2018 Week 2 Picks

Sorry about the absence of our video picks this week. Gary and I had some technical difficulties. We recorded the show twice, but were unable to air it. We should be back next week.

Thursday 8/30/18

Britton-Deerfield @ Erie Mason
Chris’s Pick: Erie Mason 34 Britton-Deerfield 20
Gary’s Pick: Erie Mason 33 Britton-Deerfield 29
Frank’s Pick: Erie Mason 38 Britton-Deerfield 37

Dundee @ Stockbridge (Frank will cover)
Chris’s Pick: Dundee 30 Stockbridge 28
Gary’s Pick: Dundee 18 Stockbridge 14
Frank’s Pick: Dundee 33 Stockbridge 21

Riverview @ Flat Rock (Chris will cover)
Chris’s Pick: Riverview 26 Flat Rock 14
Gary’s Pick: Riverview 30 Flat Rock 18
Frank’s Pick: Riverview 28 Flat Rock 21

Trenton @ Carlson
Chris’s Pick: Carlson 38 Trenton 34
Gary’s Pick: Carlson 38 Trenton 29
Frank’s Pick: Carlson 35 Trenton 31

Airport @ Grosse Ile (Gary will cover)
Chris’s Pick: Airport 27 Grosse Ile 24
Gary’s Pick: Grosse Ile 28 Airport 21
Frank’s Pick: Grosse Ile 20 Airport 18

Lake Fenton @ Ida
Chris’s Pick: Ida 30 Lake Fenton 28
Gary’s Pick: Lake Fenton 31 Ida 26
Frank’s Pick: Lake Fenton 31 Ida 26

Pittsford @ Summerfield
Chris’s Pick; Pittsford 20 Summerfield 18
Gary’s Pick: Summerfield 26 Pittsford 22
Frank’s Pick: Pittsford 26 Summerfield 24

Friday 8/31/18

Elkhart Central @ Monroe
Chris’s Pick: Monroe 34 Elkhart Central 24
Gary’s Pick: Monroe 25 Elkhart Central 20
Frank’s Pick: Monroe 17 Elkhart Central 14

Jefferson@ Huron
Chris’s Pick: Huron 14 Jefferson 6
Gary’s Pick: Huron 27 Jefferson 10
Frank’s Pick: Huron 21 Jefferson 13

Stryker (OH) @ Whiteford
Chris’s Pick: Whiteford 100 Stryker 0
Gary’s Pick: Whiteford 100 Stryker 0
Frank’s Pick: Whiteford 48 Stryker 13

Toledo St. Francis @ Bedford
Chris’s Pick: Bedford 28 St. Francis 27
Gary’s Pick: Bedford 27 St. Francis 20
Frank’s Pick: Bedford 27 St. Francis 20

Gerweck Nissan Game of the Week

Milan @ SMCC (Gary will cover)
Chris’s Pick: SMCC 26 Milan 24
Gary’s Pick: Milan 21 SMCC 20
Frank’s Pick: SMCC 31 Milan 30

Season Picks
Chris 9-4
Gary 10-3
Frank 10-3

34 thoughts on “2018 Week 2 Picks”

  1. If Jared banks Monroe's running back wouldn't have got hurt the game wouldn't have been close they couldn't stop him that kid is a freaking beast Monroe need to pound the rock with him no doubt about that!

  2. Gary – who are a couple players from each team to watch for in tonight’s cc – Milan game, that might be different makers? Can we expect the usual players or someone stepping up this week?

  3. As I agree Monroe will win. But calling it a soft game is a reach. Elkhart is 2-0 and ranked 7th in Indiana's Div 2. They won their first 2 games 38-7 and 52-6.

  4. I truly believe that GI will be in a dog fight but come away with a win. Milan will dominate tomorrow night in every possible aspect of the game and the View will dominate and win big avenging last years loss. JBR

    P.S. I never post anonymously.

  5. If there is any donuts on the field it'll be on SMCC's side of the scoreboard! yuk yuk yuk!!

    remember you started it….lol….Remember let a sleeping dog lye!!

    Big Bob-Milan!!

  6. FR losed big to the Bucs.
    Trenton beats Carlson
    Cc Milan toss up game
    Airport GI depends on who's in coverage for Airport
    Let's go Erie Mason 400 yards from Beaudrie.
    Dundee with win 2

  7. Frank if Airport loses this one that means they have to go 6-1 the rest of the way. That’s tough for anybody to do. It would be great and all but if we lose tonight you can pretty much forget about The Troll reveal. Lol!

    The Troll

  8. Gary I know that I'd rather kid you than disagree with you cause I enjoy having fun! I think both of you guys do a great job!! Don't ever take me serious!! I even like your buddy Geoff!!


  9. Big Bob, I pick against CC plenty. As a matter of fact, in 2016, I picked CC(3-3) to beat Milan(6-0)…and they did. The very next week I picked CC(4-3) to lose to Jefferson(3-4), that happened as well.

    I call them as I see them!

  10. Will be interesting to see how ida fairs with Lake Fenton’s spread offense this early in the season. Last year BCC (spread team) took it to their defense early in the season.

  11. Hey you guys someone made a typo on the Blog!! lol I would have bet my house that the picks would have been opposite for Chris and Gary for sure!!

    Gary will you be calling the game from the parking lot Friday night? That will go down as your boldest and smartest pick you'll make all year !! lol

    Big Bob-Milan

  12. He’s setting up his argument for later in the year when everyone is calling him a Homer in the playoffs. “Go look back at week 2, I was the only one to pick Milan” He’s up 8-4 so he’s willing to waste a pick for his future bias. We got you figured out Gary. It’s a tough crowd

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