Friday Night Victors Poll

Please take the time to vote in our first poll of the 2018 football season. Our poll is to your left. Who will win the Huron League this season?

Airport: The Jets finished 2-5 in the league last season and 4-5 overall. Plenty of talent in Carleton and the coaching (Jim Duffy 2nd year) should be better.

Flat Rock: The Rams finished with their best record in a generation as they finished 5-2 in the Huron League and 7-3 overall. Heavy graduation losses in Flat Rock, but excellent coaching (Buck Reaume) will no doubt continue.

Grosse Ile: 2017 was a rebuilding year on the island as the Red Devils finished 2-5 in the league and 2-7 overall. GI boast arguably the best defensive player (John Blanzy) and best coach (Jon Bodner) in the Huron League.

Huron: Chief fans are still scratching their heads after a 4-3 league finish and a 5-5 overall campaign last season. This year could be addition by subtraction (smh), stars are gone, but talent and depth remain for a 1st year head coach (Chad Smith).

Jefferson: The Bears finished 0-9 for only the second time in school history in 2017. The defense was adequate, but the Bears must find a way to score this season for their 2nd year Head Coach (Gene Gennoe).

Milan: The Big Reds finished 5-2 in the league last season and 5-5 overall as they battled injuries all year. If Coach (Jesse Hoskins) can find some linemen to go with the best duo (Hunter Aeschbacker/Tristen Hines) in the league then Milan will be in the hunt.

Riverview: The Pirates won the Huron League last season with a 6-1 record while finishing 11-2 overall and making it to the state semi-finals. Graduation took a toll on Riverview, but don’t feel sorry for the defending champs or Coach Mac (Derek McLaughlin). Plenty of big time talent returns for the Bucs.

SMCC: The Catholics finished the league season at 4-3 and finished at 7-5 overall after advancing to the regional final. SMCC seemingly got better every game last season. Don’t expect another 5 loss season from Coach (Adam Kipf’s) Falcons.

Please vote (poll is to the left) and tell us down below your thoughts.

197 thoughts on “Friday Night Victors Poll”

  1. CC will pound Milan and Riverview, they play Milan first then travel to Riverview, after them 2 games it's smooth sailing…

  2. Riverview returning lots of talent….especially in our seniors. They are going to have to dig deep to find the leadership they had from last years seniors. That could be the difference in their success.

  3. Gary will tell you that I love teams that throw the ball, but that I hate 7 on 7. So I will say this. I thought the teams look comparable playing to Mason’s strengths. With that said, SMCC will have one of the best and most athletic lines in the area while Mason will be young on the line. You win in the trenches and the Falcons wouldn’t throw the ball at all in a regular game against Mason.

  4. 9:53 are you kidding me , it's a passing scrimmage, no pressure on the qb and Mason is small…Mason would not stop CC if they played a game ..infact CC would put a running clock on them ..

  5. After what I saw out at Mason tonight, Mason has the athletes to compete in the Huron League this year. I'm not sure how any LCAA team is going to be able to defend their passing game which just flat out torched SMCC most of the night and contain Beaudrie running the ball. If tonight was the Falcons best showing, they could be in trouble. Change. May be coming sooner to Mason than everyone expected!

  6. CC did good in the scrimmage, Mason had some good plays …. it took Mason 7 downs to score from the 10, not lying …I'm telling you CCs lbs, cbs are all over 6' or better and can move real well…it it was a game it would be a running clock , it's just unrealistic for the Qb to have 5 sec in the pocket and no one in his face if they really played a game

  7. Definitely gotta go with Wood. The kid was a key contributor in Riverview making it as far as they did. EM

  8. Hey Gary/Chris IYO how would Monroe do in the Huron League this year? Would they be an overwhelming favorite? All I keep hearing is they have speed and size to burn. EM

  9. Erie Mason looked very good tonight at passing. It looks like Tecumseh is down and Erie played well vs us (Monroe). Remember most teams run the ball in high school and you have nothing without the line in front on offense or defense. Also know that Tecumseh and Monroe had 25 kids each and rolled them in regularly to get all the kids reps while Erie had 10 kids which means their best always played. It seemed like there was a lot of good reps tonight. At the end of the day it was good to get a sniff of football and know that the real thing is right around the corner. Good luck to all the teams this year!!!

