Huron All-Time Top 10 Teams

1.  Huron 2014, 11-2

2.  Huron 1971, 6-3

3.  Huron 2010, 6-4

4.  Huron 1956, 5-3

5.  Huron 2015, 5-5

6.  Huron 2016, 6-4

7.  Huron 1962, 5-3

8.  Huron 1978, 5-4

9.  Huron 1977, 5-4

10.  Huron 2013, 5-4

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5 thoughts on “New Boston Huron All-Time Top 10 Teams”

  1. Know the guy but this is not quote based info. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to spend more time with his kids. Dude worked super hard. He often said that he would look for something else other than coaching when his kids started playing so that he could be why he left.

  2. A lot of Kalbfleisch teams on that Top 10 list. How they ever let him and his staff go, I'll never understand.

  3. a friend asked me over the weekend about Marcus Speisss showing up on a high school in Florida Venice website stating that he was going to school there to play football. If that is true is his father still the head football at Huron???

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