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  1. In all fairness, we have other schools that don’t help us much either. Personally I am fine with that. I get the thought process and I appreciate those coaches who let me know that they won’t be participating. Some simply ignore our request and I’m fine with that as well. We don’t just offer coverage, we offer commentary. That can be distracting, but it isn’t our intention. We are simply offering our personal opinion and insight. We will still cover them the best we can. The kids deserve that and the fans deserve it as well. The coaches also deserve our respect. I will try and do that at all times.

  2. Ok.. hard to say for a fact what anybody does.

    Airport's posts.. such as the schedule analysis, get double the views of the next highest team post. The interest is there, our goal is provide the best coverage we can. Maybe I'm just being selfish hoping we would get some help.

  3. Thanks. Its difficult to cover Airport.

    By our stats, Airport has the most active fans on the blog. People want to know whats going on with their team in Carleton.

    That being said, the staff gives us nothing.

    The part I dont understand is… we are going to cover Airport whether we get help or not. So why not give us the names of your players? Something… anything….

    We are left just to guess and/or rely on our insiders. Which leads to poor coverage for the most active fan base. I have to assume that is what the staff prefers.

  4. Is Airport in the Spread Shotgun this year?? Or are they in their Delaware Wing T stuff?? Heard they were doing both.

  5. Luke Goins is the starting QB. He’ll run the offense very well. Doesn’t have the arm that Tanner Jeska had but he has good speed and should run the ball very well. He’ll surprise a lot of people I think-there are very fast RB’s to throw to and a big fast TE to throw to.

    The Troll

  6. Word is Coisino will be toting the hoagie as well at CC. 6'3 220lbs. Could be another John Lako type. For those that remember him in 2014. He now starts at LB in the MAC.

  7. 8:45pm
    Correct…this isn't 7-7, we get our new big strong trenchmen to play with our 7-7 champions now! Keep underestimating the eagles, looking forward to this season. Eagles win opener.

  8. 8:45 Nice picks. I would agree with you on most of them. Maybe pick Dundee over AA only because they have been so down. Don’t know enough about SHS but they used to be a powerhouse. I don’t see Romulus stopping the T either. Good luck to your team!

  9. Week 1 predictions
    Monroe 54 Airport23 Airport scores in mop up time to make it much closer than what it really will be.
    Thurston 18 New Boston Huron 17 .. the ghost of Tim Spiess
    Monroe Jefferson 24 Ida 22. Jefferson better upfront.. ida a bit overrated
    Whiteford 49 Blissfield 48. Shoot out with the defending state champs holding o
    GI 34 Riv GR 18. GI beats a talented GR team
    FR 19 Garden City 14 FR wins with good defense
    Riverview 39 Romulus 28. Riverview will score points..not sure about D
    SMCC 45 Chandler Park 24 have you ever seen a charter school stop the T
    AA Huron 31 Dundee 27 AA HURON has too many athletes for Dundee
    Milan 33 Bridgport 22 Milan could win the HL..
    Summerfield 44 Erie Mason 28.. this isn't 7on7
    Bedford 28. Sterling Heights stevenson 7 Hong to have a good defense in Temperance This year.

  10. Relax Chris, it was a joke. We all know Rouge has recruited in the past just like Belleville does now. So has Chelsea, the A2 schools, Dakota, DCC, etc….

    Someday the MHSAA will pull it's head out of the sand and either clamp down on the recruiting or open it up.

  11. Or when you’re not recruited by Cass Tech or King and you run a 4.4 or bench 380 and your school system is failing. Oh, my bad, thought you were talking about Belleville. For Rouge, it must have been the billboards.

  12. I never said that the Rouge coaches recruited 300 kids, but they have done a great job in their positions at the school. A rising tide raises all ships. When athletic programs do well and you see billboards with the GPA of the football team talking about their Academic All State status, parents take notice, especially from districts with failing schools. Most kids that open enroll to a district bring a sibling with them. It’s great marketing to promote your successes. The football and basketball coaches are part of that success.

  13. Lets change the subject back to football. I have not been to them all but I have been to most of the Huron League schools practices or scrimmages. I will say there is a team in the Huron League that is grossly underestimated. JBR

  14. Problem is people look at the salary for a teacher coach and it says 40,000 and they say he makes 40,000 to coach. Reality is he makes 34,000 to teach and 6,000 to coach. Most I ever made was 7500 a season as a coach (DC) and it was at a state power program.