  10. Mason took it to Monroe High at times tonight in 7 on 7. Monroe looked confused at times trying to defend Mason. I was disappointed with Monroe and surprised by Mason…
    Of course Monroe got chippy when they were struggling

  11. I did see you say that in there not denying that but what I wa trying to say last year someone said he didn’t have the horses, personally in my opinion I think we are a lot deeper than last
    We relied on cam both zacs and Dom a lot
    This year we have Dom who is unremarkable, Kyle Naif who is back and unloaded in Harrison
    Steve Rice, joe Johnson Ethan Lockhardt, Jimari Moultrie
    Plus 3 tight end in Alex picutto, Tommy Gardner, alex smith and Gardner is a bonafide stud receiving and blocking
    I will say this as long as the line is half as good as last year there shouldn’t be a problem and that’s what we lost the most of but the kids moving up are big and agile can they learn to be nasty that’s to be determined
    Skilled player wise I’d say Riverview has the most returning so we will see
    Football season is getting close

  12. Hearing reports that Mason looked good tonight at their 7 on 7 with Monroe and Tecumseh, beating Tecumseh handily and beating Monroe's starters. Also my buddy (who has a son playing for Monroe) said Monroe has some exceptionally fast athletes at slot receiver and quarterback and could be very good if their line matches up with their backfield. Still I can't get over how many good things I have heard about Mason, I think the young Eagles are going to surprise some people this year. Plan on going to watch them 7 vs. 7 the CC Falcons tomorrow

  13. Chris wrote the Riverview top 10.

    I may have had last year’s team higher than 10.

    I’m not necessarily taking exception to all the love for View, I’m just trying to understand why. Nobody picked them to win the league last year because they hadn’t won the league in 12 years. Now they win the league and everyone is picking them to win it again. I think that speaks to human nature.

  14. People I've been saying it for some time now about Riverview, they win the league for the first time in I don't know how long? And now they are just going to reload and there a great program ? Absolutely not !!! Win it more than once …do it consistently and then you will have believers..that oline n dline will not look anything like it did last year…watch.. The common sense !!!!

  15. No I don’t remember which one said we don’t have the horses but Cam was by far the best player in the league and Zac wasn’t far behind
    The group of RBs this year rice naif Jonson Moultrie Lockhardt and with wood will be just as strong as that caliber and they will be playing gardner at tight end who can dominate anyone at the side he plays
    I’m not saying it was you Gary you actually picked View throughout the year
    But it’s always good to be picked against

  16. Gary, I don’t think you are hating on the other teams but to defend your Falcons, you continually point out your team’s prolific history to throttle down the hype for other current top teams. You also pointed out the poor record of a high expectation View team two years ago that was devastated by injury. I’m not sure the catholics would have been able to survive starting their 5th or 6th string QB with success either. CC is always going to be good, we get that. Riverview is getting lots of love because they had more than a good year, but a top ten all time, history of the program kind of year. That’s according to you. Nobody should expect that this year will be the same but they are not starting from scratch. They probably deserve the hype until they are knocked off. Huron got it, Milan got it, GI got it. And of course CC always gets it. Before the blog, Ap and Jeff got it too. Rogers was injured, Wood was injured, DDC was beaten by a lot of the same kids that will be lining up this year. Yes, it was a fantastic line, yes some of those guys will be hard to replace, but a few of them won’t. I don’t see gardens of talented players in the HL ripening into all stars. I saw the CC numbers on JV, I saw Milan with 19 guys standing for the National Anthem. If their up and comings were that good, they would have been playing. You have been very fair with Riverview so I’m surprised by your exception to the LOVE. The Riverview T was much better than the SMCC T last year without debate and there is a good chance that this year’s T will be as well. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  17. I don't expect Riverview to finish in last place but I think they lost way too much to win the league again. Replacing that offensive line won't be easy. EM

  18. I think I’ve been accused of hating on every team. Even SMCC

    If you go back and watch ALL our videos, I think you will find I never hated on Riverview.

