Friday Night Scores

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Bedford 62 Huron 20 final

Milan 35 Airport 30 Final

Carlson 14 Wyandotte 7 final

Ida 43 Onsted 18 final

Sand Creek 34 Summerfield 25 final

Flat Rock 26 Huron 3 final

Dundee 45 Erie Mason  6 final

Saline 28 Monroe 6 Final

SMCC 46 Jefferson 0 Final

GI 21 Riverview 14 Final

Whiteford 48 Clinton 6 final

150 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Reading into the AP being better or not sounds like Milan and SMCC two teams AP lost out on each basically had 5-7 starters out when AP played them not hearing about injuries to AP kids but with that many kids injured in this league AP should have won both of those games with that amount of kids out with for both Milan/SMCC. Not sure we can say AP got better? I would think they should have beaten at least one of those opponents with so many kids out?

  2. My point is your offense did enough to be the best since 2011. Your defense did enough to be the best since 2013. While they may not meet your expectations, they are the best in quite some time and those facts cannot be ignored.

  3. Airport had their highest scoring offense since 2011 and their best scoring defense since 2013. Most of the league was still just better than them and that is okay.(now that is a mic drop)

  4. I’m only looking back on our season and seeing what we should have been better at. I’m not saying could have. I’m saying should have. Our offense had the ability to do a lot more than what it did and this would have resulted in a couple more wins. I understand all you guys think Airport shouldn’t be better than 4-5 but I guarantee if you ask anybody affiliated with the program 90% of them would say our offense should’ve been better. We had 3 fast RB’s, 1 power RB on the sideline, QB that could run and throw, big TE with hands, and a SE with hands that was never thrown to. Imagine what GI or Milan coaches would’ve done with this offense. (Mic drop….Troll is out!!)

  5. Milan outreached Ap like they do every year. Ap had the better team. Milan, like SMCC has lost a ton of players. 5 starters on D in the last 3 weeks. Milan with it's 25 guys dressed barely got by cus they are beat up. Not to the point of last year wear they dressed 18, but they have lost some really good players. It's sad how numbers are down at so many of these schools. Lets give GI some major credit for being 8-0 and having 24 kids. 9 play both ways. Best GI team I've seen since they made the semi's about 5-6 years ago.

    Milan Dad

  6. I can’t post that last comment. I will say this though. Without patting Gary and myself on the back I would argue we know a lot more than you think. we just don’t want to geek out and scare the common folk away. I could argue that nobody watches more film than Gary Hauf.

  7. Here you go Chris! Some of the Airport parents know one of the umpires from Friday night! He basically told us your coach’s completely blew this game! Like they were trying to lose! That’s knowing a lot about a little things you don’t know! BTW love the blog you guys do a great service providing it to us crazy high school football fans! Thanks

  8. Chris your right on, even though Airport will probably end up with the same record as last year they were a better team this year. The league is so good you could argue 6 teams were good enough to make the playoffs, unfortunately Airport and Flat Rock will both come up a game short most likely. EM

  9. Who should they have beaten that they didn’t? I’m just not seeing it. If you want to argue that they should have beaten Milan, then I could argue that they should have lost to FR.

    Here is the thing, my senior year at FR we went 5-4. We lost by 6 to GI, by 9 to Carlson, by 8 to CC and by 7 to 9-0 Jefferson in OT. We gave up 82 points in 9 games. Our offense just wasn’t very good.m We were an above average team.

  10. Look I’m very reasonable with my thoughts about Airport. We’re undersized against most teams. It’s hard for outsiders to understand what’s going on at Airport. There’s no way that we should finish 4-5. I figured 5-4 worst case scenario with this team. There was so much talk about adding different looks to the offense with different packages that they would actually work on in practice. NEVER TRIED ANY OF IT!!! I’ll even go on and say this-Steffen Dyl and Bryce Bondy should’ve had better stats this year with better play calling. Luke Goins could’ve been better with better pass plays. Our defense was better this year for sure. But our offense should’ve been a lot better than what it was. The talent was there to do so.