  15. Thanks Chris, I appreciate your comments. I just can’t stand it when people start saying coaches make too much money. I have heard that argument made when people say they deserve to be ridiculed from the stands. I personally know almost every head coach in the region. I respect them for the time they put into kids in our community. Keep up the good work.
    When you first started this thing I was skeptical as well as many other coaches. So many people have other motives when it comes to kids and athletics. Often those motives take a pure experience and turn it ugly. With that said, you guys have been talked about in coaching circles in the area and gaining the trust of many. Best of luck to all county schools, and most of all to my home team boys.

  16. Nice job Old Coach. The pay is peanuts unless your coaching down in Texas and most times you are the Athletic Director there as well. The inflated google salaries are in states like Texas. Most coaches make 10% of teaching contract step 1. Some schools do 10% of the coaches contract status within the collective bargaining agreement which may be 10% of an annual teaching salary. In rare instances you get a River Rouge situation where the basketball and football coaches are making solid money coaching the sport and doing another job in the school like assistant AD and Mentoring. A school like Rouge justifies this, since enrollment in the HS alone has jumped 300 plus students since the football coach arrived. They really market their athletics and parents are attracted to that via open enrollment.

  17. You are wrong, this isn’t college dude. This isn’t Texas or Georgia. This is Michigan. You may get lucky and get an extra planning time for your teaching job but the salary is negotiated on in a bargaining agreement and it isn’t changing based on how well you do.

  18. @9:22am
    Coaches leave schools for a variety of reasons. #1 on the list is a supportive administration. It’s tough coaching and fighting the everyday fight of doing what you know is right for kids if the admin doesn’t show they care to be a better program.

  19. Last one,
    Carlson, Jack Giarmo. One of the best coaches in the state. He makes 12% of the base salary at Carlson.
    Base salary at Carlson is around $37,000. So he makes $4,400. I am not sure where google is getting its numbers but next time you look down at a coach from the stands please remember they don’t do it for the money and they are making pennies an hour.


    Old Coach

  20. After the football season is over most HS coaches put their name out on the market for a better paying coaching job. Yes, coaches coach because they love the game, but every coach wants to be the at the top of their profession or compete for state titles. There aren't many coaches that wouldn't leave their jobs for a better school or more pay. Just like every other profession, you start at the bottom and work your way up. Minimum wage mite be all your worth. Win a state title or become a HS powerhouse and then tell me how much HS coaches don't make.

  21. Another example, at Whiteford with Mensing. Won a state championship, he didn’t make more money, he worked longer than anyone in the county. I am sure he didn’t mind working and coaching that long into November though. Many coaches make a percentage of the base teaching salary at their school. In fact, that is how it’s structured at many places if they are teachers in the district. Whiteford coach makes 10% of the base salary, the base salary (year/step 1) at Whiteford is around 35,000. You do the math but here is the link, page 24. If they are not teachers in the district, it’s even less.


    Old Coach schooled you again!

  22. @7:38 am poster.
    I just googled that it’s its way off. There is not a high school football coach that makes that or even close to it in Monroe County. It is part of the districts negotiatied contract. You can easily look these up. Here is Bedford’s for example.


    Copy and paste the above post. Go to page 47 and look up Bedford Head football coach salary. One of the biggest schools in the county and successful. He makes $4,325 a year coaching football. In fact, the entire coaching salaries at Bedford for all sports 7-12 combined costs them $98,171. Google says the average coach makes $39,000, not even in the ball park.

    Manages a staff middle school on up, hundreds of kids in the program 7th-12th, handles paperwork, compliance documents, off-season training and conditioning, booster club meetings, 7 passing leagues, camps, high school and middle school, coaches during the season, busy every night of the week after doing the regular job of teaching students during the day, handles parent concerns and issues, deals with multiple personality of kids and manages them, coaching meetings, scouting, film work, the list goes on and on. These coaches are not making what you think. I bet if Coach Wood wanted to he could make much, much more in less time on the side of his teaching job.
    Some coaches, if they are lucky, fall into a school where they are given a lighter work load in the classroom or made assistant AD’s. This doesn’t happen often and especially not at the smaller schools.

    This is just an example of 1 coach, if you looked further some will make a little more and some will make a little less.
    These guys do not do it for the money, they do it for he love of kids and for the game. If a guy is doing it for the money, they won’t last long. I figured it all out once and I made about 45-60 cents and hour when I coached. I didn’t even factor in the amount of gas it cost me to go scout for the varsity.

    Old Coach

  23. @7:38, I would love to know who think is getting paid as much as a school administrator? Certainly NO ONE in the Huron league is. These coaches barely make minimum wage considering the hours they pour into their job.

  24. The pay is really low if you break it down into an hourly rate. It really depends on the school and the commitment of the coaches. Most coaches make peanuts per hour. It’s a labor of love. A good rule if thumb would be less than minimum wage.

