FNV Playoff Thoughts and Questions

That might have been the nicest night for MHSAA football during this 2020 season. It was absolutely gorgeous out.

That was a tall task for a young Airport squad, probably a year or two away.

Sounds like Dundee got a heavy dose of Joe Pizzo and Nate Brown last night.

Congrats on a great season Erie Mason, Clinton has a fine team.

I told you, even years are good for Grosse Ile. Yes, even 2020.

I was a little surprised by that Huron/Allen Park score.

I was really hoping Ida would win last night.

Hats off to Milan and that coaching staff over there. Love their offensive philosophy.

I thought Riverview played well. They were just beat by a great team.

Sounds like SMCC needed a miracle down 14 with 6 minutes to go and they got it.

Nice victory by Coach Lipka and his Summerfield Bulldogs!

Sounds like it was a great game over Cabrini last night between Detroit Leadership and Whiteford.

While walking by the River Rouge team last night, I thought “these lineman look like NFL players”.

I might go see that Grosse Ile/Summit game next week. Should be a lot of offense.

Maybe I’ll make my first trip ever over to Whiteford instead and see the Bobcats and Bulldogs tangle again.

Jackson Lumen Christi at SMCC is very appealing too. I wonder if Mike Lusch would save me a seat over at Navarre?

You would think that people, especially so-called administrators would know the Covid protocols and MHSAA ticket policies for getting into games.

I think I deserve at shot at color guy for one of these MHSAA football broadcast. I think I could kill it!

Sorry, for the slow reporting of scores last night, I don’t think anyone can get a signal in Riverview.

Do most high school fans tailgate before playoff games?

There were 5 forfeit games last night and 3 forfeits scheduled for today. I hope we can get through this damn thing.

Let me know where I should go on Friday next week. I’m open to seeing anyone unless I get my shot!

16 thoughts on “FNV Playoff Thoughts and Questions”

  1. Feel like riverview would have given them a better chance putting the ball in the Qb, Thompson’s hands more then they did not just when things didn’t go good. Hopefully they switch it up and get the ball in his hands a lot more next year. Great arm that is overshadowed in the T offense and he runs hard and can make people miss. Looks like it’s time for riverview to switch it up a little bit on Offense. A lot of Skill and heart on that team can’t wait to see Lockhart, Kincaid, Johnson, Puma, and Blackwood led by Thompson next year.

  2. Big win by those Devils! Keep it up! Love following you guys even from across the state (big thanks for the blog and keeping us ex-Huron Leaguers in the loop)!

  3. JLC vs. SMCC looks great on paper and that is where it ends. SMCC has surprised me with how their season has gone this year. After their first game, I expected them to beat Flat Rock and Jefferson and lose in round 1. Kudos to their team and the coaching staff for making improvements every week but JLC is on another planet of talent. Great season Falcons

  4. Congrats Milan, Huron, Grosse Ile, SMCC,
    Good luck next week.
    Michigan, Michigan State you suck
    Lions- you suck too.
    Chris- stick to the blog

  5. Do you believe the refs weren’t of the greatest caliber at the Riverview game? A few calls were openly missed I mean geez.

    1. I think there was one ref that was horrible. Every call he made (or didn’t make) was wrong. But still wouldn’t have helped Riverview win. Rouge was still better, with or without the help

      1. You are absolutely correct! Rouge was huge! Stronger and more athletic. However the Riverview boys were playing their hearts out against a team that needed no help! But they conveniently got it the form of calls and no calls all night. The ref. In question killed several pirate drives when the game was close. One that would have pulled them within two. Not saying Riverview would have won, Rouge is that talented, but damn they didn’t need the help. Good luck to Huron next week! Hope that guy is not working your game.

    2. They definitely weren’t the best. Their calls or lack of calls were horrible. The player the body slammed the View player should have been ejected. So many injuries from this one game. Not going to put the blame the outcome completely on the refs but, they definitely changed the momentum of this game. Great season Bucs!

      1. I thought the refs were okay. I didn’t feel as if they changed the outcome of the game. There were a few questionable calls, but that happens in every game. I can think of 3 calls that were botched, but whatever.

        I thought the play where the Riverview player was slammed to the ground was because he left his feet. The Rouge player hit him square and finished his tackle. They gave him 15 yards, but I didn’t think it warranted an ejection.

        Just my two-cents from an unbiased point of view. I do wonder though if that was a regular crew or a blended crew. They didn’t appear to be on the same page a few times. My guess is a blended crew. Like I said earlier, I didn’t feel they changed the outcome of the game.

        1. Let’s start with the positive: Rouge has shutout almost everyone they’ve played so far and we put 20 on them and it could have easily been more. That just doesn’t count for much when you expect to win and not just keep it close.

          I admit my bias, but watching our livestream back, Puma definitely didn’t leave his feet on his own. He was picked up and the whistle blew several times before the slam. They weren’t a dirty team, so it’s definitely not a complaint like that. We’ve been around the Rouge program and coaches for a long time even from little league and I like everyone I’ve talked to from the program. In this moment, it felt more like they finished the play because they knew it would look sick on social. But given that it was blatant and AFTER the whistle it warranted more than 15. The rest of that game would have felt right.

          IDK, I’ve watched my film, Hudl and the livestream and our ends were held both ways all game as well as several other players throughout the game. But there were other plays I lost my mind over in person that turned out to be the right call watching it back like the late hit called on our sideline.

          Don’t get me wrong, the better team won and I’m not a “That cost us the game!” guy but we did have a 14-6 lead before a PI call and that 4 minute stretch that changed the game right before the half. I believe we had a puncher’s chance and were trading blows but being penalized more Friday night than we were probably all 7 games prior combined didn’t help.

          1. You gave yourself a chance to win. You came out of the blocks strong and werent timid at all.
            Things had to go perfectly against a team like Rouge.
            They didnt go as perfectly as hoped… but You were in the game for a good portion of it.
            The Pirates should be very proud of the effort and of their season.
            You made yourselves and the Huron League look good.

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