Week 1 Playoff Scores

Please submit your scores at the quarter and half. I will try and update them ASAP.

Carlson 8 Riverview 22 final

Milan 14 Airport 13 final

SMCC 39 Clintondale 14 final

Bedford 7 King 45 final

Dundee 28 Robichaud 29 final

Whiteford 16 Shrine 21 final

62 thoughts on “Week 1 Playoff Scores”

  1. Support the Program

    Incredible… some of you so called Airport “supporters” are ridiculous. With “supporters like you who needs detractors. Funny thing is you were the same ones talking about “oh well so and so graduated so they’re going to take a step back”…. None of you thought this team was going to be as successful as it was (including the gentlemen that run this blog) and instead of congratulating this team and it’s coaching staff on a great season, you jump on here and hide behind your anonymity and take every opportunity to bash the coaching staff. First playoff appearance in seven seasons (which none of you thought would happen) and no words of support at all. This program was about as low as you could possibly be and finally has success and all you can do is focus on the negative.Who cares about your so called “resume”?… don’t see you out there contributing to the program.

    1. The Troll with a Hot Girlfriend

      Hey I am a airport fan and I love airport football. The program had a great year and I am very proud. We just like to hypothesize about what could have happened. I work late or I would be assistant coaching airport but since I can’t I have to give my two cents on here.

    2. Not to pat myself on the back but in my preseason picks I did say Airport had a good chance to make the playoffs. I said they would be underdogs to SMCC Riverview and Milan and had a good shot to beat everybody else, go back and check Airport’s season preview.

          1. I’m not trying to be a jerk , but on 8/17/18 you write “ I’m calling it now, the defense will be good enough to return Airport to the playoffs.” EM

            Just saying! 😀

        1. Seriously though yes Airport did lose alot of skill position guys from last year. But I figured they would be alright this year cause they returned alot on the O and D lines and I knew they’d be in good hands with Blankenship at QB.

  2. I don’t know how good Saline was this year but Belleville smashed them 49-10. Will belleville be in the finals this year do you guys all think?

    Close one for whiteford

  3. i am a coach.
    jets vs milan truly a great game. it had it all.
    big hits, big blocks, HUGE plays called back by penalties, huge kick returns and trick plays. great game to watch.
    great defensive battle.
    14-7 with 2:30 seconds left in the 1st quarter.
    Not another score until 2:06 left in the 4th.
    going for 2 for the win?!…with the way the game was going, a super muddy field, jets D shutting down the most dangerous player (perhaps in the region) Hines for 3 quarters…100% i am going for the win! my best vs your best lets go!
    Pac met by 3 defenders at goal line and he just came up a ball length short.
    heart breaking but motivation to come back even stronger next season.
    i got an end zone video of it on FB.
    great jobs Jets i am proud of all of you on a fine season.
    good luck Milan represent boys

  4. Congrats to Huron League teams – the league faired much better than most leagues…SMCC, Riverview & Milan advance!

    Congrats to Airport – on a night of HUGE upsets in the playoffs…HUGE…they were one yard away from it as well. We will have a new state champ at D1-D4 for sure…crazy night for HS playoffs…almost like the first weekend of NCAA March Madness. Airport played great.

    And, Milan advances – the boys have a chance to win 11 games and a district title…rare air for Milan football program in its entire history. The Milan defense did their thing all night. Maybe not going to get that “player of the week” honors…but this “no-name” Milan Defense showed, as one Milan parent coined last week, that this is a “Team Thang” here in Milan. Incredible effort and when it mattered, the boys did their thing!

  5. How about a little noise for that Pirate defense who shut out Carlson after giving up a TD w 7:55 to go in the second?
    And I’m seeing that love for the HL who went 3-1. Maybe the only reason they weren’t 4-0 was 2 had to play each other. Either way, keep reppin’ the League!

  6. I BIG Thank You to Monroe County Radio for broadcasting the Milan Airport game so those of us in Texas could follow along. Very much appreciate it.

  7. Falcons have no shot at beating Ithaca in the finals this year

    Riverview s gonna take down AP
    Early Prediction RIV 26 AP 13

    Milan handles Romulus Summit Academy North easily. I got em by 22

    1. Ithaca lost to Sanford-Meridian 19-14 … Good thing SMCC doesn’t have to worry about losing to the now…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. I bet you’re a salty airport fan who is mad they just lost and is frustrated that smcc keeps making playoff runs year after year. The last time airport won a playoff game, the kids on the current varsity team were 4-6 years old. And don’t give me the “CC plays easy teams in d-6.” When you guys haven’t beaten us in 8 years.

        1. SMCC matches up very well vs power running teams(view). Speed on the edges will be the challenge for the Falcons. They will see it next Friday.

