Thoughts and Questions

I can handle cold, I can handle rain, but I can’t handle both at the same flipping time.

We had 6,257 visitors last night.

Close in Milan, but no cigar.

Mules realized at halftime that they didn’t want to be the team that breaks the River Rat’s streak.

Play defense like that and Carlson makes a solid run in D3.

I guess I was off in my Dundee close victory pick. Lol

Glad the Eagles showed up to play.

Rivalries bring out the best and worst in people.

Red Devils showed they are the best team in the Huron League.

Better days coming in New Boston?

Big game against Blissfield week 9.

You’ll get one!

Big game for Milan at home this week.

No shame in falling to the gold standard in SEC football.

Just not quite as good as last season and that’s okay.

Injuries? what injuries?

Win and you’re in.

Wow, just wow!

B*itch slap coming in Happy Valley?

Harbaugh’s chance to beat a decent team for a change.

Lion’s free Sunday. Thank God?

80 thoughts on “Thoughts and Questions”

  1. Some good games the GI game and Riverview game for Milan. A few bad breaks and turnovers, but anyone who watched the games, realized how close they were. Milan had some young kids, and made a lot of mistakes. It's funny cus the only people who thought Milan would be really good were outsiders. The Milan faithful knew what they had and that they would have some growing pains with such a young group. People think you can win every games cus you have some great players. That's not the case. And when you lose your middle LB the day before the GI game, things are not gonna be perfect. Milan, like SMCC has lost a ton of kids to injuries. No excuse, but you when you have low numbers, injuries will effect a team. Milan has over-achieved with this group. A good draw could mean a playoff win or a district championship if they play well and things fall their way. But down to 24-25 kids and some huge holes they have been patching over the last half of the season. It's a numbers game and when you lose good kids to injury, it's a struggle.

    I think GI even with low numbers was a complete team top to bottom and they stayed healthy. Impressive win over the View. They will kill Crestwood and will run the table.

  2. Again, I don't think anyone said Milan will go undefeated next year – although someone did claim they would lucky to make the playoffs. But, with 8 guys on both sides of the ball coming back, a JV team that was respectable – especially in the trenches, and one of the top players in the league in Tristan Hines returning…I think its fair to think a projection of not being in the playoffs would be generally laughed at…and clearly a shot at winning the league is highly realistic – as it was this year. Milan was beaten by GI – like all other teams…but they ended up TIED for 2nd with Riverview since SMCC beat them, and Milan beat St. Marys.

  3. Milan always has the best player in the league returning. Doesn't equate to wins all the time. Football is a team game. Milan has 2 of the best offensive players in the league this year and still got run out of their own stadium bye GI and View.

  4. Winning at the lower levels is important. Does it mean that it will transfer over to the varsity? Of course not. However, winning gives confidence to young kids. And when your coaches are on the same page in the program and run the same schemes, it will carry over to the next level. This doesn't always happen as some programs stay totally seperate and just let their lower levels do their own thing. Milan hasn't had a winning season on JV for like 5 years before this one. This has a lot to do with talent or lack there of and not having more than 25 kids a year. The two young coaches have done a nice job winning games against Huron League opponents with about half as many players. Running the same schemes and terminology will translate to kids being more prepared when they come up. This is the difference between successful programs. Milan's JV didn't dress more then 20 kids this season and went 5-1 in the Huron League. That's good coaching and that gives kids confidence heading into varsity football. Great job by Coach Price and Stanley. No one expected you guys to win a game this season with less then 20 kids. Exceptional Job.

    Milan Fan

  5. @9:17 PM, are you this same person from Airport that said you don’t care about your JV team? They are the future Varsity. 😑

  6. Another thing that will help Milan in a few years is the fact they have a program in the Junior High school. Hopefully that will help bring the numbers back!

  7. Not sure how you can say Milan will not make the playoffs next season. Like Chris said, they have made the playoffs 6 out of 7 years and 10 of the last 12.

    They lose two offensive linemen and their RB. 8 guys will return on Offense. They lose one d-lineman, (that's with starting d-end walker coming back who has been out) one linebacker, and one cornerback. 8 back on defense. They have had a few more guys play on both sides, but I don't county them as full time starters, but I understand what 6:39 is saying.

    Numbers will be down again, but a jv team with 20 kids that won 6 games. Some good young players coming up. And when you return the best player in the league, Hines, they should have their best team since they lost in regionals to Country Day.

  8. Milan brings back 9 guys that have played or started on offense this year, and 9 guys that have played or started on defense – including Tristan Hines. And, they had a JV group that had a winning season in the league this year – which has not happened in years for Milan. They will be very solid team next year as long as they can avoid key injuries, etc.