  11. Come on Chris!! I understand your side of supporting coaches. I get it. But your supporting a staff that doesn’t even participate in this blog. I guarantee they read all of this. I guess next years motto should be “accept mediocrity”

  12. Chris,
    I agree with you. They were better. Monroe, much better than Dundee. GI great team this year, poor last year. Still real good teams in Milan, View and SMCC. They were up in the 4th qtr against GI, SMCC and Milan. Just needed to make a play here or there on offense or defense and maybe they pull out all of those or couple of them. The schedule was very tough, because of the added Monroe game. Have some good football players , just very much undersized at many positions and it showed in most games. Could of we been 6-3 or better, sure. But, it did'nt happen and it is hard but gotta move on.
    Win the last game to help the seniors leave their home field and career on a good note and give the underclassman that little boost for the future.
    By the way, someone posted at 1:08 yesterday and was not me, as I usually start out with AP fan. I have revealed myself the last couple posts. Would never single out my son or anyone. 24 dad (AKA BB)

  13. I think you're wrong about Airport. They were better this year. I think they will end up 4-5 on the season, which is the same as last year. The reason being was dropping Dundee and picking up Monroe that resulted in the same record. In watching Airport though, I would argue they were much better than last season. Scoring is up, defense is better and games are closer. Maybe Airport doesn't quite have the horses to finish better than they did. Once again I have said it many times on here;, the parent credo; when you lose its on the coaches, when you win its on the players.

  14. Well said Troll! Well said! The motto the coaching staff presented this year was GET BETTER! The coaching staff needs to heed that motto! I will say special teams much better this year! Defense take away Jefferson and Huron games not any better than last year! Offensively areas of line struggled! Play calling at times awful! To much faith in underclassmen!!!

  15. Airport’s signature win since this “regime” took over is Flat Rock. If you guys would’ve scheduled anyone other than Monroe in week 1 we could be playing for playoffs this week at 4-4. There’s been many hours a week of wasted practice time working on plays that were never ran and packages that were never looked at in games. I’ll say this and I don’t even know this kid-#10 Jacob Pac would’ve been a good short yardage back if given the opportunity. There are so many things that could’ve been done differently and the outcome would’ve been different. I feel for the seniors. I feel for Steffen and Bryce who committed so damn much to football over the years. Gratz, Smith, and Boyless worked there butts off year after year in that weight room. Luke and TJ who give every spare minute they can possibly give over the summer while they’re traveling all over the Midwest playing baseball. To me, high school football is about kids buying into a football program. Giving everything they can to the “program”. You have to create a program in which every single kid that walks the halls of that school would love to play for that program. Hopefully Airport can get there eventually. I’ve tried personally to stay as positive as I can when I come on here but sometimes you just have to see it for what it really is.

  16. Even if Airport schedules someone else other than Monroe they won’t win more than 3 games next year. Be realistic with what the football program is. They don’t care about winning. Otherwise they would put the players in the right positions that gives them the best chance to win. Program needs a complete overhaul.

  17. Look Bondy and Dyl are obviously the 2 main RB’s but there should’ve been a lot more options with other kids carrying the football or catching the football. There is too much athletesism in the backfield and TE position for it to be kept bottled up. That’s exactly what this staff has done. Wasted a lot of talent. This season should’ve been different!! Period!!!

  18. I can tell first hand no Riverview didn’t go away the had players hurt that shouldn’t have even been in
    GI was going low sttacking ankles and knees( garbage) but that’s what they did
    They won. The game so hats off to them

  19. Isn’t everybody in the game every game gotta love the AP people just trying to make sense of being happy at 4-5 or 3-6 face it only beating teams who are bottom feeders haven’t beating quality opponent in forever

  20. Hey blog guys are you going to post some of this back and forth debate with 9:58 am or does he just get to say things like it's the losing culture and it's embedded in the kids!

  21. AP fan here. No one expected us to be 3-5 w this group of kids. Saying otherwise is just false. Bondy and Dyl are superior athletes. They won’at every level except varsity…..

    And it wasn’t some new systems brought in. Same old Wing T Redmond and every coach since have run since 2000.

    No excuses. Love the my kid and how he played but they never expected 3 to 4 wins as seniors.

  22. @ 813 you must know Airports program really well. They are not composed of “mostly senior starters”. 3 out of the 5 offensive lineman that started Friday night are juniors, they start a junior at FB, and a junior at SE. The entire LB Corp has been underclassmen all season with the exception of when Bondy is out there and 2 of the 3 DBs are juniors. 4 Sophmores have started and played at various positions throughout the season who if they were on the JV team the JV would probably be undeafeated. And the JV team is not “winless” they aren’t much better but they aren’t winless. This team has been in every game and people seem to be quick to forget this program is only two years removed from winning 2 games in two seasons and some of the culture seems to be embedded in the kids. I believe this coaching staff and this program are setting themselves up well for next year and years to come. Grosse Ile was 2-7 last year with a JV team that wasn’t very good either and I didn’t hear their fan base whining… before the conspiracy theorists come out I have friends at Airport who I talk to a lot. Great Job Gary and Chris and GO JETS

  23. Did AP sign a 2 year contract with Monroe? If they did, they better find a winnable week 9 as I believe the contract with Tecumseh is done.

