Airport 2018 Preview and Prediction

Airport is coming off of a 4-5 season in 2017. The Jets were involved in numerous close games and could have finished with anywhere from one to seven wins. Airport alum Jim Duffy returns for his 2nd season with the Jets. Airport has missed the playoffs 5 straight seasons after qualifying every year from 1999-2012.

On offense,  the Jets return 6 starters. Senior Lucas Goins will take over the QB position and will have two very elusive weapons out of the backfield in fellow seniors Bryce Bondy and Steffan Dyl. Seniors Lucas Gratz and Hunters Boyless will anchor the offensive line while T. J Potcova will play TE.

Defensively, Airport returns 7 starters from a unit that gave up nearly 31 ppg last season. Senior Tanner Plensdorf will play on the defensive line while the LB corp will include junior Avery Adkins and Andrew Smith. Bondy and Dyl will contribute on defense along with Noah Blankenship and Cole VanWashenova.

The Jets have some talent and much could depend on how week 1 goes against Monroe High. Weeks 2, 3 and 4 are against beatable league opponents before getting into the meat of the schedule against many of the league favorites on the backside of the schedule.

Chris’s Pick: 4-5
Gary’s Pick: 3-6
Frank’s Pick : 6-3

37 thoughts on “Airport 2018 Preview and Prediction”

  1. 1036 not sure where he came from, TE or where ever. one of the people there said he was a sophomore. and I didn't notice him until he was at RB (he's tall)all I know is that he looked the best out of all the backs by a huge amount. and if he is indeed playing TE, that shows his versatility and he needs to get some touches at RB. I walked by him after and he is all of 6'3". cant think of any other team that has a back that size. as far as grass lake "stinking" why didnt the other backs run like him? after all he's a "TE" he should be a RB. that's twice you made me type it so you seen it here first and second.—1218

  2. I know what you guys are talking about…. and 12:18 I’m sorry that was the most idiotic comment I’ve ever heard. He’s a TE, yes he got touched in the scrimmage but Grass Lake stunk….get your head out of your butt 12:41….that may have been the most idiotic comment I’ve ever read

  3. There’s a really good sophomore running back #10, I think, that if he gets touches, it could make the difference between 3-6 to 6-3. The kid is no nonsense runner. 6’3” beast, legs never stop moving, always going forward. Had some of the longest runs and a big TD run up the gut in grass lake scrimmage. Defense looked a tiny bit better than last year. Looked a little sloppy at times but all can be fixed with some adjustments.
    Didn’t see JV play.

  4. Ok 1/4 of them. I was close! Lol. I was looking at it after you guys did Airports preview. Airport, Huron, and Dundee were all listed together and I noticed you had them all 3-6. Then there was SMCC before all of them that you predicted to go 13-0. Lol!!

    The Troll

  5. Well…

    Milan 7-2
    View 7-2
    CC 7-2
    GI 5-4
    FR 4-5
    AP 3-6
    Huron 3-6
    Jefferson 2-7

    Monroe 7-2
    Bedford 4-5

    Ida 4-5
    Dundee 3-6
    Mason 3-6

    Whiteford 9-0
    Summerfield 6-3

    Carlson 8-1

    I pick everyone to go 3-6?

  6. Frank-yes I saw that. I’m actually surprised you didn’t get called out for doing so. Last year there would’ve been 10 comments trying to justify why they won’t go 6-3. Lol! On a side note, it seems like Gary picks everyone to go 3-6.

    The Troll

  7. Yes!!! After all these years I finally have a fan!! The Troll has been feeling a little down in the dumps lately because of the backlash. Was even thinking of a name change. But because of you my friend, The Troll lives on!!!

    The Troll

  8. Troll, just wanted to let you know that we need more light-hearted posters on here like you. you don't seem to get upset about anything like some posters do.I like hearing what you have to say. Well hope you enjoy the seoson and good luck to your team. Go HL.

  9. To answer the question-yes I am from Airport. The 11:15 comment seems like somebody trolling if you ask me. I talk to most of the parents and coaches and I don’t think any of them would’ve made that comment. I think most everyone feels exactly what 9:10 stated. If we were truly loaded with talent I’m pretty sure Chris, Gary, and Frank would have us up there in running for the league. Do we have some talent? Sure. But do we have enough talent and leadership to get through this vigorous schedule with a winning record? I’ll reveal myself if we go 6-3 or better. But until then I’m known as The Troll.

    The Troll

  10. 5:29, not sure who they will beat or lose to, but 3-6 is not better than last year when they went 4-5.
    It is a brutal schedule. Opening with a solid D1 team in Monroe, ending with a playoff team from a year ago (Techumseh) and then 7 tough Huron League teams. I personally feel that this team could win 6/7 games, but could also win 2/3. This will be a very interesting year and can’t waitnto see how it turns out. I wish all the area schools good luck this year!

  11. Airport loses to Monroe, Milan, SMcc, riverview, flat rock and Huron.
    On positive note 3-6 is better than last year��


  12. Just a thought, if you revealed who you were instead of posting anonymously maybe the troll would as well. How about I start? I’m Chris and I wrote this blog post that everyone read and is probably why they are leaving comments. LOL

  13. Explain to me how they are “loaded”? Does Airport have talent? Absolutely but it isn’t 02 or 03…. unless the definition of being loaded has changed….

  14. There is no reason why Airport Var isn't 7-2, 8-1 this year. Do you realize how much talent they have?? They are LOADED. If the new coach can't win with this group then he will never win. This is the Year Airport gets back to being, Airport.

  15. The Airport JV comments will probably keep going strong for another couple years. When the JV comments started I think 2 years ago we kind of set ourselves up to be ridiculed. (We as in Airport fans) Personally I thought the comments were pretty funny considering back then whoever started them made it sound like Airport was suppose to be guaranteed success at the varsity level just because they went 8-1 on the JV level 2 years in a row. I can remember reading some of the Airport comments 2 years ago. Some were valid points but a lot of them were pretty ridiculous. It made for some good entertainment though. Lol!! The blog is a little boring compared to how it use to be. Seems like nobody “Trolls” as much as they use to. (I personally haven’t trolled since last year)

    The Troll

  16. No not Chris. The people that say “How is the Jv team looking???” Those type of comments make me wonder why I read this thing. It’s like these people are 5 years old

  17. Yeah 4 wins seems about the maximum unless the defense is improved. I'm calling it now, the defense will be good enough to return Airport to the playoffs. EM

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