27 thoughts on “2018 Week 1 Video Picks”

  1. Hey Gary, if your taking the moms maiden name and saying another Jones, he would be the first Jones. The rest of the athletes would be Masserant or Chinevare. Just don’t sound right calling a Masserant anything other than a Falcon. I get it.

  2. Troll name the field Duffy field after tonight the scores you posted are correct why not play them after seeing that JVscore AIrpirt wins outright tonight by landslide Better athletes better coaching better league better facilities better student body and most of all better JVteam I mean you keep it close and almost won

  3. You guys didn't sound convinced that Riverview will win Friday @ Romulus and the News Herald 2 out of 3 picked Romulus…looking like under dogs again this season…GOo BUCS!!

  4. Last year Monroe beat Dexter 56-14. Tecumseh beat Dexter 49-13. One would think Monroe vs Tecumseh would’ve been a good game right? How come Monroe vs Airport can’t be a good game?

    The Troll

  5. 12:52-I have no idea where your sentences start and where they end. But here’s my comment to what it is that I think you’re trying to say-Why play Monroe when all we have to do is beat anybody? Well, why not play Monroe. We have to play Milan who is a lot like Monroe with size and speed and offense. We have to play Riverview who is one of the more physical teams around. We’ve been playing Tecumseh for how many years now? How’s Monroe that much different than Tecumseh? I think you said something like play to win. Do you really think those players and coaches are playing this game to lose?

    The Troll

  6. Nothing to lose but pride why did we play them we finished one game short of playoffs? Injured guys next morning can’t opay following weeks? Did we say pride? Confidence? Belief?
    troll play to win might as well call it a scrimmage typical Airport smoke

  7. I’ll send you an Airport Football shirt Friday. It’ll look something like this:

    Home of Duffy Field
    (and home of The Troll)

  8. Here’s the best part about this game-Airport has absolutely nothing to lose. If they lose, so what. Everyone expected them to lose. Not a big deal. Now if they win it’s a huge upset right? They pulled off the inevitable. Now if you’re Monroe you have everything to lose. For Monroe this is an automatic W in the win column. So they think. If Monroe loses this game they will be scrutinized. The people of Monroe will be shocked, furious, and quite simply embarrassed. What is it for Airport if they lose? Absolutely nothing. There is ZERO pressure on the kids at Airport to win this game and that’s why I think there will be a field renaming ceremony Friday night!! Welcome to DUFFY FIELD!!! (Sorry for the previous misspelling)

    The Troll

  9. Thanks to Coach Beaudrie for the gear! I will be wearing other teams this year as well.

    Trying to shed a little bit of my homerism. I was accused of wearing too much CC stuff last year, well… thats all I had.

    Thanks to the kindness of some of the coaches, that has changed!

  10. Airports field should be called Jones field?? For the retired baseball coach?? Or Redmon field?? You guys do a good job, thank you. Keep it up.

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