  9. I heard flat rock is throwing a party for all of the Huron League.

    You have to bring your own food but they will supply all of the whine

  10. Big Bob your are correct. Milan has lost some really good players to injury. Down to 25 guys and you have to find a way to win. Even though they have some really good players, they are still very young across the board and look to return 7-8 on each side next season. Throw in all these crazy injuries and they are just trying to get by late in the season. They could win some playoff games this year depending on their draw, but they will be exceptional next year. Hopefully more kids play.

    Milan Dad

  11. I would have to disagree. Flat Rock was as good as anyone in this league. They were strong at all levels. Every game they lost, they could of won. In the past it was easy to say FR didn't have the talent or wasn't strong in the trenches, but they were really really strong across the board. They were better then AP, but I think they could of won every single game they lost. They played GI and Riverview better then anyone in this league minus the View loss to SMCC that makes no sense. But SMCC cuts every power running team and that causes huge problems.

  12. Not sure where you guys get your stats, but Modi from FR had close to 20 tackles against Huron and Kamin had about a dozen tackles, at least 100 yards receiving, including a TD and an interception.

  13. The past couple weeks Aeschbacker has been getting hit in the backfield sometimes before he even gets the ball.. last year not really the case but I agree with the comment about how the Milan O line will take them as far as they wanna go… Been proven the past 2 years you can’t stop both of Milan’s big threats..

  14. FR had more overall talent than Milan and CC… the only team that beat them was Riverview.. they had their chances vs Milan too .

  15. News flash for you on FR, they didn’t have top tier talent in the league. It was good talent, but GI, View, SMCC and Milan all had more talent. I would call it a push with Airport. The league was just really really good 1-6, but while 7 and 8 were lower on the talent scale so were 5 and 6. You can argue your point, but I am coming from a neutral point of view. I don’t think you are.

  16. Told ya, FR. Had top tier talent and finish 6th place in the league. I'm not hearing about how well they're coached now.. 4-5 with that group is not good. Nor is 6th place in the HL..

  17. Toughest, most deep league I have seen in 15 years. Hard to judge Jefferson and New Boston when each week GI, Riverview, SMCC, Airport, Milan and Flat Rock rolled to play.

    Hard to believe Flat Rock is not playoff bound…and Airport.

    League was very good top to bottom – and that is great for the programs.



  20. Well said Big Bob. Tristen and Hunter are amazing players and we love to see them play. But, they are part of a team.

  21. I figured the rain was 99% the reason Hines was at QB. That was the best coaches adjustment you could do in that game. Dry weather I’m pretty sure you guys would go back with #12 at QB. Maybe mix Hines in at QB every now and again.

  22. Maybe I saw the Hines knee play the wrong way but to me it wasn’t so much his knee being down but I thought the refs would’ve blew the whistle rather quick on that play with 3 kids having a hold of him. Instead it’s like they let it play on for a half second longer and Houdini escaped from 7 yards back and magically appeared in the end zone 55 yards later. My argument with your response is look how fast they called HoUdini Hines down in the backfield when we stripped the ball from him (it was one of the last plays of the game). If they weren’t quick on that whistle that’s Airports Ball.

  23. Congratulations to GI on their undisputed HL Championship. I was very impressed with their team. I really hope they are successful in the playoffs as they deserve a long run. To win against every team in the HL is no fluke, ever. As a Riverview fan, I had to spend a few days at the wooden leg gettin to the bottom of a rum barrel. It was hard to watch the second half turn like it did. I don’t believe GI came out flat early just as I don’t believe RV fell apart. It was a really good football game. The game for GI was won in two moments. The first drive in the second half and the stop on 4th down in the fourth qtr. GI did what they do. Riverview could not. There comes a time when you need a yard and everyone know exactly how you plan on getting it. Riverview didn’t get it. The Bucs will need to figure out a way to get it, or it will be a short playoff run. Hats off to GI for a great season.

  24. Tom, I don't think this is any one players team, We've had 5 players go down the last few weeks and the next man up is in effect! Hunter and Tristen are deffinetly our leaders on the field, But their success is due to all the other kids on our team!! Like I say on this Blog all the time about all of the coaches in this league it's easy to second guess after the fact otherwise WE'd all be coaches. lol I do think with DJ in there we would be a better team but that's Jessie and Ward's call!!

