Friday Night Scores

MHSAA Scores

Monroe 26 Pinckney 20 OT

Riverview 35 SMCC 7

Huron 34 Airport 14

Carlson 45 Taylor 6

Bedford 42 Melvindale ABT 0

Mason 54 Summerfield 21

Clinton 49 Ida 28

Grosse Ile 35 Jefferson 14

Madison 42 Whiteford 24

Milan 59 Flat Rock 14

Blissfield 48 Dundee 6

Morenci 56 Britton-Deerfield 12

Riverview GR 61 UNiversity Liggett 27

Flint Beecher 27 AAGR19

Mason 34 Haslett 26

Olivet 47 Leslie 13

Martin 60 Tri-Unity Christian 20

Advanced Tech 30 Lutheran Northwest 0

55 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. I’m excited for the Pirates this year. Lots of talent at a lot of positions. It may be difficult to game plan for them. I’m interested to see them match up w a Milan team that had 59 (!!!) first half points. They have great kids and a great program down there, just like CC.

    Speaking of CC, I think Gary at least hinted at it but the last time CC was “down” I believe they won their last 7 and made a nice post season push. I see no reason not to expect the same.

    A little disappointed we won’t get to play Huron this year. They’ve had a lot of talent for the last few seasons and it seems like they’ve finally found the coaching mix they’ve needed.

      1. That could be interesting. Most of these teams will just be getting into a rhythm for the playoffs. It really is a shame we didn’t get to see a full HL season this year. There are still a lot of good matchups on the schedule but I have a feeling there’s going to be some “what if” questions left out there.

  2. WOW! riverview is good and the new Qb can run and pass something riverview hasn’t had in awhile, they are dangerous behind him, moultrie, and lopez.

    1. Weapons all over the field this year! Puma is incredibly fast and you’ve got at least 3 TEs with size and soft hands. Probably going to see a steady diet of the air attack this season and Thompson is ready to lead it!

  3. Chris was right about Isaac Smith from Huron, one of the best athletes in the league for sure. 4 touchdowns last night, including the opening kick return. Didn’t hurt that the QB is pretty good too, but Smith is special.

    1. I.S. “IS” the real deal. Kid played solid from start to finish. QB from Huron is good but the difference was the “IS”! He made his QB better and the Jets just had no answer for him. Period. That was difference of the game.
      PS. I patented/copyrighted “IS” shirts with his image already.

  4. I’m sure I speak for everyone in Dundee when I say how proud I am to see they finally got rid of the T and modernized their offense.. it looked really good last night and I can’t wait for our trip to ford field !! To fast to furious

    1. Dundee ain’t built to spread you out.. we got tough hard nose kids that can pound the ball.this spread you out and pass every down isn’t gonna work as a clear indication was shown last night.and wat defense is that?never seen a high school team stack like that 1st and 10 (running down) and we’re playing a prevent a score from 60 yards out.blows my mind this ain’t arizona high school football opinion is we don’t have the speed for the offense and defense your running.

      1. You do realize Dundee made it to the playoffs every year from 2010-2014 running the spread and only 1 year since running the T. Yes, Dundee has tough kids, but not big kids. Hard to compete with the lack of size up front. Spread them out and let them use their speed and athleticism. An entire new offense was put in within a few weeks. Give it time..

        1. Not taking sides. Just keeping it real.

          Dundee averaged more points in last 5 years running the T, than any other 5 year period.

          1. Dundee will have a deep run in the playoffs this season just watch…

            Since everyone qualifies they are assessing the players and will be locked and loaded come playoff time..

            To fast to furious

            Let the ball fly

        2. Ya they built their offense around the personel they had them years.. we don’t have a daniel bolster at QB no more that kid was special.we need to plan around our strengths.just my opinion.

        3. As someone who has lived in Dundee since 1990, this is our problem. We get a coach and immediately start to complain and run him off in a few years. People in this town only care about wrestling, every other sport is an after thought.

          This coach has had 2 months to put in his offense and people already are complaining saying it won’t work. The boys on the team will read this blog and I am sure some of them already are looking forward to wrestling season because people won’t complain about that. The people talking about 21 point wins and Ford Field need to see a doctor though, how about just encouraging the kids to try their best with the cards they have been dealt?

          Their last coach left for “health reasons” and was back coaching at his alma mater within months. He left them high and dry then covid hit so the AD had to do the best he could to find a competent coach to take the program to the next level.