  19. It’s funny I just went on to that you tube and watched your picks week 1-3
    And of course Riverview had no home run hitters but if I recall but not 100 percent sure Cam, Dom Zac, Zac and Kyle ran all over the place
    Like in the top ten in the Us for rushing as a team
    This year it’s gonna be no different they have Dom, Kyle, Steven, Joey, Ethan and Jimari to go along with 2 good tight ends
    The O line will be big and will produce just like last year that’s we’re good coaching comes in with Mac who played college ball as an O line men
    Game of the year will Be View vs Smcc at View

  20. They were 2-7, with a soph.QB and a ton of injured kids.You keep living in the past, and hating on Riverview

  21. Yes your correct Gary they only thing that slows down the Train is injuries
    As long as the View avoids those they win the league
    Too much top end talent and senior leadership to not be able too

  22. I believe it’s gonna be a 3 horse race between Riverview, SMCC and Milan
    Whoever handles each other in those games will win the league
    Edge goes to View

  23. 2:20 pm Airport could have just as easily been 6-3 last year…. Milan and Huron were very close games as well…. Breaks go someone’s way in every close game what is your point? Sounds like another Airport troll too me… this shit is getting ridiculous….

  24. Riverview-Best OL RB's and QB in the league along with a good bend not break defense
    Milan- Horses up front with good RB and QB combo solid D but will lose to View
    SMCC- Disciplined kids win majority of games they will not beat themselves defeat all but top 2
    NBH- Have enough talent to finish 5-4 or 6-3 with a break or two
    GI- Blanzy healthy helps win a few games lose to the top 3 beat the bottom 4 finish 5-4
    Flat Rock- kids have bought in finish at 5-4. Will have couple good backs nice QB if they stay healthy might sneak in at 6-3.
    Airport- easily could've been an 0-9 last year breaks went their way last year in each game breaks don't go their way looking at 2-7(tecumseh/Jefferson) or 1-8 with win over a horrible Tecumseh team who will be 0-8 coming to cowtown. Monroe will pound them running clock in 2nd half and will be at a local bar that night what we're we thinking? hearing rumor a player will be out vs monroe?
    Jeffeson-just not enough horses matchup vs Airport could be only W 1-8.
    just an opinion here is to an injury free season for all kids

  25. 7 on 7 is a reason to get your team together and work on timing. Every coach knows that the 4 players missing on each side of the ball are very very important to the team.

  26. 7 on 7 means nothing people. I think its a waste of time and teaches bad habits. Its nice to be on the football field.. its nice to compete.

  27. Chad Smith new head coach at Huron has never been a head coach, but was long time asst with Dan K & Jim K. Smith has asked for their input in getting started. I think Smith will do a good job at Huron

  28. Why is Dan K installing offense and attending New Boston Huron practice?? Seems odd to me. Is he going to be back on staff?

  29. Good discussion, Gary. Always love that you're fair and unbiased. Even as a cc guy. I do think the HL will be very tough this year.

  30. Riverview has both, the city insanely supports all their sports plus good coaching
    The talent level is on the rise so I think they will be good for a few years to come

  31. Maybe I missed it from a earlier discussion but who is coaching Huron this year? A varsity assistant? EM

  32. Winning the HL as much as Redmond did is prof to me that he can coach. He ran into a few great programs in the playoffs. He did lose a few that I though they would win however. D3 is no joke.

  33. That certainly helped him turn it around. I don't think Redmond is as great as everyone says he is.. his teams never made it past round 3 …
    Remember good coaches win. In general.

  34. You make 2 opposing points in your posts so that you can’t be wrong.

    Redmond turned it around because of 300 more kids and better athletes. But he did turn it around. What are you trying to say?

    Some good coaches lose. Well ya. Of course. But IN GENERAL. Good coaches win.

  35. So you're saying teams that lose don't have good coaches or community support?? I know some very good coaches that didn't win and had great community support.. i also know average to not so good coaches that had little to no community support that won… gotta have the horses.. now i will say at public schools that have the same type of kids, I've seen teams that should have won 6 or 7 win 3 or 4 with bad coaching

  36. Helped that Airport gained 300 kids from 98-02 right when Redmond took over.. but he did turn that thing around. They surely don't have the athletes that now that Redmond had..

  37. 3 losing seasons in 18 years. 1 was his first year and 2 were 4-5. All while playing a usually killer non league and a good Huron league with Redmond at Airport. Who again was a great coach and completely turned around an Airport program, which was one of the worst in the state prior to him getting there.