    Big Bob – Milan

  25. The Big Reds are a team, they win together, they lose together. They are a small group of kids and although some have acquired more skill, every single team member is important. No one can win alone. They are a great group of young men, shame on any adult that tries to put a wedge between them. Looking forward to Friday. #onohmilan

  26. Here's a look at the preseason picks from our favorite bloggers. Most are pretty close.
    Airport Chris's Pick: 4-5 Gary's Pick: 3-6 Frank's Pick : 6-3
    Bedford Chris's Pick: 6-3 Gary's Pick: 4-5 Frank's Pick: 7-2
    Carlson Gary's Pick: 8-1 Chris's Pick: 8-1 Frank's Pick: 7-2
    Dundee Frank: 3-6 Chris: 3-6 Gary: 3-6
    Erie Mason Gary: 3-6 Chris: 3-6 Frank: 4-5
    Flat Rock Chris: 5-4 Gary: 4-5 Frank: 3-6
    Grosse Ile Chris: 6-3 Gary: 5-4 Frank: 5-4
    Huron Chris: 3-6 Frank: 3-6 Gary: 3-6
    Ida Frank: 5-4 Chris: 5-4 Gary: 4-5
    Jefferson Gary: 2-7 Chris: 2-7 Frank: 3-6
    Milan Chris: 7-2 Gary: 7-2 Frank: 6-3
    Monroe Gary: 7-2 Chris: 6-3 Frank: 8-1
    Riverview Chris: 7-2 Gary: 7-2 Frank: 8-1
    Sumerfield Frank: 5-4 Chris: 5-4 Gary: 6-3
    SMCC Gary: 7-2 Chris: 7-2 Frank: 7-2
    Whiteford Frank: 9-0 Chris: 8-1 Gary: 9-0

  27. Do not take what I said above the wrong way… This is Tristen Hines team…. Comparing friends and teammates I don't agree with… Not good for either of them…. I watched the KNEE PLAY 100 times and I do not believe Tristen's knee was down… Mikey Morris great block kid… Way not to give up on the play… Making a block 50yds down field, taking out the 2 defenders… Impressive… TOM AESCHBACKER…

  28. I’m here to take my lumps. I kept waiting and expecting GI to take an L when they “went up against the upper half” of the HL. They survived the gambit and did it well. It hurt like hell to watch but they played a nearly flawless second half of football to win the game and the outright league title.
    As for my Pirates – as someone else mentioned, these seniors have won 17 games and counting since the start of last season (and counting). There’s NOTHING to be ashamed of in that. One more home game then onto AP (probably). This is the time of year I become a full on fan of all the HL regardless of where they play.
    …even GI. 😉

  29. Hines deals with all the hits he gets in a game that's the way he is !! He'd never admit to the cheap hits during a game! This is his Grandpa's View!! I see almost every team in this league take cheap shots on him when he's out of the plays! I mean almost every team!! go back and watch the films of each game the only team who comes close is SMCC! That's why I respect them the most!! Enough said!! Good luck to all the teams moving on to the playoffs we should make the Huron League Proud!!

    Congrats to Grosse Ile for the League championship!!

    Big Bob-Milan

  30. 2:06 has a personal agenda. Before you make a list like that do some research. If I had to make a bet 2:06 thinks Matthew Stafford is a top 5 QB in the league.

  31. Milan's running and passing attack has been struggling due to turnovers and line blocking. Milan's offensive plays are based around having a dual threat QB/RB running attack. Putting Hines at QB will definitely open up holes in the running game for both the QB and RB. It gives Milan an extra blocker at the point of attack and defenses now have to stay some what honest with their reads. With this being said, it makes Milan one dimensional. If Milan wants to make a deep playoff run, they need Jones and his ability to throw the ball. Yes, the INT's have hurt, but the kid is running for his life. Milan's O-Line has struggled BIG TIME this year. Possibly, taking a WR out and adding another blocker or 2 will help give Jones time to throw and it opens up the field. (LESS DOWN FIELD TRAFFIC). Just a thought. Milan will need Jones. I would love to see this formation with Hines at QB: Stack wide receivers set out wide on both sides of field with #34 and #44 leading the way as lead blockers for Hines up the middle.
    For the person in Milan trying to play Hines and Aeschbacker against each other or past Milan greats should be ashamed. There's No Ying, if there's No Yang. They're 2 different type players that get the same results, yards and TD's. Their offensive numbers are almost identical. So stop. You are comparing 2 good friends against each other and a school that had over 1100 kids vs a school that has 680 kids now. TOM AESCHBACKER…

  32. 2:06 – Sorry that's incorrect Harwood does not play defense for GI – they have enough athletes to cover key positions and there are several that only play one way. Part of the reason for their success this year!

  33. Wondering if Airport could have gotten onto the playoffs with 5-4 record?
    If so, it makes the scheduling of Monroe High even dumber.
    Still don’t get it.

  34. Who is crazy. Hines had 15 carries the 1st half and 17 carries the 2nd half. That's 32 carries. Closer to 40 carries than 22 carries. Facts people. Facts. Watch the film.

