Are You Ready For Some Football?

The MHSAA approved football for 2020 after Governor Whitmer decided on Thursday to not stand in the way of the season moving forward.

Practice will start on Tuesday, September 8th. The MHSAA football season will start on Thursday September 18th which is week 4 of the season. All teams will play their regularly scheduled weeks 4 through 9 and every team will make the playoffs. The MHSAA may have to expand from 8 divisions to 10 to make sure there is enough room for all teams.

Hat’s off to the many people from around the state who made this whole thing happen; including MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl, the Executive Council, AD’s, Coaches and of course, Jayme McElvany and the “Let Michigan High School Football Play” FaceBook page and it’s followers.

Look for coverage from FNV starting with our team previews as early as next week.

27 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football?”

  1. So glad for the kids there will be a season, even if it’s a shortened one. Good luck to all the area teams as they start practice today.

  2. not going to lie. idk if i like how quick of a turn around this is. giving the kids 2 weeks to back into football shape. hope we do not see injuries. glad they are playing cuz wats a MI fall without HS football. just a little worried

      1. i bet we will see an increase in injuries this year. people underestimate how important lifting is for injury prevention

          1. school weight rooms were not open. so they were just doing body weight stuff. not the same as lifting with weights.

          2. I think everybody understands that weight rooms weren’t open. But if you think most kids weren’t lifting, you must not of been one of the ones lifting. I’m just playing with you. 😀

          3. Most of the kids I know have been lifting all summer… barns, basements, garages. There’s a reason 45 lb Olympic plated are going for 800.00 on Amazon.

          4. okayyy okayyyy chris you got me lol. no ya I totally understand that kids are lifting by themselves which is good. i am just worried all i am saying. just looking out for the kids man

        1. The Kids will be fine. I didn’t play football in high school but I still lifted. This is exactly why they need to get out and play. Get them off of the couch, get outside and let them run hit and play. The kids need it mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

          1. agreeed 100000% for their mental health, especially for the seniors, could not imagine being one of them during this rollercoaster of a ride. Physically yes to get them off the couch. I just think people don’t realize how hard and gruesome a HS football season is. When you do not have the muscle or the extra pounds that you had before your body can tear down much easier and quicker. Ik this might be a conservative mind set about the kids coming back, but just trying to worry about their health.

  3. The limit at outdoor events in this area is 100. That includes officials, players, media, anyone that is working on the sidelines. So I am figuring no fans. Some schools with big teams are not going to bring all their players.

    1. Just a guy who knows things.

      You are not completely wrong. There is a limit on outdoor gatherings in our area of 100. However, If you read the new EO you will see that there is another category that addresses organized sports. That section allows 2 tickets per participant.

        1. Just a guy who knows things

          Two tickets per participant.

          This might help clear things up.

          The EO reads as;
          For indoor organized sports competitions, sports organizers must ensure that the live audience is limited to the guests of the athletes with each athlete designating up to two guests. For outdoor organized sports competitions, sports organizers must ensure that either (i) the live audience is limited to the guests of the participants with each athlete designating up to two guests or (ii) the live audience is limited to the extent that 100 people or fewer are gathered for the event including all participants (athletes, coaches, staff, etc.).
          OR is used between the two sections. Here are the two ways in which outdoor events are handled:

          1.) Each participant gets 2 guests… in determining the number of spectators, take your number of participants x 2 = number of spectators. There is no total limit or cap here as it’s based on the number of participants.
          2.) There are no limits on guests….imagine a very small competition that has 20 total participants. In this scenario, you could have more than 2 spectators per participant but the TOTAL limit is 100. So in this small competition, participants could have more than 2 guests but the total number could not exceed 100 persons.

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