    As for their season, I think AP played in some toss up games that they didn't come on top in. That will happen. The only one I don't understand is how they gave up 38 pts to SMCC with 22 kids and like 5 of their best players out. Not sure how you can play Riverview how they did and give up 38 to a beaten up SMCC team who was without some really solid players. You can't give up 38 when fighting for your playoff life.

  24. Chris your wrong! Last nite in the 4th Milan went to s 3 man front! What do we do ?? Run sweep and pitch’s and screens to the outside! That’s not the kids!! That’s coaching! All year out coached! Love the Duffy’s and all the family does for Airport! 4-5 is not were we should be!

  25. They have a record of three wins and five losses. All five of those losses came from teams that are quite simply, better than them. One of their wins is over a team, flat rock, that I think is better than them as well. I fully expect airport to win this week and finish at four wins and five losses which is about where they were expected to be. To me, with some good skill players and a questionable line would be a solid coaching job.

  26. Chris said Airports coach Duffy had a solid year at 3-5 with a team that is primarily senior starters and some of the best skilled players they've had in years? What will be a solid year for Airport and coach Duffy will be if they can go 4-5 next year with very few starters returning and a winless JV coming up to the varsity level. In fact that would be a very good year!

  27. I laugh at FR parents so salty still. No where did Huron complain about loss. We are not butt hurt about loss. Team is down this year, we have known all season. We still support the team.
    Look at GI, they had down year just last year and look at them now.
    Respect the players and stop crying over where kids go to school or a few coaches live.
    Heck there are alumni and teachers from both schools coaching or teaching at the other schools in past, present and will continue in future.
    Enjoy rivalry fun and don't take things so seriously.
    Root on your favorite Michigan team today and next week in another fun rivalry. Enjoy the end of the season.
    Congrats to GI on league title. Very respectable team!

  28. Flat Rock wins and still gets a butthurt about it. That's comical. Looks like the parents aren't any more mature than the kids

  29. i agree with 11:47AM – FACTS – SMCC enrollment continues to fall, their not going to build a football field if they cant field a team. As in all schools, interest in playing football is falling, that's why more and more teams with a 5-4 record are making the playoffs cause 11 man football for some schools is not an option any more so they switch to 8 man football till the entire program goes under. Even pee wee football cant get kids any more. In my opinion, as safety improves, coaching and teaching improves, education and awareness improves the kids will come back to playing football but its going to be a struggle and take some time.

  30. @anonymous @10:27pm Smcc s field is Monroe old field. They will get their own in the next 5-10 years. And that’s a fact because I’ve heard things

  31. @Anonymous @10:27 pm
    Look at all of the other teams with bands and 50cheeroleaders and people running out with teams names on cool flags. It’s football, all you need is a team, a coach, and fans,NOT even a concession. And who cares where the stands are at. Look at the teams in Moreno area with all of that. How have they been in the last 20 years, how many titles have they won or had a chance at, like none next to CC. It’s football, not a talent show.

  32. @2:16 AM, that’s class right there. Best wishes to you and your best friend (son). You both will have your memories for a lifetime.
    Milan Mom ♥️

  33. Great comment Bill B. You were a stud yourself! Class act. Crazy to think your boy is now a senior. Wasn’t he just a 7 year old with those big ole coke bottle glasses?!?!

  34. The majority of Huron's coaching staff live in Flat Rock… The majority of Huron's coaching staff who decided to send their kids to Huron for superior athletics are now forced to suck it. Taking a shot at Flat Rock's "crappy school system" and saying they "let anyone into the school" is the holier than thou BS that makes WINNING that much sweeter! GO RAMS!

  35. 6:51

    So did Riverview go away from what was working or did GI adjust so what they were doing didn’t work anymore. Riverview is very limited in what the run. Their O working is based off of setting up other plays from what is working. If you shut down their core 4 plays they can’t function.

    Off Tackle, belly dive, trap, Qb keeper … that’s them

  36. what the heck are you Huron and Flat Rock parents talking about? 700 forks? Really? Is that for real? who has time for that!!
    Don't be vague, elaborate on your little prank war. I need some entertainment while I drink my coffee and lick my wounds after last nights Buc beatdown.
    KILLS me to write this, but Congrats to GI on your Huron League Championship. Ugh, those words are more bitter then my coffee. 😉

  37. Riverview runs a little league offense and their D couldn’t stop GI unless GI shot themselves in the foot with dropped balls or penalties. GI wins by 21 if they didn’t come out so flat in the first.

