16 thoughts on “Week 4 Wrap Up Video”

  1. Don't share things on this site that will hurt your team. Even if your kid or someone you know might be hurt. That's 1 reason this site is bad. Kids will get hurt during the year. No reason to share this. It should be about the team and sharing that type of info hurts your TEAM.

  2. I’m gonna need an update at 7:30 to know how packed it is. If it’s not too shabby there just might be a Troll reveal to ONLY Chris and Gary.
    If there’s too many people around I can’t do it.

    The Troll

  3. Milan has showed that that can find a way to win no matter what is thrown their way! The boys are humble and will step up!

  4. We'll see if the teams with major injuries to players can handle the adversity. I mentioned on earlier posts that if keys players got hurt teams may struggle, because those player were so dynamic. To be seen! Next man up!

    HL Fan

  5. @9:03 AM, how's that? Don’t be spreading rumors or inside knowledge. And, it’s might, not mite. Use some common sense.

  6. SMCC lost a huge part of there team when Bergmoser got hurt. Good running back kicker,punter,extra points. Corner on D with a small roster these things all add up. Hopefully he can make it back soon.

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