    You want to win, get a good coach. It will happen. With community support.

  38. Because Jack wont coach there when the cupboard is bare. He had several losing seasons at cc.. Carlson will be good this year and next after that there isn't much coming up.

  39. I will also venture to say, Carlson won’t have a losing record while Giarmo is there. Keep in mind Carlson has had 28 losing record in their 52 year history prior to Giarmo.

  40. The T isn’t based on great athletes. It’s based on kids doing their job as a unit. Nobody gets that out of kids better than Giarmo.

    Bring people in to your phone booth and punch them in the mouth.

    Do great athletes help, well sure. But the offense is made for teams that don’t get the great athletes or the 270lb lineman.

  41. Carlson had the 2 best athletes in school history on their team. Gary you could have won with that talent..New Boston Huron out coached Jack in that playoff game and talent took over and won..

  42. When you get a good coach, your team will win.

    Do you think it’s coincidence that Carlson had their greatest team ever in Giarmo year 1? I doubt it.

  43. And there's a reason no D7 public schools are in the HL .. a parochial can survive and have success.. public would not consistently.. explain that

  44. @1144 your talking about Cam Rodgers and Zac Guthrie
    You are probably correct if we had him we beat Harrison but we did beat DC without him
    What people are forgetting is we have a lot of skilled players coming back
    Wood, Naïf, Johnson, Gardner, Rice, Lezotte, plus a freshmen coming up who scored 25 tds last year
    Everyone is oedicting because of the line but the kids moving up are bigger than last year, the only thing they need to learn is how to be as nasty as they were
    There’s two potential players of the year in that bunch plus a great coach in Mac

  45. I may say this once every 5-6 years but for the 1st time in a while I believe the LCAA may be tougher than the HL top to bottom this year. The HL top team CC is probably better than anyone in the LCAA but the middle to bottom teams in the LCAA roll be stronger..

  46. Cmon people stop bashing SMCC yes they have dominated the Huron league.. they are by far the best program in the Huron league and a small school powerhouse..all you have to do is look at the Huron league titles? SMCC has like 27 and next closes is I think Riverview with 8.. Stop the Smcc bashing. They are who all schools mark on their schedule to beat.. beat Smcc you have a great chance of winning the league..

  47. At this point I hope CC could even get a Saturday afternoon or night game for week 1. That way I could still see Riverview play Romulus friday night.

  48. CC Not having a first game could be an advantage as well. After their scrimmage they have 2 weeks to prepare for the very well coached Milan team. Then there is always a slight chance a couple of key players for Milan could get banged up against Bridgeport. I hope not but it happens. So we will just have to see how it plays out.
    CC could still get a game 1. I hope so.

  49. Milan will be very good in the trenches. Will not have the big guy, but return starters on both sides and way more depth then the 19 they finished with by the end of last season. Milan felt some of GI’s pain regarding numbers last season.

    Might have another D-1 candidate (MAC level kid) in Chris Beck. Starting to get his name out there camping this summer. I know a handful of MAC and Gliac schools are already on him pretty hard. Should have a very good senior year.

    Milan Fan

  50. Riverview had a great season and if they don’t lose their best player to the injury be Carlson, I think they beat Harrison and go to Ford Field. That was a special team and two of the best two way players at running back and LB/SS that have come through in a long time. You don’t lose guys like that and continue to do what you do. Those two kids were absolute monsters. 10-15 year type of kids that just don’t grow on trees.

    Some similar talent in the league over the past few years are Humphries form Jefferson, Kanitiz from Milan, mitroka from GI, Woolford from SMCC, both brothers, white running back from view about 4 years back that could flat out fly. Etc

    These are just a few examples of great players. It’s hard to re load and not miss a beat. Those two kids from riverview were special. Not saying it wasn’t a team effort or didn’t have a great o line, but when you have kids like, you’re hard to stop. I wish I knew their names. I believe #5 and # 22. Both brick shit houses. It was fun watching them play.

    Huron League Fan

  51. Riverview is a lot deeper than you people think
    They will do all their talking on the field, no need to rant on here about it

  52. Gary I think you shut Riverview up with the stat…you can't argue the facts . 2-13, piece of advice, just be quiet 🤐!!!!

