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Chris and I were able to see several teams today. Here is a brief synopsis of what we saw.

Flat Rock: Flat Rock was impressive against Berkley, Thurston and Edsel Ford. Their defense was active and the offense was a s diverse as usual. Don’t look for the Rams to go away anytime soon. They will be a tough opponent against any team on their schedule.

Riverview: Thoroughly dominated two sub-par teams in Southgate Anderson and Lincoln Park.  If anyone thought View was going to take a big step back this year, think again.  Physical up front with excellent ball carriers. Wood, the QB, threw some nice balls and made some plays from his corner spot.  I’m not sure if Southgate gained a single yard.  No joke.

Huron: The Chiefs played some teams still working things out as well; in Melvindale, Summit and Annapolis. Huron has a nice mix of players. The Sophomore QB throws a nice ball and has good size.  Blosser ran hard and had a big day. Huron will contend to get in the top 4.

SMCC: Played a solid Trenton team and D2 Roseville. The Falcon defense will be stiff this year. Big plays behind the line of scrimmage helped tie Trenton at 7-7 and beat Roseville 7-0, only playing 1Q in that one.  CC moved the ball station to station, as they do, against a pretty good Trenton defense. CC will make a run at the top tier in the league.

Monroe: The Trojans ended up not scrimmaging today over at Wyandotte. Not sure what happened and I didn’t get the memo. Chris did manage to watch Canton/Belleville. Belleville is as good as billed. The Tigers scored 6 times on Canton, a team that eliminated them in the Regional Final last season in just 14 plays.

Tell us what teams you saw and your thoughts.

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  1. See that's what I really do not get about some Posters. Even if Milan were to beat CC this year it will definitely not be a running clock. I know I'm a week early but. CC-30. Milan-21

  2. @ 10:12 Time to lay off the drinking. Milan will not put a running clock on SMCC. I wish you guys could both lose but someone has to win.


  3. I posted it !!! Milan is going to thrash SMCC big time just like last year, at there house… I'm not afraid to say it …we will put a running clock on you if Hoskins will let us …CC your getting thrashed, take it to the bank…

    Milan Fans …. Boom đź’Ą

  4. U can smell it. HS football is a week sway. Looks like most of the bloggers are already in mid season form. LOL. Good Luck to all the schools and may God keep all the players safe and injury free. Amen. If healthy, there is a real special team in the Huron League. We are talking HL Champs and a deep run in the playoffs. JBR.

  5. 8-17-2018 the 9:34 comment That was Gary Hauf making that comment trying to rally his SMCC boys! Here in Milan no one would make such a prediction! We don't make such an ass-nine comments ! We just go out play our game and take what the other teams give us!! I learned at an early age just let that darn sleeping dog lye ! Nice try tho Gary !! lol

  6. I would love to know who the team is that’s spouting off about SMCC (or player?). How many teams have totally shut them down? They will pound the ball every play-good luck stopping it. And if you can then you have one hell of a defense.

    The Troll

  7. I was thinking the same thing about last years QB. If you’re telling me this kid is that much better than last years QB then the Huron League might be in for a big surprise.

    The Troll

  8. Did not attend but heard Carlson took it to Saline … pretty shocking after the talent that graduated last year. Looks like the Giarmo effect is in full swing, watch out DRL!

  9. Last years QB at Flat rock was exceptional so not sure about the QB comment. That kid was a huge reason they made the playoffs

  10. Hudson was the league champion last year and got dominated statistically and on the score board by an SMCC team that finished 4th in the Huron League…goes to show what leagues are tougher and what leagues prepare you for the playoffs..CC will destroy Hudson again and any team in that league ..

  11. You guys are crazy , Mason will win 3 games at the most this year , there still to young…give it till next year and the following..then we're talking people…they were absolutely blown out last year not even close .. not even close…except the game they won on the last play of the game ..there building there just not this year ..

  12. Good one 9:27. And let me add just because teams know what play is going to be ran the defense STILL has to stop them.

  13. Did anyone see the same Hudson scrimmage that I saw?? The are darn good on D.. their FB is a tank and they were huge upfront. They played their 2s against Stockbridge and MICHIGAN Center. They will be right there come week 1

  14. Mason beats Summerfield, Britton, Onsted and Dundee at least. If Ida's defense is as bad as people say it is, Mason could outscore them. Word is Hudson is down as well. Mason's rushing attack is 1000x improved from last year plus add in Noah Beaudrie who is a true dual threat QB and you have one heck of an offense.

  15. 9:31 obviously you don't like the truth, we've watched the line play very closely, we filmed it. That's what you do when your going to play someone. Your right side is far superior to your left side of the offensive ran 80/20 to the right side. Also you put the big kid in when it was 4th down..we know what we need to do , CC will run 80/20 to the right, watch people…watch..put it on the bulletin board I could care less…now what you got to say ?

