Friday Night Scores

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Hillsdale 46 Erie Mason 36 final

SMCC 21 Milan 28 final

Huron 28 Jefferson 7 final

Riverview 24 FR 6 final

Airport 40 GI 20 Airport final

Schoolcraft 54 Whiteford 24 final

Hudson 6 Dundee 20 final

Monroe 49 Tecumseh 13 final

Bedford 55 Ypsilanti 25 final

Carlson 20 Allen Park 42 final

Ida 8 BCC 26 final

Summerfield 28 B-D 34 final

54 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Honestly I feel like smcc is wasting some pretty good talent from the roster. I’m a cc alum and I went to Jv and varsity games last year and saw #22 was a dominant player on offense for Jv along with some of the now sophomores they brought up this year being very skilled players. where have they been? Personally this year will be rough but next year watch out because smcc has an offense that won’t be stopped

    1. must be of relation to #22 eh? No offense but if you’re not at practice, you have no idea why the coaches make the playing time decisions they do. In my 19 years of coaching at the varsity level, I have yet to meet a coach who purposely doesn’t play “good players that could help them win games”. Theres usually a good reason why they don’t.

      1. I update scores at least 50 times during Friday’s first half. The only difference between this year and years past is the fact that people have to actually give some sort of email address and people don’t wanna do that because they like to hide. The fact of the matter is we are going to set a record this year for the most page views in the month of September and it’s going to be by like 15 or 20,000. People like the new format, they just aren’t interested in commenting like the past. If you’re in it for the content then that’s a good thing. If you’re just in it for the outrageous comments by people who hide by anonymous names then I don’t know what to tell you.

  2. 5 Biggest Surprises from Last Night:

    Ida losing big to BCC: Never saw this coming. I know BCC has beaten them the last 2 years but I predicted a 6 point loss at best. Did Ida have anyone injured? This score is not typical of an Ida team. I would not want to be Dundee right now and have to face a frustrated Ida team next week.

    Dundee beating Hudson: It is never easy for any team to win at Hudson, much less a young Dundee team that was giving up 30 points a game on defense. I didn’t go to the game but according to my friends I was texting with, Hudson turned the ball over alot? Was Dundee the better team?

    Mason *should* have beat Hillsdale: This is the game I attended and it was well worth what seemed like forever for the game to finally finish. Mason’s improvement is legit folks. If they didn’t lose one of their starting linebackers in the first quarter, we could have seen the upset of the decade in the LCAA. With all due respect to Hillsdale’s coaches who have forgotten more football then I will ever know, I couldn’t figure out what Hillsdale was doing defensively, playing a 4-1 box at times against a dangerous athlete like Beaudrie? I am predicting a Mason win next week against Hudson.

    Carlson on a 2 game losing streak: Last night pretty much all but eliminates Carlson’s chances at a league title. I know Giarmo is probably the best coach in the area but are teams starting to catch on to defending the T or was Allen Park simply better? It is not often that you see a Giarmo coached team lose 2 weeks in a row.

    1. John,

      While Hudson did turn it over twice, Dundee did not turn either of those into points. The Viking defense did a masterful job stopping a rushing attack that is not easy to stop when Hudson is at home.

    2. I have seen both Ida and Carlson play and Scrimmage this year and neither one of them are the team they were the last couple years,

    3. is Hudson that bad this year? or did they just crap the bed and Dundee just play really well? Has Dundee improved that much since week 1?

    1. It’s gonna be a battle because good teams don’t lose back to back games and you can easily put CC in a good team category. We had to play them last year the week after a loss to Milan.

  3. I went and watched Riverview and Flat Rock. Riverview has a very efficient O. Very machine like. Flat Rock played hard but was just overmatching in the Oline vs Dline.

    What surprised me is how easily Flat Rock moved the ball all night. The Riverview D is vulnerable. 24-6 was the score but Flat Rock literally self destructed on the 1 yard line and on another drive they got in the red zone and killed themselves with penalties. Flat Rock did not punt 1 time.

    Flat Rock was able to run the ball and get chunk plays and they threw the ball both short and long all night. Davis as good as advertised.

