Friday Night Score

Ida 20 Dundee 3
Milan 20 Riverview 38
SMCC 28  FR 27
GI 35 Huron 7
Airport 41 Jefferson 7
Monroe 39 Skyline 7
Hudson 44 Erie Mason
Summerfield 27 Britton Deerfield 10
Saline 31 Bedford 26
Whiteford 65 Whitmore Lake0
Carlson 49 Melvindale 0

146 thoughts on “Friday Night Score”

  1. Someone is a little upset…'s high school football. This blog is for entertainment purposes and opinions on kids playing HS football. No one cares that you put a lot of info out about a lot of schools. Gary and Chris do a fine job and if you don't like the way they run their blog then find another place to get your news or start your own website. BTW I'm sure you're not "out". You'll be back because it's the best news source and coverage of our region of football teams. Keep up the great work Chris and Gary.

  2. Tbh I'm more shocked when you actually post anything I write. You always say I'm out of line but you never say I'm wrong (And I've put a lot of info out about a lot of schools).
    It's fine to put your name and face out there but, to keep the sheep reading, you have to sound like the smartest guy in the room because of it. Over the years the tone in here has changed with what can be said. I get it, it's your blog. Do what you want to keep them coming. I remember some years ago when you left the blog open for a few hours and this place went crazy. It was fun for me but everyone got a look at some of the things you see on your end.
    So now that the cats out of the bag I'm out. Shame because I still have a few years left. Keep blowing smoke up everyone's 4th point of contact. Remember rainbows and unicorns only appear in fantasy land, which is where this blog likes to live. ✌

  3. I normally get a kick out of reading rhese posts, but this week they are just nonsense. I am so glad that the vast majority of these are by anonymous contributors because I would be embarrassed if I actually knew some of them.

  4. 3:18. Sorry, a little behind right now. But, wanted to let you know AP did not have hard time running the ball against Jefferson. Averaged almost 8 yards per carry. Just went to the air early and completed long td's, so did not run too much. The game got out of reach midway through 3rd and pulled many starters by beginning of 4th.

  5. I know a lot of coaches would love to have #7 and #44!! Milan has some other good players on their team as well that make plays when it’s needed!!! This is High School football, these are kids. Some of the stuff said about the teams is just not right! A lot of the kids read this blog and are probably thinking wow, nobody had faith so why even try? But what they should be thinking is let me prove all of these people wrong and show them what we have!!!

  6. I could see CC losing 2 more games.. injuries are mounting..they have no speed in the backfield..they have no kicking game..QB can’t get outside.. if you stop the trap you will beat them..Airport Fan..32 tap..

  7. Chris what was out of line about the Milan Kool-Aid post. Absolutely nothing. No swearing and No names Basically said the same thing as Black Beard. Yet the Milan Dad can call people idiots for saying Milan got out coached. They did, badly, on both sides of ball. Milan moved the ball between the 20's, but good coaching or coaches score in the red zone. Like the View did. Milan and coaches looked lost. Riverview intercepted 4 times on the same route inside the red zone. Believe me, the QB is told where to throw the ball before the ball is snapped. Milan blocks and tackles high, View blocks and tackles the body low. Milan no adjustments on D. View coaches study film and put players in position to make plays on D. Milan couldn't stop the View Trap. Milan's O and D-line has major holes. Having #44 and #7 on your team can make a lot of coaches look good.

  8. As a coach. ex-college athlete and as a MAN. I would rather me get criticized as a coach than any of my players. As a coach, I was as hard as they come, but always had my players back. Probably why my players still come up and hug me and my entire family when we see each other.

  9. I talk big (well kinda big) and I show my name. Gary does too. I'm just not going to allow what you've written on here because it is out of line. Attach a name and I will. Believe me, I don't post half the stuff on here. It's not just you.

    As for donations, we have had 5 total this year. We appreciate those, but quite frankly our service at this point is still pretty much free. We do it for fun. At 20 hours per week these days during the season, I'm not even sure why. Probably because we still have a few sponsors. Honestly, next year is up in the air. My school will have varsity football and Gary's kid will be playing varsity in Oakland County.

  10. I caught on to your game of posting what fits your narrative years ago. Been trolling you since then under different names. Last time was rivalry week with your homegirls.