  38. 512, I agree, 100%. And I'm a RV fan. They are going to have to make some huge adjustments, and pray for some luck to get past week 10. I don't see it happening. They are nowhere near the strength and conditioning levels you need to be at to make a playoff run. Sad, really. They have so much potential this year to be great, but quite frankly, settled for being mediocre.

  39. Flat rock plants a tree. Huron spray paints a racial slur on flat rocks rock. False equivalence. However flat rock has now beat Huron 3 straight years. It’s now been 1066 days since Huron beat flat rock.

  40. I will have to disagree with Chris. I don't think the Red Devil's had a better team . I think the Red Devil's made adjustments in the 2nd half and Riverview went away from what was working and then failed to make an adjustment. Riverview went for it on 4th and 2 and they didn't even have 2 of the 3 best backs on the field.

  41. Here is a mind blowing stat. How many wins does Riverview have vs teams with a winning record? Answer ONE. Milan.

    Romulus 3-5
    Flat rock 3-5
    Airport 3-5
    Huron 1-7
    Jefferson 0-8
    Milan 5-2

    I believe they will struggle in the playoffs. Their O is kind of like Michigan. Beat up on inferior opponents. No matter who they play I believe AP, Trenton, Carlson and rouge are all better than any team that they beat this year. It’s not 2017 anymore. Trenton throws the ball really well.

  42. 38-15 is Flat Rocks lead in the series against Huron in football. Please don’t come on this blog and start talking about whose the superior program. We know who it is. Stats don’t lie, and when you’ve lost 3 out of the last 4 years to Flat Rock you should probably shut up. Oh and Please tell me the about these high standards that Huron has that Flat Rock doesn’t have??? Please!!! I’d love to know.

    Sounds like somebody’s just butt hurt about getting owned at YOUR house!!

  43. Milan has lost 5 starters on Defense to injury within the last 3 weeks. No excuses as these kids play hard and made plays when it mattered. Same as SMCC. Next man up.

    Regardless, I was impressed with the backs from AP. Some very talented kids who run hard as hell. I might get numbers wrong, but 15, 22, and 24. Those kids were really good backs. Just one Dad's perspective. Good luck to AP going forward.

  44. Not sure where the unfair reffing comments came from as I've see some crazy things happen at AP over the years that were insane with calls against Milan. Refs really didn't call much tonight overall. If you're referring to the great run Hines made, he got spun and stayed up. Not sure how honestly, just a special kid. There are only two other plays I could think of. A play that the legs got tangled up when Hines and #24 for AP both fell. It was clearly inadvertent. The other was when Milan sealed the game on a Hines 20 yd run where Hines Head and both shoulders hit the ground before a fumble. I'm only commenting because I've watched the plays tonight on my sons Hudl account.

    AP played a really good game against an undermanned Milan squad. Lost a handful of kids the last few weeks and piecing it together on D the best they can. Down to 24-25 guys. Freak injuries and lost some really good players. It was a great game and AP had every chance to win. The refs truthfully had ZERO bearing on the game.

    Milan Dad

  45. Jet dad here. I Watched Hudl film and the Hines play over and over and hard to tell if knee is down or not. If it wasn’t, not more than a millimeter from touching. With that said, he made an unbelievable play. He’s a great athlete and was a thorn in our side for the last couple years. Also, if he was down and made it 2nd and 14 or so, who’s not to say Milan would have not still scored. We’ll never know. Anyways, What a game in Milan and our boys should not hang their heads. Still can finish the year with a win. I know how hard it is, especially for these seniors. The realization of not making the playoffs and only having one more game to suit up with your best buddies under the lights has hit them and it stings. There is nothing like Friday night lights for a high school athlete. It has been a great experience with ups and downs and a big part of my best friend(son) and my relationship. Will miss it so much!
    But, all good things come to an end and there will be a new chapter in my son’s and his buddies lives. They just don’t know it yet. Thanks to Chris and Gary for a great blog and good luck to all the local teams that have qualified for the playoffs! 24 Dad. BB

  46. @11:32 and you’re 1-7 with your only win by 3 points to a team who hasn’t won a game in 2 seasons. If you’re going to talk, you need to back it up buddy.

  47. 9:23 I think Monroe is definitely on an upward swing though. It seems like they made a great move to the spread and are finally using the athletic ability they’ve probably had for many years. I’m interested to see how far this change takes them in the next few years.

