Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your scores from tonight. I will get them posted ASAP.

Britton-Deerfield 38 Advanced Tech 14
Huron 34 Flat Rock 9
Riverview 52 GI 12
Clinton 30 Whiteford 8
Sand Creek 62 Summerfield 20
SMCC 16 Jefferson 14
Bedford 46 A2 Huron 18
Saline 21 Monroe 12
Wyandotte 42 Carlson 29

Monroe 14 Saline 8
Trenton 22 Huron 21

21 thoughts on “Thursday Night Scores”

  1. 6-3? Losing some really good players and a couple dynamic playmakers that don't seem to be there on the JV. Milan had JV on the sidelines last night. More then half are freshman. Not sure what you are basing the 6-3 on as AP hasn't had a winning season in 6 years. Just an observation

  2. @8:05 AM, you care enough to comment. How can you not care about the JV players that are your future Varsity? What a dumb comment. Milan JV AND Varsity beat you this week.

  3. We no longer care about JV teams here at AP it’s been brought to our attention thru the new established coaches really doesn’t matter we will be 6-3 or better next year we have 6 soph up

  4. Pretty sure the Milan JV was 1-8 or 2-7 last season. I know they didn't win more than two games last year.

    Milan Parent

  5. @8:31 AM, Milan JV was most certainly not 1-8 last year. I’m guessing you are associated with Airport and are upset with the whoopin you received from Milan JV last evening. Wasn’t it something like 44-0? 😉

  6. Jv records have nothing to do with future of the schools you don’t know football if you honestly think that take milan for example their jv was like 1-8 for the past 4 years and varsity has been pretty good so if you honestly think this shows how programs will go stop watching football

  7. Now that the Huron league schedule is over for JV what was the final standings? What is the future looking like for each school?

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