    Funny that you always talk big while you censor others. Make everyone show their names and I'll show mine. Cluck cluck cluck don't want to lose those donations


  11. I guess we are jokes then. Not sure what you are referring to, but what okay whatever you say.

    Rainbows and unicorns? Please provide a verifiable name with email address with your post and I will gladly post what you write.

  12. Chris and Gary you guys a jokes…Ok to post about players downfalls, but coaches getting out coached. Blame kids but not adults. great job guys.

  13. Airport has the answer this year for the T and we have the staff and players to win out these kids believe and we played Monroe for this game it’s all coming together as to why we played them playing view after Milan and fr loses to GI they will tank so it’s 4-2 and we are set up to beat cc (injuries)

  14. pump the brakes fake Troll 1:46. you're sounding more like a yard gnome. better check with your partner before you post on your own. two games against BELOW average defenses doesn't mean you have a running and passing game. and the same goes for the defense. remember the GI game? solid offense from GI torched the defense. Airport kids have been stepping it up big time. but lets just hope they are building confidence not cockiness. true test against solid riverview team with great speed and hard hitting defense, that will be the true guage of where they are at.

  15. 1:46 That’s what I’m talking about!!! Kool Aid and Jet Fuel!! Airport has a running game and a passing game!!! Try to stop one and we’ll burn you with the other. I’m pretty sure we have a defense now too! Luke Goins keep it up kid!!

    The Troll

  16. Miss Spiess? They finished 5-5 last year with twice as much talent than they have now. If anything, you should miss DK. He built that program with hard work and the help of those who started the youth program. Huron will struggle this year, but will only get better. The staff will get better each year. The kids need consistency in a head coach. Just be patient. It will come. Before you get too critical, look at the first year records of some of the best coaches in the Huron League and Monroe county region.

  17. @9:20 rebuttal to me. Again my main point was, do you coach high school football anywhere? Your claiming to be better so please show those”bad coaches” what you can do with the same kids they are coaching. This isn’t college or nfl where it’s the only thing they do. When people are critical of high school coaches then they should step up and coach, knowing more than those who actually make a sacrifice to do it. I can tell you there are schools all over this county looking for coaches and need coaches. So please apply for one and put your skills on display. Crtique of coaches is one thing but acting like you know more and continue to sit on the sidelines is another. I have moved on, your still on the sidelines playing armchair qb.

    HL Fan

  18. Airport coaching staff gets it done on road then hammers flat rock flat rock is done airport is back stronger than ever believe it these guys know there stuff they are finally throwing the football no more traps on first down it’s just great to see they opening it up and throwing the ball with quality receivers online play has been great I think the hc coaches up that line he is doing great I see us at 7-2 everybody is injured we are healthy

  19. I miss Spiess…Huron fans should too. Huron was 4-0 at this time last year. They're now 1-3 and haven't scored on O since Week 2. Huron should be better. Back to back loaded JV teams.. now this??

  20. I agree with the Monroe troll lol. That kid is way to freaking talented to not atleast give him 25touuches a game. That's why they lost the Jackson game, throwing the ball not our strong suit.

  21. The QB from AP was really good last year and threw a great ball. Just one persons opinion, but I don’t think AP has the same ability this season. This weeks match up will tell all.

  22. AP will get brought back down to earth this week against Riverview. If you had a hard time running the ball vs Jefferson, then it will be a long day.

  23. I believe I said after the View lost to CC last week: good teams don’t lose twice in a row. CC lost a tough one, came to Riverview and played a great game. Riverview took their L and Paid it forward to Milan. I feel bad for whoever has to play Milan next week. I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

  24. If you think Milan was unprepared or out coached you’re an idiot. On offense they marched up and down the field at will. They just had some costly turnovers and View kids made some nice plays. No one said a thing when they beat two good teams in SMCC and Flat Rock. They are young on the o line and have to keep making progress which they will.

    As far as defense goes. Riverview was just impressive and big and strong. A very good team in my opinion that will make noise in the playoffs. Milan ran multiple fronts on D. But anyone who knows anything about stopping the T, you don’t blitz. That just takes your players out of position. SMCC didn’t blitz once against them. They decided to cut them and create piles. Some coaches believe in it and some coaches don’t. Riverview won because they were the better team overall. That’s all there is too it. Could Milan have won the game? Yes. But things didn’t voice their way and Riverview made plays when it mattered. Give all the credit to them.

