Friday Night Scores

Please submit your scores with quarter. I will try and get them posted ASAP.

Carlson 22 Woodhaven 37 final

Riverview 28 Huron 0 final

Flat Rock 28 Jefferson 12 final

SMCC 42 Airport 21 final

Milan 35 GI 13 final

Dundee 74 Stockbridge 30 final

Summerfield 18 Pittsford 0 final

Erie Mason 80 Britton-Deerfield 42 final

Whiteford 64 Stryker 12 final

Ida 26 Lake Fenton 20 final

Monroe 7 Fenton 38 final

Bedford 20 Flushing 19 final

84 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Boo Freaking Hoo. Can’t you think of anything else you’d like to complain about? Do you have any better ideas on how SMCC should fill their classrooms? For many of the Catholic families that want to give their kids a Faith based education, this is the only high school option. An expensive one nonetheless. Tradition obviously means nothing to you either. Our family has had three generations of MCC/SMCC alums, and for us, there was no argument about another choice. You’d most likely complain if you were hung with a new rope too.

      1. James"Clubber"Lang

        This is why I stopped posting. Gary can talk crap, Chris can talk crap, SMCC can talk crap, Riverview, Flat Rock… Basically, all of the admins’ friends. Anyone else gets censored.

        Chris says like it or leave it so I suppose I’ll bow out for another season. Enjoy

        1. James"Clubber"Lang

          Thanks for proving my point with the passive aggressive replies. I haven’t posted in years, and usually anonymously because why bother. Like I said… enjoy. I’ll be posting elsewhere where topics are run much smoother

          1. Your comment makes no sense. You haven’t tried to post anything that we have flagged. The only thing I’ve had to flag this year is people saying this team or that team sucks which brings nothing to the conversation. Enjoy your football elsewhere.

  2. This is Big Bob from Milan. I agree with the other BB as long as I’ve played high school sports and I am 65 the catholics can go where they want and pay for it also!! Every year we hear the same old crap get over it !!

    1. Problem is that everyone but the Catholics alway brings it up like it’s this huge advantage. They always want to compare with schools that have 1,200 plus enrollment. The league has been this way for years. I would love to stop bringing it up. It definitely benefits who you cheer for.

      1. actually the person that brought up the cc kids was not a catholic it was someone hating on us so.. lets get our information right before we open our mouths

    1. SMCC doesn’t have a school district. So everyone is from “outside”. However, nobody has to go there because of a district.

      Like Bob said, why would you pay 10,000 to go there when you can go somewhere else? There are many reasons parents choose but sports is way down the list.

  3. For the last 3 years view vs Huron has been very one sided. Riverview from 2017 season to 2019 has won all 3 games by a score of 98-28. Very sad because from 2011 to 2016 it was a 4-2 split in views favor and scores were tight (134-116). For a time was one of the most competitive games in the league.

  4. I was at the Riverview/Huron game last night. Riverview was dominant in the first half both offensively and defensively. In the second half Huron played better but that is after it was 28 to 0. I left a little early, But like Riverview was going in for another score but ended up taking a knee.

    1. Troll I agree, would have liked to have seen Pac run the ball more. Isn’t this SMCC/school of choice thing way past its expiration date?

  5. Let’s see. School of choice has opened up the flood gates for most of the schools in the Huron League. Would you pay 10k to go to a school or go wherever you want for free. Decision is easy for most. Let’s look at baseball where 75% of Airports players are from outside of their border. I’ve seen the changes in the league from the time my kid was a freshman until now.

  6. Might as well start your petition now to get cc to the catholic school league. Like Chris said I’d be curious to know how many kids on this rosters parents or families didn’t go there or that did not come up through the CYO. Teams find ways to beat them don’t have sour grapes. It was a good game and cc just made more adjustments at half time.

  7. Now this is like the old blog lol.

    Redmond’s teams found a way to beat SMCC.

    Coach Duffy is on the right track. This Jets team will win some games. I was impressed.

    1. Gary I know you probably won’t say much about this but you have to wonder why Airport didn’t run the Pac kid in the 2nd half. Made absolutely no sense to me. 2 carries in the 2nd half then he had about a 9 yard run when the score was 42-21. To me it seemed like the momentum switched when Airport couldn’t convert a first down when it was 2nd and 1. They ran a sweep and got stuffed then ran another sweep to get stuffed again. Give the ball to Pac off tackle and keep the drive going. That to me was when I knew it was over. Why stop doing what worked the entire first half?

  8. I disagree, there are a lot of old Catholic Central and St. Mary’s Academy names On that roster. Doesn’t really matter where they live, they were going to SMCC because their parents went there. It’s kind of a tired old argument really. They have 321 kids in the school. Yet, somehow they compete year in and year out. Believe me, I’m not a fan, but I called them like I see them.

    1. The way SMCCs offense was rolling in the second half might not have changed the outcome but the Falcons got away with 2 big pass interference penalties in the second half when the game was still in question. Airport came out on fire was up 14-0 and driving mid second quarter, got stopped and SMCC got rolling after that. Gotta give credit to SMCC for responding and that QB can throw when need be. Probably not a better overall player in the entire league than #6 Bergmoser, I think I saw that kid selling popcorn at halftime.

    1. Pretty upsetting if you write a post that someone dont agree on it wont let u post.i see vulgar rude comments not being accepted but to simply vent about how upsetting a teams season is going and a opinion on what they should do not being accepted is the reason i will not follow or post anymore.its bias and not fair.

      1. Well one team was obviously better than the other team. One team is now 2-0 and the other one is 1-1. You couldn’t have been more off-base with your comment and if you would’ve offered some sort of insight maybe I would’ve posted it but there was nothing there but bashing. Not gonna post it. Don’t like it tough go somewhere else to get your football.

      1. Are you joking? Pass interference when the ball is overthrown by 10 yards. This is what I expect now. Quiet and now all this. Outplayed and out coached in the second half. Airport was tired and defeated flat out.

  9. Airport played great on the first 2-3 drives. Had a chance to go up by 3 TD’s. Need to finish!!! No killer instinct. Keep feeding the big guy like I’ve been saying and this will be the biggest win in the last decade.

      1. The officiating has been sketchy for years. This is exactly why Milan’s former AD went to having 7 officials and didn’t want Downriver crews. Who knows if this will continue with the new AD, but this type of officiating at SMCC should not surprise anyone.

        Coach Kipf and his crew made some nice adjustments from Week 1 to 2

  10. Airport 6-0. SMCC 3 and out. Airport scored on 3 plays, Blankenship to Raise an for about 60 yards got them to the 1. Pac punched it in next play

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