  53. Gary great point, Riverview is an ok program that had a tremendous year last year, without a doubt the best team in the Huron league obviously. Now all of a sudden they think there just going to reload and there a GREAT program which they are not. CC has owned them since they came into the league. Again one tremendous year now there world beaters, they had it in the trenches last year and now it's gone, they will not come close to that dominance this year and that's where it matters like the others have said. I know there proud but use your common sense.

  54. Listen to me Milan and Riverview lost WAY more than CC did,should be a good game against both teams, CC will be favored in both games make no mistake about it and will win both of them. CC has it in the trenches this year and just like it was already said before that's where it's won or lost. Advantage CC big time.

  55. More history lessons ZZzZzzzzzzz.. tell me about the game last year.. that's recent history. I GUARANTEE Gary isn't picking the Pirates to win the league.

  56. Gary is a Typical Michigan fan… talking about history.. you're only as good as your last game. Riverview is the only school in the HL that has close to the same tradition as CC

  57. Not having a first game could be very bad for CC. We all know they will be good. They always are, but having to play a well coached Milan team who will have a game under their belt will be very hard. I for one hope they find someone to play. Only having a scrimmage to go off going into week 2 will be difficult.

    Huron League Fan

  58. Gary, Chris, can you tell we're getting close to football season ? Thanks guys for this blog and the people who write there commentary. I love this stuff…I would never wish away time, but man I can't wait .

  59. That's right Gary…CC has no first game of the year, so we play Milan at home our first game and then play away at Riverview…Trust me CC is loaded in the trenches on both sides and that's where it won people..and we have speed to burn …so Milan and Riverview, start now jotting down your excuses when we bring the PAIN !!!!

  60. And maybee Gary or Chris can clarify. I'm pretty sure a very valuable player for CC ( I think he was linebacker) was hurt in the Powamo game and was out for at least the next 3 games. I am sure he would have made a difference in those games.

  61. 5:43…. lets be responsible. The final score of CC vs Milan last year was not indicative of how that game went. It was very close for 3/4 of the game. I think CC was winning at half.

  62. There’s no trouble in Riverview, yeah they lost a lot of talented players but they also have a lot of talent returning
    The league will be a battle all year between 4 teams

  63. Milan should be very good. They will have some depth this year and return 7 on each side of the ball. And yes they were 5-5, but remember they did beat CC with 21 kids dressed last year by 4 Touchdowns. Just throwing that out there.

    Milan Fan

  64. Well if CC is going to be that good then they belong in the Catholic league or their just lucky or something. Let me figure it out and get back with you.

  65. Everyone in the Huron league lost a ton except CC, why in the world are people stuck on Milan ? They were 5-5 last year and lost there big man and other lineman.. Riverview is in big trouble also, lost the most, one good year and now there world beaters and have a great program… well they don't , watch people..CC rules the day…watch 👀

  66. I like the reds too. I’m thinking more towards the Red Devils but I like them both. My top 4 are View, CC, Milan and GI. Ill post/decide their pre-preseason order later tonight.

    I am so hopeful FR and AP can figure it out. Fingers are crossed for Jefferson and presume Huron will be fine just got that new coach curse.

  67. If Bergmoiser is the starting QB at Smcc they will win the league.. with Marino and his speed. Cousimano with his power and Morgan with his shiftyness .. they will be on there way to a state title.. the line will also be big..

  68. Id say so, Milan and Grosse Ile probably meet the formula/criteria the best.

    Milan has a lot of returning players as does Grosse Ile. Grosse Ile is returning a lot of their starters/main rotation guys. Milan lost the best player in the league who is not replaceable and made the whole team look better. However, they are both returning one of the best players in the league and both have stable coaching staffs. As I said, it doesnt mean they will necessarily win the league but they both should be near the top. Small rosters like theirs are easily screwed up with one or two player injuries/issues so as always….. staying healthy is key.

    View and Huron have the most players returning and are deep. Huron has a lot of help coming but will have a new coach. View will replace the starters with solid players but they lost that line. OH that line! I think the line was a HUGE reason they were so successful last year and I dont think that is replaceable.

    AP, Jeff, FR I just dont see it this year. I truly hope all three can put it all together. Airport has the players but something is jut not clicking over there. Flat Rock should be much better then they have been continuing on last years improvements. Jefferson, well I just dont see it.