    Milan will not lose another game in this league and win the Huron League which was their goal. They will share it with Riverview and SMCC, but I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of.

    Milan Dad

  25. 8:56 quit with the generic rebuttal to coaches bring criticized. Some coaches are not good. Period. Some coaches only get jobs because of who they are in the school clique. Sorry you don't like it but I'm not going to blow sunshine up someone's 5th point of contact to not hurt their feelings. Suck it up and drive on

  26. 10:05 Mr. Critcal on coaches. Why aren’t you coaching varsity football somewhere? You seem to have all the answers and know what your talking about. Put that resume in next time and grab a whistle. Make sure you have enough time to coach too because it’s year long and lots of hours. Otherwise shut your hole. Nothing worse then people that bitch about coaching but never coach at the higher high school levels. These young kids get coached well at most of the HL schools, but they are still young kids and make mistakes, bad reads, or miscues. Until you put the time and energy it takes to coach at a high school level, maybe put your energies in your own problems and shortcomings. People have no idea.

    HL Fan

  27. Great game by Monroe last night! They couldn’t be stopped all night and really took it to a good Skyline team on the road. I look for them to beat Huron next week and head into Bedford 4-1 in 2 weeks.

  28. A giant has fallen, but a beast has been awakened. One day Bergy will rise like a bear from a long winter of hibernation and seek revenge on all in his path. A petty injury will not stop this man, and neither will the desire of the opposing teams. Until his recovery, we shall restlessly await his return. Well done falcons, the deep despairing depths of losing will have to knock on your door once again another day.
    -The Huron League Maniac

  29. Milan lost tonight because the Views offensive. and defensive, lines played harder, out penetrated and just took it to Milans lines. There game plan was far superior to Milans. Milan was to predictable on offense, You can't say this much but Hoskins got out coached and shows no imagination or urgency when the time
    was ticking down (four plays in four minutes) doesn't seem like they have anything that resembles a two minute drill. It also doesn't help when your QB has four interceptions and two fumbles lost. But when you keep throwing those passes to the flats, eventually Views DB is going to take a shot for the INT.
    Milan will clean it up and keep going, Riverview just played harder, smarter and ran the T to perfection. Good game boys.

  30. Just an FYI. Johnny Blanzy from GI has 69 tackles in 4 games. Don’t believe me? Watch his hudl highlights from each individual game. Check his stats on max preps. At 6-1, 210 he is a legit HS MLB.

  31. 11:01, of course it matters, Goins did what he was supposed to do against those teams. Davis also had good games. And I’m sure he will have 200+ vs Huron Jefferson and GI, and I also bet Goins has pretty good games vs the view cc and Milan. We will see though

    #records matter

  32. I’ve noticed something about The Troll. He or she didn’t comment during the game last night. Could it be a coach? Or a player?

  33. 10:05 stop taking away from what these kids are doing. It’s not easy throwing for 200+ yards. It takes a good pocket presence and a good ball. Goins took some licks and still threw some good balls last night. Stop taking away from his performance it’s not fair to him

  34. I will say Davis and Goins probably have similar numbers. But one did it vs Milan, SMCC, and Riverview. The other, Jefferson, Huron, and GI.

    #who you play matters.

  35. So now we’re blaming the 200 plus yards passing Goins had on bad safeties? When you send Dyl, Bondy, and Potcova down field one of them was wide open. Pick your poison and the other will burn you. Goins did a great job of hitting the right guy every time. Totally different QB the last 2 weeks. I saw some very well thrown balls last night.

    The Troll

  36. Looks to me like Luke Goins is either 2nd or 3rd in the region in passing yards after last night. Keep it going kid!! Also looks like Justin Chambless is number 1 in the Region in tackles after last night. Keep it going!!

    The Troll

  37. Sam cussino is just a nasty player. I mean that in a good way. Plays to the whistle, blocks hard , runs extremely hard, plays with passion, plays angry in a football way, never takes a play off. All over the field. It was a pleasure to watch him play last night. I have heard of him but saw him in the flesh last name got.