  16. Trenton has 44 kids a ton of returners and as Coach czar has said maybe his best QB ever at Trenton. If u watched close enough the ones in that scrimmage shut out CC and the offense could score at will against them. Fact is a polished passing attack will destroy most Huron league schools. They would beat CC soundly and will will their share of games this year.

  17. We’ve talked to several coaches and all of them were pleased with their team. Of course there is a ton to work on but I do think the coaches were genuinely happy with how things went.

  18. @4:51 and 6:27, as Chris said that is funny stuff. If you were truly a coach,
    you would not be talking smack about a team coming up on your schedule and giving them any bulletin board material. I have my thoughts about what you are really doing but I won’t try and out you. I will predict the Falcons will be fine despite your expert scouting staff’s opinion.

  19. FR has got one of the best LB’s in the league- The new QB may only be a junior but looks real good early- they are young at the receiver positions but do have some very athletic kids playing there that could turn some heads. Coaching staff will work wonders with this group of athletes. 2 playoff years in a row for FR is a REAL possibility!

  20. 12:03 I already watched the team I help coach and we were there to do a little scouting, we play you very very soon. CC is not as advertised, our staff speed from backs or qb.. left side of the line isn't impressive at all.And you bring the big guy in to run shirt yardage to the right.Very simple to defend, you remind us of the 2016 team you had when you could only run to the right and not the left side …oh yeah you went 4-5 that year….. good luck running one side.

  21. Went to the Jefferson scrimmage yesterday and came away with mixed thoughts on my Bears, they played good defense but have a ways to go on offense. Too many turnovers. I thought Dundee was the best team there followed by Gabriel Richard then Us and Summerfield. Here’s to a week 1 victory for the Bears!

  22. Jefferson played their on D most of the Summerfield scrimmage. Educate yourself. Jefferson would beat Summerfield in a game by 2 TDs. I was surprised with AAGR they were SOFT.

  23. Riverview showed that they deserve to be in the top 3-4 teams in the Huron League. The “replacements” on the line were quick and aggressive. Unfortunately, Southgate will not win any games this year and Lincoln Park will only win one if the play Southgate. It was a different story vs. John Glenn. I thought View moved the ball well on a very physical defense. Would have been nice to go a full session with them. View will be fine.

  24. Not sure what scrimmage you were at but as a Jefferson fan, Summerfield handled us on offense and defense. Don't know about them against dundee, who did look like the best team at the scrimmage. Was shocked on how ann arbor Richard looked, I expected more from them.

  25. Yes, I would say View looked good. It COULD be misleading a bit because of the competition. However, view did what you should do against sub-par teams, pound them. We can definitely say that the backs, Wood, Naif and Rice… amongst other, are very good. Line play will improve as the year goes on.

  26. Views scrimmage was good. I showed up when the defense came on vs Southgate. Chris may be right that the 1s didn't give up anything to them or LP.
    John Glenn may of given this team a reminder though that they have a alot of room to improve. Mac would agree as the whole team ran 6 100 yard sprints after the scrimmage clearly not pleased with where they are at. Romulus will be a good game.
    View faithful

  27. From what we've gathered… Every team in the HL had a good scrimmage. The teams we had question marks on, all looked to be better than maybe some thought. This should be a very interesting year.

    Whiteford, Ida and Carlson all looked good. Mason scrimmages this morning at 10am.

    If anyone has any information as to how GI or Summerfield looked, please share.

  28. @10:47, why would you go to CC’s scrimmage? If you are going to talk that much smack, you must back another team. Why would you not go see your team play?

  29. Airport did a fine job today. They’re banged up a little so once the pieces come together they should be fun to watch. And I would say Whiteford is more than a solid team. They should be back at Ford Field playing for another state championship this year. Ida was decent-I recall Ida looking this same way last year and they had a nice season and made playoffs. I wouldn’t say Ida was poor at all. (I’m sure an Airport coach didn’t really say that anyhow)

    The Troll

  30. Trust me CC has no speed, I was at scrimmage, no speed at all…very surprised Gary? I thought they were fast ? Left offensive side of the ball is terrible for CC…terrible..

  31. The Airport QB has huge potential. Not a smart move by Monroe high to not scrimmage. Airport is going to score points week 1 after what I saw tonight

  32. I spoke to a coach at airport. They did a 3 way scrimmage against two poor teams and one solid team and they felt pretty good with how they did. Ahead if where they thought they were.

  33. I don’t believe Southgate or Lp did anything against the 1’s
    John Glenn looked decent
    But a big blow to View with Gardner leaving with a leg injury, anyone hear what happened

  34. Was at flat rock today. No clue who the flat rock qb is but by the End of the year I have a feeling everyone will know who is composed smooth makes the throws look effortless

  35. I’ll fire things off and say I wouldn’t go scrimmage Belleville either!! You might as well take on U of M or MSU. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for your team and keep those kids healthy.

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