14 thoughts on “Week 5 Video Picks”

  1. Let’s get this party started!!!! Whoever takes care of the football better wins this game. As long as Airport can score on every possession they will have a chance to win. Lol!!! I’m taking the over on 100 total points scored between the 2 teams.

    The Troll

  2. 1048 how many tds has been scored on river view this season in the air doing that will just show you how much of a complete team they are

  3. Oh no biggie I was just wondering how you guys choose player. I just started getting on the site, so just my curiosity about how things work. I like reading the comments, you guys do a great job thank you for your time an hard work

  4. Airport is going to throw all over Riverview! Riverview cant cover the Air attack that's going to happen or the ground game period

  5. So you guys had to video from the hall because everyone in Carleton showed up to see who The Troll was? Good stuff!! I’ll keep you guessing. Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn’t.

    The Troll

  6. Mr. Banks,

    For Monroe, we asked the coach for Seniors only and Linton.

    One of the reasons we ask for seniors from the big schools is, 1. they have more kids, thus may not rely on sophs and juniors as much as the smaller schools. 2. We try not to repeat profiles the next year.

    Jared has shown up on this blog over the last 2 years many times(player of the week). Im sure we will do his profile next year.

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