          1. I realize this team was not very disciplined that cc just played. but there were a few time where there QB/RB got outside the tackles and our D ends and linebackers bounced them wide and our safeties came and filled there hole. looked good on the edge this Friday. have to be pleased with that.

  8. A huge huge thank you to the Monroe County radio for covering the game and allowing those of us down here in Texas the opportunity to listen to the game. Go Big Reds

    1. Wow !!! You think the coach would learn, and do not tell me it was the right call like someone posted when they lost to Riverview. Wrong call then and wrong call tonight. IF IT WAS THE RIGHT CALL THEY WOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!

          1. You Monday Morning QB’s are awesome. You should really bring your wisdom to the sidelines…but I’m guessing you’ve never coached or played a down. Going for 2 or kicking the PAT is a feel call for a coach. Trying to say one is right or wrong proves you don’t know the game.

          2. Coached many games and at many levels, peewee through College after playing 4 years of college ball. the game was close and they KIDS proved that they could stop them. You put points one the board when you can. A tie at that moment would have been huge and motivating.
            O yes and for Mrs Falcons Alum it looks like the coaches “feel” for the game was not only wrong once but guess what again . And trust me you never coached a game.

          3. Not Trying to beat this dead horse, but blog master come on? Saying you question a call is not calling out a coaches life of work and saying that person sucks, just at that moment that person thought he made the wrong call. You go after that person by basically name calling ” Armchair Coach” . Not sure why you defended the coach so fast, they are grown men and get paid to be out there(not much I know). I really have no opinion on going for two or the PAT, that is a call with his team and coaching staff. I do not know the kids nor was I at the game. My bigger beef is with the FNV staff for allowing Frank on the PODCAST few weeks ago calling two HS teams “Honorable” which is against the kids & the coaches but neither one of you defended those kids or coaches. I sure would hope you have a better stance on not allowing anyone from your staff or on posts to call out KIDS like that or Coaches. Not sure if you will post this, but its more for the FNV staff anyway. I know kids on one of the teams called out and they did not appreciate the word Honorable from people they respected and watch the blog

          4. Honorable? Calling someone honorable is bad?

            I don’t know what part of the podcast you are referring to or which podcast for that matter. I guess I’m confused. Can you clarify?

          5. GT bro what in the heck are you talking about. stop getting on my guy Gary man. if you do not like there opinion then get off the blog buddy boi

          6. We have to remind ourselves, that the 100 good things you say or do will be overshadowed by the 1 bad. Human nature.

      1. No, they would have tied, had to turn the ball over to Milan, prevent them from scoring, go into overtime and score again to win. Airport would not have won by going for an extra point, they would have tied it up. Milan beat Airport twice in a season. It was super close but at this point, thats what matters. Milan remains undefeated, 10-0.

        1. I understood why we went for 2 against Riverview. In OT it’s hard to stop the T from the 10 yard line. In a defensive battle against Milan you kick the PAT, hold tight the last 2 minutes, then see what happens in OT. As far as being at the game, no Chris you don’t have to be at the game but every time someone puts their 2 cents in and it involves criticizing the coaches you chime in to call a mad parent or whoever it might be an armchair quarterback. Let em talk!

          1. Blog master, any time you want to meet up for a beer and compare coaching experiences name the place and time.

          2. Not really interested in spending any time with a so-called coach or former coach that would come on this blog within minutes of a game ending and criticize a high school coach for going for two to win the game. Feel free to enjoy the beer by yourself while looking at your own resume. Personally I would rather have a beer with Coach Duffy and his staff and talk about Airports best season in a long time. Good day!

      2. I personally would have kicked it and taken my chances in OT. Yet with being on the road with a chance to beat an undefeated team I understand the call. The only thing I didn’t agree with was the play call but I’m not the coach either. All I know is this Airport team lost a LOT of talent last year and went out and had a very special year which I believe shows what a great “team” this is. Great season this year Jets, it was a pleasure to watch you every week.

    1. #BuildingChampions

      The Airport 2 point conversion was the right call. Milan was picking up multiple 1st downs on drives all night until a mistake or one good play on defense would stop a drive.

      Our Jets would struggle and need a great play on a fourth down to keep an offensive drive alive.

      The 4th quarter Airport offensive drive was masterful. Excellent conversions, perfect play calls.

      You go for the win on the road against a silenced, undefeated home crowd. It was a great drive, great game, and a great call to go for two.

      Our boys will grow tremendously from Coach Duffy believing in them in that moment.

      I’m pretty sure a red flag comes out from the sideline on a Sunday and a call might be reversed…. with about 2:04 to play Milan might have needed a kick return or a quick drive to win 20-15.

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