  25. 6:47 poster. Google average salary for HS football coaches in Michigan. Some coaches make more than school administrators. If you are good, you get paid. If your not getting paid that's on you.

  26. As much as these coaches make? Enlighten us on a number that you think they make. Maybe a few big high schools in Michigan pay their coaches somewhat top dollar.

  27. Yes 12:33, how much do you think these coaches are getting paid versus how much time they spend away from their families? These coaches do it for the love of the game of football and to be a good influence on kids. They are not college or pro coaches and shouldn’t be treated like it.

  28. Huron has BIG kids and a lot of kids in the program…. recipe for success. Hope they do well and stay healthy

  29. As much as some of these coaches get paid, I do not think it is a thankless job. My opinion some coaches do not do enough. CC has the best coaches in the Huron League and then the View. JBR

  30. Very curious as to how people think Bedford will be this year? Do they have a lot coming back? I heard some running back isn’t coming out because he is focusing on baseball. Any truth to this???what do they have coming from the JV?

  31. I think Bedford and st Francis will be a huge game for both, both teams seem to be trying to find themselves this season and both teams will need a win. It was a 2 point game last season and I think it’ll play out the same this season…. winner has a solid season and loser disappointing and falls apart and is disappointed come end of season….

  32. On the coaching end, I agree with Gary. I'm not going to bash anyone. Most, High School Football coaches work tirelessly at their craft and on their teams. To me, most anyone and I would definitely say certainly our 16 coaches put in the time that it takes to be successful. The difference between many programs is certainly talent, maybe commitment from administrations, bad luck, no winning tradition, not having the proper facilities and a host of other things. I think the teams that we cover play a good brand of football and the coaches sure have a wealth of knowledge. We do have some great coaches around here and their teams win because of it.

  33. Look to be surprised by some new up and coming names at FR- combined with the great coaching staff and the seniors that are out to prove the doubters wrong FR might be looking at back to back playoff years!

  34. I think we gave 3 maybe even 4 teams in the top 10 the benefit of the doubt. I anticipate the top 10 changing after week 1. Here are some thoughts on the remaining 6 teams:

    I think Grosse Ile could be very good, but they are coming off of a 2 win season. They would have to make a big turn around. Airport will score and word is, they are going to spread it out a bit to take advantage of some speed. My concern with the Jets is stopping someone. I'm not really sure on Jefferson, the league is getting better and that makes it tough to rebuild. Summerfield should be solid, they have made the playoffs 4 straight seasons and have been a good program for over a decade now. Dundee is young and there aren't really any high expectations. Maybe they can surprise some people, but the LCAA is a tough place to get better as well. Erie Mason is a wild card. They have some talented kids and a passionate coach. They may still be a little young and most likely a year away.

  35. I love the show guys! You discussed the Top 10 power teams, like the weekly idea, so what of the other 6 teams not mentioned are you looking for the biggest turn around for this season.

  36. SMCC beat Bedford in 2005 and 2006. Those were very good CC teams and sub par Bedford teams. Those arent the Bedford teams of now. Monroe was rather good in 05 and 06.

  37. In recent history smcc has beat Bedford and Bedford has Owend Monroe …. obviously that’s not head to head but among common opponents smcc has a valid argument

  38. What’s Monroe going to do special this year? Go 6-3 and make the playoffs and get bounced the first round? Is that the kind of special you are talking about?

  39. Gary, you just earned my respect. I agree, CC could maybe beat Monroe, some years. I also think those years are behind us all. We have seen the best of SMCC. With that said, I believe both programs are going to have a big year.

  40. CC would beat Monroe MOST years? I can't get on board with that. SOME years, yes, maybe.

    Chris and I feel Monroe has a chance to do something special this year. CC too for that matter. Both have their own special set of circumstances they have to overcome to get where they want to be

  41. 4:31,

    by your own criteria, Huron beat Airport last year. Shouldn't they then be ahead of Airport?


    We cover some of the best coaches around. How far would we get as a blog, if we spend our time bad mouthing our coaches? Trust me, these coaches second guess themselves all the time, if they are continually doing the right thing. No need to add to what already is often times a thankless job. Only 8 coaches of 600 will win their last game in the playoffs.

  42. Very disagreeable
    1 Whiteford
    2 Riverview
    3 SMCC
    4 Monroe
    5 Carlson
    6 Milan
    7 Airport
    8 Flat Rock
    9 ida
    10 Jefferson
    Whiteford State Champs, until Smcc or Carlson beats Riverview they’re 2
    Like Airport and Jefferson who wasn’t even mentioned

  43. Seems every team mentioned has a great or good coach…can you cash in on what teams do not have a good coach?? 🙂

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