Week 1 FNV Staff Picks

Thursday 8/29/19

Whiteford @ Blissfield

  • Chris: Blissfield 24 Whiteford 22
  • Gary: Blissfield 30 Whiteford 18
  • Frank: Blissfield 35 Whiteford 27

Summerfield @ Erie Mason

  • Chris: Erie Mason 40 Summerfield 35
  • Gary: Erie Mason 34 Summerfield 24
  • Frank: Erie Mason 38 Summerfield 35

Airport @ Ida

  • Chris: Airport 21 Ida 20
  • Gary: Airport 21 Ida 14
  • Frank: Airport 28 Ida 22

Dundee @ Romulus Summit Academy

  • Chris: Dundee 28 Summit 22
  • Gary:Dundee 29 Summit 20
  • Frank: Summit 24 Dundee 20

Southgate Anderson @ Carlson

  • Chris: Carlson 40 Anderson 12
  • Gary: Carlson 48 Anderson 16
  • Frank:Carlson 32 Anderson 22

Monroe @ Wyandotte Roosevelt

  • Chris: Roosevelt 28 Monroe 27
  • Gary: Monroe 20 Roosevelt 17
  • Frank: Roosevelt 34 Monroe 28

Redford Thurston @ Flat Rock

  • Chris: Flat Rock 27 Thurston 16
  • Gary: Flat Rock 18 Thurston 15
  • Frank: Flat Rock 27 Thurston 20

Huron @ Melvindale

  • Chris: Huron 35 Melvindale 26
  • Gary: Huron 33 Melvindale 23
  • Frank: Huron 34 Melvindale 31

Romulus @ Riverview

  • Chris: Riverview 40 Romulus 12
  • Gary: Riverview 51 Romulus 12
  • Frank: Riverview 36 Romulus 21

Grosse Ile @ Riverview Gabriel Richard

  • Chris: Grosse Ile 13 Gabriel Richard 10
  • Gary: Grosse Ile 25 Gabriel Richard 20
  • Frank: Grosse Ile 27 Gabriel Richard 18

Madison Heights Madison @ SMCC (GERWECK NISSAN GAME of the WEEK)

  • Chris: SMCC 40 Madison 22
  • Gary: SMCC 38 Madison 21
  • Frank: SMCC 30 Madison 20

Friday 8/30/19

Bridgeport @ Milan

  • Chris: Milan 34 Bridgeport 20
  • Gary: Milan 42 Bridgeport 14
  • Frank: Milan 24 Bridgeport 18

Annapolis @ Jefferson

  • Chris: Jefferson 28 Annapolis 20
  • Gary: Jefferson 29 Annapolis 13
  • Frank: Jefferson 28 Annapolis 24

Sterling Heights Stevenson @ Bedford

  • Chris: Bedford 24 Stevenson 20
  • Gary: Bedford 27 Stevenson 26
  • Frank: Bedford 31 Stevenson 28

12 thoughts on “Week 1 FNV Staff Picks”

  1. Gary’s you are correct. A lot of the defense sat out or played limited time in the second half or the score would’ve been much more lopsided. CC also played conservative instead of taking them out. We also need to remember that other news carriers had Madison beating CC. Hopefully the longer week will help with the healing and CC will be ready to improve week 2 and every week after that. It’s a long haul as we all know. Getting some sophomores and underclassmen some playing time helps too.

    1. 1 starter back on offense. Might take them a while to get going but will be solid by year’s end. Coach Potter does a great job.

      1. CC had some kids out n some got banged up…they have much to work on for sure…in my opinion a little overrated, Madison had 5 starters from last year n cc has 11…
        Not banging on them but not impressed with cc..we all seen how that game went, lucky to get that one…cc has no speed to the edge again…

        1. Every team has some things to work on for sure.

          No speed on the edge? SMCC does have Caden Smith who had 5 carries yesterday and ran down a sure breakaway TD from behind. Caden took 2nd or 3rd in the state in the 100 Meter.
          Wyatt Bergmooser has some nice speed as well. Was Madison faster as a team, yes.

          What you saw in Madison was a very athletic team that has some things to clean up penalty wise. After being down 29-6, Madison didn’t quit and fought hard to get back in it.

          The injury aspect has me most concerned about the Falcons. Many big names didnt play in the 2nd half and a couple not at all. Have to figure things out over there. Too many injuries the last couple of years.

          1. Gary I’m talking about getting the edge on offense, not one time did they, or even try for that matter…and for that matter smith is the only one who could get it on this team…for cc being so experienced and hyped up I just wasn’t impressed…I understand injury, I do. And I’m telling you Madison was extremely inexperienced and extremely undisciplined…cc scored 3 points in the 2nd half and you can’t just blame injury or fatigue or whatever…they stopped the trap… and the power wasn’t there no matter who ran it…Madison had banged up players also, if they run into each other in the playoffs I don’t know who would win…

          2. The Full House T isn’t really designed to run to the outside. You can, but it’s bread and butter is between the tackles. Madison was not the team to try and get wide on.

        2. going along with Gary. Coach Kipf had to see a weakness within the Madison trenches, which they did and they exposed it. Also maybe not trying to show all the tricks in the hat during week one game, especially with airport this week. Just food for thought.

          Smith will be a huge help for cc I believe this year.

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