Friday Night Scores

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Dundee 14 Father Gabriel Richard 3 Final

Dearborn 20 Monroe 15 Final

Bedford 14 Franklin 35 Final

Melvindale 6 Riverview 59 Final

Carlson 0 Rouge 21 Final

Anderson 14 Huron 42 Final

Romulus 26 Airport 40 Final

Flat Rock 6 Summit 56 Final

Jefferson 28 Grosse Ile 45 Final

Advanced Tech 12 Ida 56 Final

Ecorse 0 Erie Mason 56 Final

Leslie 20 SMCC 40 Final

Summerfield 41 Cabrini 0 Final

Britton-Deerfield 26 Whiteford 58 Final

Milan 1 Adrian 0 Final-forfeit

Gabriel Richard 42 Springport 6 Final

34 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. I’m excited for Clinton and mason and if mason wins them and winner of bliss and ida

    I wanna see how they would have done had they stayed in the lcaa could they have won there? We’ll find out

    Should be fun next two weeks

  2. Thank you Chris and Gary for being the only people outside of Dundee who believed in the Vikings as they won their second playoff game in school history! The D silenced the haters tonight! Go Vikings~Blue Pride!

  3. Dundee Board of Education needs to make an exception on allowing Head Coaches to be administrators. Congratulations to the Vikings on their big playoff win over Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard who everyone thought was going to blow them out!

  4. CC’s offense is really clicking. I’m impressed with how they can run it down your throats and nail you with chunk pass plays

  5. I’m sorry,
    Football is not near what is once was around these parts.
    What the heck is going on? Soccer taking over or what?

    1. I agree 100 percent
      Not to mention every team made playoffs some got dusted some took kids out early
      Not a Belleville were you run it up and say stop me if you can and coach don’t care!!!
      That’s where you want to be at
      Let’s see how second round fairs for a lot of these GOOD teams that have dominated against BAD teams
      My prediction most lose if not all

    2. I think the “toughness” factor has definitely changed. You really don’t see the hard hitting games that you use too. However I do think speed and agility has improved greatly. Passing and spread offenses have changed the game as well. Hard to be physical when a team is spreading it out and passing all over you.

  6. Nik Hammond scores for the 2nd time tonight; 2 pt no good
    Romulus returns their 2nd kickoff tonight, on the ensuing kickoff. 2 pt no good for the Eagles.
    3Q — Airport 34, Romulus 20

  7. I don’t very often get an opportunity to watch Michigan high school football since I move down to Texas a year ago from the Huron League, so I’m very thankful that I was forwarded the link to watch the Airport and Romulus game tonight. While I don’t normally make overall statements like this, the officiating crew at Airport was certainly not the best that Michigan has to offer. The roughing the punter call they made that lead to an airport touchdown was complete nonsense.

    1. He ran into the kicker! I have a great photo of it up close from the side line. but can’t post it on here. but you’re More than welcome to view on my FB page. Look at
      Jets vs. Romulus 10/30/20 part 3 Picture #11
      And if anyone knows any Romulus parents let them know I put 170+ pics and vids on there.

  8. Nik Hammond adds onto the Jet lead with a 25 yard TD reception from Cooper Nye; 2 pt good on a Jacob Pac run
    Under a minute to play in the half — Airport 28, Romulus 8

  9. Jacob Pac scores for the 2nd time; 2 pt good.
    Romulus responds with a 75 yard return on the ensuing kickoff; 2 pt for Eagles good.

    2Q: Airport 20, Romulus 8

  10. Jacob Pac 50 yard run puts Airport on the board (watching the game via stream, for the record).
    1Q — Airport 6, Romulus 0

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