  38. Wow, the blog did not disappoint this morning! Nothing like waking up and reading the Saturday Morning QB’s analysis of all of the games. I wonder if any of the analysis may have been amplified by a few “pops” after the games last night?!

    What a fun Huron League this year. You’ve got what appears to be a top 3 who have already been through each other. Now they will need to avoid any let down games or one of the next three appear very capable of taking them down. When was the last time the league had 6 teams like this? Fun to watch it play out.

  39. We need all you folks to come out to Whiteford. Whiteford is real deal. We kick ass, take names and get it done. I would like to see how we would fair against the Huron League, but everybody wants every playoff point they can get.

  40. Monroe Oline for player of the week. What a great game by the Trojans. They put it all together and opened up huge holes for Banks kid and #4 , #11 to run wild. Skyline wasn’t a bad team, athletes everywhere. I haven’t looked it up yet but I imagine Monroe had 4-500 yards on the ground.

  41. Football 101… when there is safety help on a defender, this allows the primary defender to jump a stop route. witch usually results in an interception.


  43. Going Going Goins. His team makes him look good. Which is what a good team does. Four turnovers and still win. Wow! #4 for Jets is a 140lb beast. 3rd toughest kid in league next to Sam coussino (sorry about the spelling) from CC who is #1 and #2. Kool aide flowing at 32 taps tonight. Question is will it be a bad keg and selling for $1 pints after the next few weeks? Either way troll and I win. We’ll be selling “I love Goins” shirts or drinking $1 kool aide pints.

    Hunter B u may be on to something wink wink

  44. The second best team in the league is Milan
    Last weeks lose to Smcc was just a bad game by View
    Best coaching and talent period in the league
    Milan was Good Hines and Hunter did their thing. But wasn’t even close

  45. #6 had a knee injury, torn acl or patella or something like that.
    #26 did look wobbly, but with concussion sensors and like 3 doctors on the sidelines, I’m sure he was healthy like Chris said.

  46. I wouldn’t wanna be Grosse Ile next week. Coming into flat rock rolling with that cake schedule so far. Your gonna run into a team that is not only pissed off that you cost them the league title last year, plus they are gonna play pissed off after that CC game. Up 21-12 entering the 4th quarter and can’t finish. They have a great chance to win out. Smcc, got a damn good team, 28 was tough.

  47. @10:59 SMCC has an excellent doctor on the sidelines at both the JV and Varsity games. I watched him take #26 through the concussion protocol. Then they were checking to make sure he didn't have an injury to his neck area. No worries, he was fine to go back in the game. #6 took a shot to his knee during a run down the sideline. Too early to know if it's severe or not. I'm hoping and praying it's not because Wyatt is a great kid!! Sorry a team had to lose tonight because it was an epic HS football game. FR has a great team! They played very hard and are very well coached as evidenced by the wide variety of plays they ran tonight…completely fooled CC's defense at times. Their record does not reflect the quality of their team. Very impressed with them tonight. Best of luck to FR the rest of the season.

    CC fan

  48. Why didn't Milan make any adjustments?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  49. Don't BLAME #12 for Milan. coaches didn't have team ready to play. Watching Milans defense is like watching a dentist pull teeth. read and react does work against the T. How about letting your D attack. Milan just got out coached. So many play makers on offense and they still don't no what to do with them. MILAN NEEDS CREATIVITY. JBR

  50. Riverview was the better team upfront. Could of been a different game if Milan doesn't turn the ball over 5 times, but lets give credit where credit is due. View kids are strong and well coached. They were the tougher team tonight. You can't beat good teams when you turn the ball over. Milan marched up and down the field all night, but didn't finish the job and lets give Riverview credit for controlling the line of scrimmage. That's why they won the game. They will not lose another game this season. Really good football team.

    Milan will be fine. Have played the best teams in the league and getting Jefferson and Huron the next two weeks will help them get better.

    Milan Fan

  51. 10:55 4 interceptions thrown by #12 or Riverviews defense intercepting #12 4 times?

    Doesn't matter what spin you put on it. Scoreboard.

  52. Wow?? Really View only won cause they forced 4 turnovers? Cause they stopped there 2 best players? Where's the bad thing here? That just sounds like Milan came unprepared and riverview is a good team. The all caps guy has more sense than you 1055

  53. All coaches in the mhsaa go through concussion protocol training. SMCC also has a doctor on the sideline. There is no way that player went back in if he showed any signs of a concussion.

