2020 Senior Spotlight

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Friday Night Victors will be honoring those 2020 graduating seniors who played for one of the FNV teams that we covered during the 2019 football season.

Please feel free to send the following information to the FNV staff @ fridaynightvictors@gmail.com . This can be written by the student or a parent.

Please include the following:

Student name and school along with, a brief written Bio about your accomplishments in high school whether they are academically, athletically, or quite frankly anything else that is positive. You can include any scholarships, plans for college, or your future. You may include your GPA if you like and any awards received throughout your high school years. Please be sure to send an official senior portrait that will be included in the heading of the post. You can also send a football photo for us to include somewhere in the body of the text.

We will not be writing these. We will simply copy and paste these. We will edit if necessary.

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