    CC, If they can score they will be fine. That defense should be very solid.

  69. This is simplistic but there is a typical Huron league pattern… look back, it doesnt always equal "league champ" but it does show who will be the top dogs in a league like ours with such small enrollment and rosters.

    #1… Returning a lot of starters especially seniors equals a good year.
    #2… Returning your best players equals a good year.
    #1/2… If you can do BOTH of these 2 things you are looking really good.
    #3… Do them both along with a good and stable coaching staff…. Seems to always equal a top of the league year.

    Which teams meet these points this year?

  70. Yea, that post made me chuckle a bit, but anything is possible. I think the league could be really good again, but most every team in the league has some questions marks.

  71. This last take might be the best one I’ve heard on here in awhile.CC in the cellar? Lol

    Milan at 4-5? Lol

    Flat rock having as much talent coming up? Lol They lost the best senior class they’ve had in 20 years. They had 6-7 exceptional players that move on. Those were seniors who invested and were very very good. Please don’t say some JV kids are sending better talent. If any of those kids were that good, the coach would have them playing varsity.

    GI returns a good team. I’m the cellar with CC? Lol

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on these opinions Chris?

    Huron League Fan

  72. FR has a great JV squad that is sending as good or better talent than they lost. Everyone bases the upcoming season on what was lost and have no clue on what is waiting in the wings. I see FR, Huron and Riverview as top 3 and Jefferson, GI and CC as the cellar teams. Marino and Bergmooser are definitely a plus for the Falcons, but won’t be enough to carry them into a post season push. Airport and Milan will grind out a 4-5 record and just miss playoffs.

  73. 10:12 I think the defense will be better as a whole after playing alot of underclassmen last year. I remember the 2010 defense gave up alot of yards and points, then the next year they were the best defense in the league. I could be wrong, time will tell. But them moving to a spread offense is news to me, can anyone confirm the change in offense? EM

  74. EM, What makes you think Airport is a playoff team? They lose their best defensive player off a team with a very subpar defense. They will have offensive weapons but you have to stop someone. Plus i hear they're going spread… not good to take a wing T team and put them in the gun..

  75. Will be hard for AP to be a playoff team if they don’t get the first one against Monroe. The league should be pretty good all around and big pieces to replace in Jeans and Foor. Two pretty special players. I think Jeska was one of the more under-rated players I’m the league last year.

  76. I'm expecting Airport to be a playoff team with a strong senior class and hopefully improved defense. Definitely a tough opener against Monroe but I think Airport will finish in the top half of the league this year. EM

  77. Lol..8-0..Don't worry about CC, there slow everywhere and there Defense is going to be stout…04 team wasn't good Gary !!!.. lol the d will be torched and pushed around boys ..I'm telling you they have one fast kid, I'll give you that and that's it

  78. Weird talk about the speed of CC, or the lack there of. Bergmooser and Marino are both very fast.

    Yes they lost Woolford however, Cousino and Morgan will help carry the load he left behind.

    The defense will be stout as can be, maybe as good as the 2004 squad. They will hang their hat on defense.

    Nobody should worry about SMCC, they will be just fine. Little thin on numbers but that is a problem at a few places.

  79. I agree 100% with you about CC, lost speed, big time on both sides…woolford can't be replaced, he willed that team last year and you can't replace that at all..

  80. I think were jumping the gun on CC also, they lost a lot of speed in the defensive backfield, lost woolford at safety lost sarard at cornerback.. they were fast, they have marino back at db and they lost sarard n woolford in the backfield on offense also, once again they have marino back on O…but the people in there positions on offense and defense are slow, I'm telling you we're going overboard on team speed at all , I've looked at there roster , one fast guy and the rest are snails

  81. I never said which was better to do… play cupcakes or quality schools.

    Ithaca plays a garbage schedule but doesnt hurt them.

    I think playing a poor schedule might hurt you more in the upper levels.

    Hard to say really

  82. Beating a 5 win Class C school gives you the same amount of PP as beating a 1 win Class A. However, if your team cant be 5–4 or better, does it deserve a playoff spot?

  83. Gary you said it would be better to beat a Class C team with 5 wins rather than beat a 1 win Class A by the point system.