    Riverview is good but the style they play will only work when they can physically overmatch their opponent. Get them to 2nd and 10 and their game plan falls apart a quickly.

    Of the past 3 years, this is the least talented Riverview team compared to the very high standard they have set the past two years.

    I am excited to see Riverview and Redford Thurston. Thurston is talented and looks like a College Division 2 team with their size. I have a feeling bulky ball will struggle.

    As for flat rock, they have the talent to win a lot of games and compete in every game. But they get a lot of penalties and seem to hurt themselves at critical times.

    Some great games coming up and another exciting year for the Huron league.

    1. The defense is better than what you saw yesterday but make no mistake, FR came in w a strong gameplan that kept it closer than the score.
      Having been around all 3 of the last teams at Riverview I can tell you this team is as talented as any. Moultrie ran for 192 on 26 carries. The o line has more size than the previous two but the question has been if they would have the same drive and motor of the squad from 2 years ago. Through 3 games (a small sample size, of course) their motor is high and the team chemistry is incredible.
      I love Davis of FR’s game and even though the game got chippy the players seemed good with each other after (a testament to coaches).
      CC concerns me because most really good squads (like CC) don’t tend to lost 2 in a row. Add that the game is at Navarre and it’s gonna take a huge effort from the Pirates to earn a win this weekend.

  4. Tristan Hines is the best all around player in the Huron league in my opinion cc’s offensive play calling the last drive and lack of the use of Caden smith resulted in them loosing just me though thoughts ?

    1. Cc dad – SMCC’s biggest problem last night was their inability to sustain the long 9 or 10 min drive like in years past. They got the ball back up 1 after Milan failed to convert 2 point conversion. Got the ball at their own 35 yard line with 10:39 left in the game. Drive stalled after one first down. They need to improve the line of scrimmage. They needed to piece together a drive that took most of the quarter. 4 or 5 yard runs is all cc needed and a score there. It would have forced Milan to use timeouts on defense and then put the ball in the air to try and go back down and score. Central relied on their experienced backs in the end with Bergmoser, Morgan, and Cousino. Can’t blame the staff there those three have the experience and playmaking ability to take one to the house on any play. Smith struggled to get the edge the way Milan was crashing the ends and corners. Hats off to Milan they made big plays and stops when needed.

      1. I agree totally with you Armchair Anylist- CC could not grind out a long sustained drive of ( 3-4 yards a carry ) on their early 4th quarter possession like in years past.
        Milan just made some good stops. I was surprised the Oline could not open up bigger holes.

    1. Apparently there was a safety on the last play of the game I missed.

      According to the BD Athletics Twitter, the final score was Britton-Deerfield 34 Summerfield 30

  5. Tristen Hines official statline

    36 Carries
    164 Yards Rushing
    2 Rushing Touchdowns

    6-12 Passing
    155 Yards
    2 Touchdowns

    1 Interception
    4 Tackles

  6. Tristen Hines uses a nasty stop and go move to shake several defenders and score from the 5-yard line. Then he lofts a soft pass towards the corner of the end zone to hit Jett Isaacs is stride for the two-point conversion. Milan now leads 28-21. Less than a minute to go in this one.

  7. Kendrick McBride shook his defender after a short catch, taking it in from 15 yards out. The Big Reds go for two but are stopped short by Saint Mary’s. SMCC still leads 21 to 20. 10:29 4th.

    1. Not gonna lie when I saw SMCC had a early 2 score lead I couldn’t wait to say I told you so. But as usual Chris and Gary are proven to be the 2 smartest guys in the room. Sounds like it was a heck of a game.

  8. St Mary’s moved the ball down the field in chunks, scoring the second half’s first touchdown. Two point conversion is good. Smcc 21, Milan 14. 8:01 3rd.

  9. Milan strikes back quickly through the air. Kendrick McBride halls in a long pass from Hines to take it the rest of the way. SMCC 13-7. 5:94 2nd.

    1. What is this the Tristen show?? He is NOT the only player on that team!! I believe he’s a very talented player, but you got to ALSO give it up to his O line and other skill players for helping him get to where he’s at! Milan’s on the move as a TEAM, you should show props to ALL THE kids!!

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