Wednesday Night Scores

Please submit your scores. I’ll get them posted ASAP. We can’t post a score unless some submits it to us.

Airport 38 Grosse Ile 0
Dundee 50 Stockbridge 34
Ida 20 Lake Fenton 14
Riverview 44 Flat Rock 14
Trenton 52 Carlson 22

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Scores”

  1. Yeah, you guys are just layin back collecting all that fat jack that everyone is donating. Living the good ol lazy life. Hey, any chance you can get me those predictions?

  2. Lol, Picks always come out Thursday Morning. Video was a problem. Recorded it twice. We were going to record again last night but I had to go see my daughters volleyball game that started at 7:30 and Gary had a JV football game in North Farmington to watch his son. It was a good show too. I wish we could’ve aired it.

  3. Lazy is the last thing these guys are. They do an awesome job. Be grateful and gracious they provide a blog for you to read about HS football and make weak anonymous comments.

  4. We did tape a week 2 selection video. However, the phone stopped recording both times we tried to do it. SO, we are just going to put out our picks for this week in written form. We apologize.

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