  84. I do believe the HL and LCAA will be stronger this year. I feel the SEC will be down. Monroe High could surprise people. Bedford will be around 6-4 again. Saline will be down along with the Ann Arbor schools.
    Look for Jesse Hoskins to be a frontrunner for the Saline job after this year. I do believe this will be it for Palka.

  85. So it is better to schedule bigger schools?? Instead of smaller ones that win . Gary you're contradicting yourself

  86. …. and I’m not sure on this but I think they only let 4-4 in if there isn’t enough 5-4 or 5-3. I don’t think they go by higher playoff points. Meaning, a team that is 5-3 would get in with lower playoff points over a team that went 4-4 with higher playoff points.

  87. 4-4 gives you a chance just like 5-4 does. Last season their were 4 teams who made it in with 4-wins and 4 losses. Especially with their schedule loaded with larger schools. They would have a chance.

  88. Chris is correct, but CC would get in with 5 wins if they played 9 games. This gives them 1 less game to get there. Hopefully they can work something out for week 1.

  89. Guys I think CC is in trouble this year, no first game and they open with Milan n then the view Away ..I just think they could lose both them games n then there out of the playoffs in my opinion , they won't run the table…watch , overrated…they have no speed coming back

  90. I can assure you that no one is concerned about the passing game at Riverview. They were in the T 100 percent of the time last year and threw like 15 passes lol

    This is crazy to say, but the SMCC passing attack is not st the bottom of the league lol They throw more than Jefferson and Riverview

  91. 100% and that's the way they want it. They will play the whoa is me card too. Maybe they should get in the catholic league and play week 1.

  92. There was a nice 7 on 7 today
    View vs AP,the passing game for view looked strong with the speed and talented receivers
    Don’t be surprised during the season if they utilize this

  93. Gary are you serious ? No first game, wow !! CC better have a great year if there only playing 8 games. Can they get 6 wins Gary ?

  94. Because Milan was short handed last year (19 players 4 on crutches) Hoskins was forced to use Aeschbacker on 98% of the plays – the only time he got a play off was on defensive punt returns. Hines played every play but defensive kick off returns.

  95. By far the biggest threat in the HL.. he's a stud on Kick Return too.

    If you dont know.. the LCAA was junior heavy with talent last year minus Dundee Andes Hudson.. Ida lost a bit but has their studs back in the backfield.
    Onsted, BCC. Blissfield, Erie, and Hillsdale has virtually everyone back

  96. Just a guess, but I think milan is going to use Asbacker less on offense this year and let his athleticism on defense take over. Milan will move him around on defense and let him come from different position and angles to blow-up blocking schemes. Defense wins championships. JBR.

  97. Gary/Chris/Frank.. who are some kids we haven't heard of that could be sleepers in 18?? In the HL and LCAA teams you cover..

  98. Huron 2017, I'll make a comment on this, then let's put it to rest. Huron finished 5-5. I think everyone would agree that Huron should have been better than that. Coach Spiess wasn't a good fit at Huron. Very nice guy and super friendly. Knowledgeable coach with a great track record as an assistant, but probably not what Huron needed last year. Numerous people told me his defense was light years ahead of one of the best coaches in Michigan when they played Carlson, but some superior D 1 athletes for the Marauders made all the difference in that game. Huron had enough talent at every position to excel. The three kids from Ohio that played for the Chiefs were talented kids and most likely deserved to be an intricate part of the team, but so did some other kids that had been there their whole lives. Huron's offense was atrocious and it wasn't because of talent. The offensive play calling was terribly predictable and quite frankly seldom made sense. The Chief's probably needed an experienced offensive coordinator who was thinking about moving the offense the entire game, not just when the team had the ball. Many of the parents got in the way too. Whether it was playing Monday morning QB or not supporting the program, they hurt their own kids by bad mouthing the coach and they hurt the program in the process. How do you know that Chris? Well, I saw it with my own eyes, heard it directly from parents, received emails from parents and saw the posts that weren't posted on the blog. It was horse shit. Many people should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe I should be to0 because I write a blog that is sometimes critical and I give people a platform (most of the time) to be critical as well. Don't ever blame the kids for Huron's 5-5 season. It was the crazy adults that ruined that season and if you don't think so, you are lying to yourself. Now, let's look forward to 2018. Last season is in the books.