          For once Dundee, lets get behind our coach and actually stick behind him. Its almost comical how many times the board of education, the AD, or superintendent has run a good coach out of town because certain “name” families in the district complained and were looking out for the interest of their own children.

          1. Dundee hire was planned from the start… I applied and didn’t even get an interview. I have coached as a DC,OC and an intern HC and multiple schools and have league titles on my resume and wasn’t even contacted… another guy I know who has a state title in Michigan to his name didn’t get contacted either.

            Not throwing shade one way or other but that job was his before it was posted open..

            Az to Dundee is made behind scenes

            Also I know the former HC and health issues could be very true bc there is a lot that goes into it as a HC that you don’t need to worry about as a basic ast coach so very easily a true step down reason to slow down the mental demands

            Hope the kids in Dundee the best but we all saw how fast spread worked with blissfield a few years ago wasn’t he a AZ coach also ???? Lol

          2. In fairness, not many people know what goes into hiring a coach and who knows who really applied for the job? Also, I think admins do have a plan when they go into the hiring process. Maybe yourself or this other guy didn’t appeal to what the admins were looking for.

          3. Let it go. I am sure Coach Crow would rather have the support of the community he has just moved across the country for then comparison to past seasons. Coach Crow is going to do his best to get the kids prepared for Onsted and Mac is doing his job at CC. Knowing Coach Mac, I know he would be disappointed at what is being said on here as well as he has always said how his players are like family to him.

            The problems at Dundee will never be fixed on a high school football blog. Lets encourage the kids and coaches instead of tearing them down after 1 single game of a season that almost didn’t happen at all!!

  5. More serious question: Saturday morning and only 27 comments on the blog. What happened to the days of over 100 comments? It’s hard to troll with very few comments…

      1. Of course I’m trolling the blog…I’ve been trolling for about 8 years now. I mean, the comments are great. Such as, Dundee switching to a spread and apparently going to Ford Field. Only schools that can run the spread year after year are probably Monroe and Bedford-they have the kids to do it. Somehow Milan is running it very well but I think Hoskins is the man right now. However, T is hands down the best offense for high school football. Cant go wrong with it.

      1. I think its safe to say the SMCC dynasty is over for a little bit. I haven’t seen in SMCC team that bad in a long time.

        1. Lots of mistakes by the Falcons. But tell me, we’re they outplayed at the line of scrimmage?

          Once SMCC cleans things up a bit, I think they will be just fine.

    1. SMCC made way too many costly mistakes. Fumbled punt(led to a score), a scoop and score fumble from the 25. Silly penalties. They looked young. Inexperienced. Timid.

      But there is a ton of talent.

      View is solid everywhere. Lockhart is a beast. Lopez. Thompson the QB. All good. Definitely a team that can win the HL.

      However from the line of scrimmage, nothing separates the two teams. The difference was the experience, the composure of the Pirates.

      1. The falcons definitely looked young. The good news is everyone makes the playoffs this year and the SMCC coaching staff won’t give up on these kids. They had a few kids at positions they haven’t played much of. You have to remember they had a lot of experienced starters the past few years. This year you virtually have 3 or 4 with significant play time. I have a hunch they should hit their stride at the right time, but then again division 7 is a gauntlet this year. They’ll make some noise at the right time.

      2. That new Qb for riverview makes them 2 times better he can run like none other and can throw out of that offense, they are very dangerous.

  6. Wow what a game up in Pinckney the trojans pulled out a tough 26-20 OT win against a very game pirates team very impressed with monroe’s front line this game.

  7. Awful second half by milan. You put up 59 in the first half and then a goose egg the last two quarters? Whatever happened to running up the score?

    1. You can run up the score, or you can get other players in once the game is in hand. Younger players bennifits from playing. You should take a longer view.

      1. Flat Rock also had the ball for like 16 minutes of the 2nd half, going 90+ yards down the field for that TD. Flat Rock didn’t just roll over after halftime.

  8. Shout out Anna Shumate a tik tok celebrity from Grosse Ile using her HUGE following of 4.7 millions followers to raise support for the Devils to be able to live stream their season. Hit that Renegade Anna!!!!!!

  9. Like I said before every game last year-give the RocK to PAC!! He needs 30+ carries for Airport to stand a chance. (Just hand the ball off-don’t complicate things).

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