  35. He was pretty sore!! I hurt like Hell just watching him get hit!! But he was up Saturday And him and Evan Furtney went to a movie and then he later went with DJ to watch the Mich. game!!
    He's a tough young man!! last year he had a bucket tear in his meniscus and he played 6 more weeks of basketball!!

    Big Bob Milan

  36. You need to charge next year to have access to this site. You guys work too hard and have earned it. I am sure you don’t want to do that but think of all the time you are away from your families and how many people, like myself, enjoy this site. Just asking $10 would be a great start to get full access. I know you do it because you enjoy it but you need to be compensated.

  37. According to the AA news…… Hines had 22 carries on Friday, not 40. Big Bob was your grandson ok after the game?

  38. Put the ball in the hands of the best player on the field an find a way to win. That's why Milan rode their horse. Hines is exceptional and the type of kid who doesn't come around very often. That's why Luke Harwood from GI carries it 25 times a game and never comes off the field on defense. Some kids that come to mind over the last few years……Nick Humphries from Jefferson, Robert Kanitz from Milan, Andrew Mitroka from GI, Matt Hartwick from NB, Trace Lindeman from Milan, Collin Woolford from SMCC etc.

    The list goes on. You ride your best players that give you the best chance to win.

  39. Hey Chris and Gary. According to one poster, Milan hasn't made a coaching adjustment in 6 years lol…. I'd like to hear both of your opinions on this. Milan has had under 30 kids the past 5 years numbers wise and seems to get the most out of what they have. Your opinions are valued.

  40. Good Saturday, MSU upset Penn State, Michigan took care of business and Huron hasn't beaten the mighty Flat Rock Rams in 1,093 days!

  41. Airport / Milan was another typical game between those two. Toss records out the window as that is always a tough game with players and coaches working hard for 4 quarters. Congrats to Milan on the win, and with Hines and Aeschbacher both playing hard…..they are a tough dual threat. Airport is physical and some talented young men. That staff will get them going …..and it will happen sooner than later.

    More importantly, hope the young man from Airport that got injured late in the game is doing alright.

    Best of luck to all the Huron League teams this weekend.

  42. Better days are coming in New Boston for sure. The coach cares about the kids and the program and is coming in after a year when parents, fans and others just bashed and shredded the base you need to develop a long term program. Everyone expects perfection but they don’t always want to do what it takes. They are young and talented and just need to stay the course, build on the successes and believe in each other even when others seem to want to only cast doubt and hate.

    Just a fan with no affiliation to the Chiefs.

  43. Let's be a lot more positive in our comments and they might get posted by the blog guy's! Here we go, Airports chain gang did a solid job this year!

  44. Chris said last week "Airport coach Duffy is doing a solid Job" when they were 3-4! Airport starters are primarily seniors and they have some of the best skilled players they've had in years! That's a solid job? If Airport and coach Duffy are 3-4 next year at this point after losing a mostly senior team and a J.V. team coming up to the varsity level that hasn't won a game, then Chris, I would say Airports coach Duffy is doing a solid job!

  45. Last night was the first and only time I have ever witnessed Milan make an adjustment during a game in the 6 years that I have been watching them. If they didn't make the adjustment on defense, they wouldn't of won the game. Great job Coach Hoskins. Running Hines 40 plus times is not the answer on offense. The kid is amazing and Milan's best offensive weapon, but the kid couldn't pick himself up off the grass.

  46. And thoughts on flat rock going into enemy territory vs rival and winning or whatever that guy wanted thoughts on….u went in and whipped a far inferior team the way u should have, you've seen the scores, no shame in taking care of business but really the only question was how much flat rock would win by

  47. Hate when Riverview has a down year and finishes 2nd in the HL. It’s always tough to be at the top half of the league! Everyone wants to knock you down! Riverview had a tough second half after a picture perfect first half last night. They will bounce back next week against RU and head into the playoffs at 7-2! Keep your heads up boys!

  48. Seems like airport and flat rock both have to be very disappointed this year, both held 4th qtr leads, final 5 minute leads against almost everyone and then would lose it right at the end, always close every week but couldn't finish….but I guess that's the difference between making playoffs like gi view Milan and cc or watching em like airport and flat rock will be doing….either way, it was good to see a ton of progress for Duffy and the staff over past few years.

  49. It absolutely was miserable last night. I too can handle one or the other, rain OR cold. However, we figured if our boys could play in it, we could certainly sit in it to support them. #proudofthem ♥️

    Milan Mom

  50. I hate the rain with the cold too. Actually drove to Navarre Field last night,and sat in my car for 20 minutes deciding whether to go in or not. Finally settled on going home and watching LivePD on my couch. I love high school football, but being warm and dry beats all.

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