  99. Cmon let's not talk bad About kids. Those are good boys. Talk about the Ex coach but those are 3 of the nicest, hard-working kids you'll ever meet. Good luck to Huron this year with the worst staff in the HL.

  100. Ohio kids to bail them out?? What a joke. The team had consistent winning records before anyone from the suckeye state came. That coach or those kids were far from a god send in anyone’s book. Overrated is an understatement ironically.

  101. Milan will be very good if they can stay healthy. Numbers are up to 30-35 kids and that should help them with depth. Went 5-2 in the league with 22 guys dressed for the majority of the season. Only had 19 kids by the time they played Huron. Staying healthy around the league will be a big factor for everyone.

    Milan Fan

  102. He is talking about the program at the Monroe all-star game. The only Huron players with profiles in the program were spiess and the other Ohio kid. He coached the Huron team to show case his 2 sons and the other Ohio kid. He keep that going right to the end.


  103. I still can't believe how you guys irrationally think the former Huron coach got a raw deal. He took a bunch of talent and almost turned in a 2-7 season (thank god for miraculous Salem and Airport victories and an injury-decimated Milan team). How can a team get so much worse over a course of a season like the Chiefs did? Maybe you should folllow your advice about letting it go instead of subtlety trolling your "smh" comments.

    P.S. Excellent profiles for the seniors at the recent All-Star game. Ironic that only the Ohio kids got stats published. SMH.

  104. Chris I don’t disagree that’s why’s theres always a good debate
    Anything could happen someone new could come out if the woodwork

  105. The OPOY will be between Wood/Hines/Assbacher
    The DPOY will be between the two 10th graders who dominated last
    Blanzy from GI and Gardner from Riverview
    COY will be whoever wins the League

  106. Riverview will have a good team this year. Let’s not pretend they are a dynasty. Last year was a special year that had a combination of some really good seniors and more importantly great team chemistry. I don’t think you just re-load and expect. It would be really easy to lose focus spending time on here “what iffing” with Whiteford and accepting pre season trophies. Nobody is transferring into the View, in fact some are leaving, maybe they’re not gettin theirs. I believe the example that was left by last year’s seniors is priceless and anyone that participated in any way with that team has an advantage if they absorbed some of the team character. Let’s not pretend prospects are moving their families to Riverview to secure their spots in long playoff runs. There is a roadmap, however, for a group of hard working kids to dominate a season and set the bar higher than most people thought was possible. That gives the View an early edge for this upcoming season. The View at the top is great, but spend too much time looking back and you might get your helmet knocked off. Happy Father’s Day to all the bloggers!

  107. A Riverview guy, and I pick Bodner for COTY?? LOL never.
    I have some Riverview love in there. I really think the culture has changed there. They think they can beat anyone, anytime, anywhere. I could be wrong. Loke FR i need to see them prove it.

  108. 1. Riverview. Plenty of talented kids in that program, they reload and have a very good QB returning.
    2. Smcc. Milan would be here but they can't stop the T. Lots of returners and the best returning defense in the county
    3. GI .Boy i remember in 2009 when Bodner was on the hot seat and had back to back 0-9. He's the best coach in the HL not named Hoskins.
    4. Milan. Very good athletes but holes up front will hurt. The best player in the league in Tristan Hines. Look for them to throw the ball a lot this year.
    5. Flat Rock . I agree FR coach has done a nice job but last year he had the most talented , deepest team in the HL. If he can win with this group ill be sold. Some good pieces coming back on D.
    6. Huron. A head coach with no experience and a young squad may prove painful. The chiefs return some athletic kids and feature some good young Athletes. They could be a sleeper.
    7. Airport. I think they have a lot of talent on offense. Bondy and Dyl are lightning in a bottle.They will move the ball all over the field. The problem is on the defensive side of the ball. Until the jets prove they can stop anyone it will be a long year.
    8. Jefferson needs to stay in the T and focus on pounding the ball. They have an electric quick QB who could surprise. The Bears always play defense and could surprise a team by the end of the year.
    PreSeason Awards
    Offensive POY- Dominic Wood Riverview
    Defensive POY- Sam Cousino SMCC
    Coach of the Year- Jon Bodner GI
    Special Teams POY – Bryce Bondy Airport

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