  54. The best kept secret is Ravion Davis in the league. He is just a player. Throws just as good as he runs. He had great games vs the big 3. Pretty sure he had over 300 total yards again tonight.

    The flat rock SMCC was a instant classic. I bet it will be in ESPN Classic tomorrow. Too bad someone had to lose.

    Also I am almost positive #26 on smcc had a straight up concussion. Kid was wobbly, had no idea where he was, his teammates got him in for the field. After the play he payed on the ground, grabbed his head. I could be wrong but I am almost positive he returned to the game. Malpractice by that coaching staff was if he did come back in . I hope I am mistaken that he didn’t return but I am pretty sure I saw him back out there.

  55. Pretty sure View got 4 touchdowns because of 4 interceptions thrown by #12…so thank you to him for at least 24 of your points lol Had you of not blocked #44 and #7 as hard as you did, would of definitely taken a loss! Milan did not help themselves either…so not totally blaming the Interceptions, they had some penalties that cost them as well!

  56. Someone is drinking kool aid at Huron.
    GI is known as passing team. Huron's offense gave up 3 TDs and hasn't scored since 2nd game.
    Sorry but there is a reason for JV squads,to gain experience. Bring up youth toward end of season not at start. I pray no one gets hurt w such youth. Big lines coming up soon, something needs to change. If not running clocks will happen.

  57. I went to the Bedford game at Saline. Cudos to Bedford for a fourth quarter comeback, scoring twice to get to within one score. Unfortunately, they could get any yards when they got the ball back with less than 2 minutes to go. Bedford's pass defense was a big problem. Hornets scored on 4 passed plays, and could have scored at least once more, except for a dropped pass. Good running game for the Mules on offense. I was not impressed with Saline.

  58. I’m not sure where you got your facts from 850x but that was just an ignorant comment. Not only did huron average over 21 points per game last year but they also never went 11 quarters without scoring. Check your facts and stop bashing.

  59. “No Huron league defense will be able to contain Milan. Bridgeport was very physical and even they couldn’t do it. They just didn’t play as a team” Anyone else remember these words? And yes. I know they’re not verbatim.

  60. Lmao @ 942 Riverview kicked their butt up and down the field
    Aeschbacher scored a garbage td
    Good coaching by View that’s all I can say!!!
    The better team win today

  61. @lowercase are you talking about the wing t Huron ran last year that went 11 quarters with out scoring. I don’t think anyone misses that little league offense. And I can guarantee you nobody misses the coach.


  62. Airport looked real good the last two weeks, now comes the guantlet part of the schedule. Not gonna be easy but they are capable of surprising some people. EM

  63. FR and CC played some really good hard fought dirt pounding football. Both teams should be extremely happy regardless of the win or loss.

  64. 9:06 I guess you can say the same for GI then. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Airport does the next 4 games. Maybe it was because it was Jefferson but I saw a defense play at another level tonight. I also saw another dimension to the offense with Goins running the show. Who knows maybe I’ll get the I Love Luke Goins shirt made after next week if we pull out the W!! Until then it’s Kool Aid at 32 Taps!!!

    The Troll

  65. Riverview couldn’t totally stop the 2 play makers!!! If they were as good as they claim they wouldn’t of needed 2-3 players on #44 and #7!! But I will say, it is hard to win a game when the quarterback throws 4 interceptions! On to the next one!! Go Big Reds!!!

  66. You can laugh at Huron if you want, but they made too many mistakes . Threw 3 interceptions, fumbled twice, snapped ball over punters head at 5 yd line , must have had over 100 yds in penalties. Now with that being said GI could not run ball on them , they played 9 sophs & one frosh, had 3 players get hurt. If they can eliminate the mistakes they will surprise someone.

  67. Another Milan interception in the red zone. 5 1/2 minutes to go, Riverview ball. Milan is going to have to get the ball back in a hurry to do anything with their slim chances in this one.

  68. Carlson up 28-0 at the start of the second quarter. The Carlson confession stand is not as fantastic as Edsel Ford's despite their efforts with ice cream sandwiches and pizza rolls.

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