  48. I think the wildcat with Hines and Aeschbacker might be a good bet for the coming weeks… both kids played great probably combined for 300 on the ground

  49. @7:25…um last year…sucker easy you forget.
    There is a difference between rivalry fun and just stupidity.

  50. @11:14, check out 8:46 comments! This wasn't first comment in blog about it either. Oh wait, just 2 weeks ago you had your own parents complaining about your coaches. Don't throw stones in glass houses.
    Superior program? You are 3-5! One trip last year into first round of playoffs doesn't make a superior program. Eat a piece of humble pie my friend.


  52. @10:44 I’m sorry, but I don’t remember seeing any parents whining. Maybe it’s just that false sense of entitlement that some of you Huron people have. There’s no need to whine just because FR has a superior program.

  53. CONGRATULATIONS Grosse Ile on your Huron League Championship. I didn't think you would make it through the Gauntlet. Good job now go get 6 more wins!

  54. FR parents salty these last few weeks. Must come from being the best 3-5 team in the galaxy. BTW all those kids that voluntarily left that crappy school system (and your showing everyone why) will be back next year…. Go Chiefs

  55. @9:58 PM, yeah, because Milan didn’t receive any penalties, right? It was a great game. But, remember, Milan has beat Airport now, 7 years in a row. So, whatever you have to tell yourself.

  56. FR parents need to stop complaining about FR kids leaving for Huron. Huron has standards for who is allowed in and FR doean't. That is administrators fault. Your team won against a very young team and new coach.

  57. First time to SMCC field. Nice football team, but not much else. 4-5 cheerleaders, no band, no flag corp, 1 baton girl, announcer pretty rough and an Atari looking scoreboard and your home stands are on the far side of the field.

    I'm sure athletics rules at your school, but you might want to spend some time bringing the other things up to speed.

  58. GI took a few possessions to get used to the rain and slippery ball. Coaching staff did an excellent job recognizing the effect that weather had on their offensive capabilities. Credit the GI defensive players to adjust to a well-disciplined RV wing T execution. It was frustrating for us in the stands not knowing which of the RV backs had the ball. One of the most exciting second half of football for Red Devils fans in recent history. Good luck to Riverview and the other Huron League teams headed into the state playoffs in two weeks!

  59. Props to Airport. The Jets always seem to play the Big Reds tough. They showed a lot of pride after falling behind 13-0 early. It took a remarkable play to retake the lead late.

    Also congrats to Grosse Ile on their HL Championship.

  60. I’m going to try and do talk to text. I was at the game on the island. The Pirates jumped out 14 to 0 and that was the score at halftime. The red Devils made huge adjustments and tied the game midway through the fourth quarter at 14-14 Riverview went for it on fourth and one of their own 38 with about seven minutes to go on the fourth. They didn’t make it, and the red Devils went down the field and scored game over. I thought G.I. had the better team. That sets up a nice showdown with undefeated Crestwood

  61. Yep u saw it from the stands and all the refs 5 feet away missed it. Lol

    Same Jet line, same jet story. Maybe next year is the year? Or is it the year after now?

  62. Airport can’t they are not allowed to stray from the holy grail ( Airport Play Book) they never have and they never will…

  63. I need a summary of Riverview GI. I know Riverview went up 14-0 then GI 21 Unanswered. But how did mo change that much?

  64. Tristen Hines with a remarkable effort. On a keeper right, he somehow manages to keep his knees off the turf, slipping out of trouble and coming back all the way around the left end for a 55-yard touchdown.

  65. Front Range Christian 48 Justice-Lafayette 26. Front Range wins first league title since 2003. 1999 Flat Rock graduate Paul Lowe is Front Range Head Coach.

  66. Huron deserves it with all the kids who should be playing for FR recruited away by parents and other things. All the “talent” they have doesn’t beat actual toughness

  67. I'm sure flat rock ie trying for 35-0 again. After all that's the thing to do so we can all go home early. That's what football is about.

  68. I'm sure flat rock ie trying for 35-0 again. After all that's the thing to do so we can all go home early. That's what football is about.

  69. Flat rock planted a 🌲 at the 50 and put 700 forks 🍴 in the ground! Let’s not forget what Huron wrote on the rock after last year.

  70. Carlson up 14-0 at halftime. Generic concession stand at wyandotte. Nothing special to report, other than their lack of caramel apple suckers. Can't believe they don't have those IN THE MIDDLE OF FALL!!!

  71. Not condoning it but Huron deserves it after what they’ve done to Flat Rocks things in the past. You also never heard about Flat Rock wanting to press charges against Huron kids. Huron should lighten up after doing nothing to their kids who did much worse.

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