Friday Night Victors Scores

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River Rouge 38 Riverview 20 final

Huron 30 Allen Park 14 final

Milan 34 Airport 8 final

Ida 14 Blissfield 21 final

Erie Mason 24 Clinton 42 final

Whiteford 46 Detroit Leadership 34 final

Summerfield 29 Detroit Southeastern 20 final

SMCC 41 Grass Lake 35 final

Dundee 28 Grosse Ile 47 final

55 thoughts on “Friday Night Victors Scores”

    1. First time all season that Sand Creek has had it’s starting line on both sides of the ball and you could tell the difference on every snap and how about the TCC with three teams in the district finals!

  1. Do people not realize how good Clinton really is? They have a chance to win the state title. Erie Mason had a really nice season and just lost to a better team. Congrats to the Eagles! Sometimes comments get through that we would rather not have on the blog. Just know that you’re going to run into this in life (negative comments from yahoos) Just shrug it off, consider the source and move on.

    1. As I stated earlier on this blog, Clinton was my pre-season pick to win division 6. Nothing has happened to change my mind.Congratulations to that group of Seniors at Erie Mason. You’ve given the kids coming after you something to be proud of and to build on. That’s how programs are built!

  2. It is pathetic to see what I’m sure is adults on celebrating Mason’s defeat tonight. You people do realize that members of their team, kids, likely read this blog? For some of them, turning around a terrible program into a winning season could be the highlight of their lives. It will surely be a proud memory they should have forever but instead we have adults who would rather tear down a group of kids BECAUSE OF THE SCHEDULE THEY PLAYED. Any high schooler in 2020 already has enough to worry about in this F’d up world right now.

    Congratulations to all the Monroe County teams who advanced tonight, especially SMCC and Summerfield.

  3. I truly think there is more courage in trying something new and failing than
    there is in running the same thing over and over again just to say your

    Grass Lake was the way more exciting and talented team tonight even
    though then ended up losing. I’m sure they haven’t had the same offense
    for 45 years.

    1. Armchair Analyst

      How about we give credit where credit is due. Grass lake came out and punched cc in the mouth. Central finally woke up in the 4th quarter and ran off 21 unanswered. Grass lake hats off to them physical and won the battle of the line of scrimmage for 3 quarters. If you look around the state teams with consistent systems breed success. Hats of to grass lake they have a great program out there. They need to keep their heads up.

    2. Smcc has only been running the T since 1997 I do believe. That being said they have won 2 state championships and been to 3 other finals I know for a fact every team in the county would take that over and over. The team you said was more fun to watch isn’t practicing this coming week!!! I for one don’t want coach Kipf and the falcons changing anything!!! Good luck to all the remaining teams!

      1. Agreed!

        53 playoff wins in program history. 53!!! Milan, Monroe, Jefferson, Airport are respected programs with great tradition in the past but I am sure if someone took the time to break down how many playoff wins that SMCC has had since installing the T in 2002 it wouldn’t compare to anyone else. Maybe this Friday is the last game of their 2020 season because Lumen Christi is that good, but you have to give Coach Kipf and his staff credit for the job they have done. It is not easy to replace 17 of 22 starters from a state championship team and still have the success they have had. I have heard from a buddy of mine who coaches on their JV staff that they only lose 3 seniors on offense and 4 on defense. Coach Kipf has picked up right where Coach Giarmo left off, the tradition continues!

    3. IQ Tests Needed to Post

      So it is more important that you are enjoy the show on Friday night instead of success? I think I am dumber for have read your message. If only SMCC would run the spread then they would win state titles! Oh wait….

      Haters gonna hate, if you don’t like it, take your son somewhere else.

    4. Wow – Did you ever think that talent and excitement is in the eyes of the beholder? I would think that SMCC fans thought that that game was much more exciting to them since they did come from behind and won the game on the very last play! Yes really!

    5. this is amazing. this is wat cc wants. milan drive third quarter 2016 szn. took up 10 mins. best thing i have ever watched. i love the doubters of them.

  4. Proud of our Pirates. Rouge was a brutal second round matchup but they played with heart and our signature toughness. There was a lot to be proud of.
    Best of luck to Huron against them next week. Be ready to play physical for 4 quarters.

  5. Safe to say mason was all hype and the drop fooled y’all

    They got beat down by Clinton who didn’t win the lcaa so figure blissfield would have best thEm and ida battles blissfield tight twice so prolly ida also

    6-3 maybe for mason had they stayed in the lcaa maybe 5-4

    Improved but still smoke and mirrors show

    1. Erie Mason had a great season no matter what league they played in. Those young men put forth the effort with blood, sweat and tears to have a great season. They have taken a giant step forward for that program and the school. Clinton is no slouch, keep your heads up Eagles and congratulations on your season!

    2. “Anonymous” should be ashamed of the comments he has made against Erie Mason on this forum for the last few weeks. Erie Mason has worked hard, had a successful season and can be proud of their accomplishments. It’s easy to put others down when you are “anonymous“.

  6. 34-8. Final
    Milan looked solid tonight. Not really a fair fight for airport when you give Coach Hoskins two weeks to prep for you

  7. 27-8 Milan
    End of 3
    Milan defense stops airport twice inside the five. Once right before the half and the second time right at the end of the third-quarter

  8. 27-8 Milan
    End of 3

    Milan defense stops airport twice inside the five. Once right before the half and the second time right at the end of the third-quarter

  9. Airport chews up much of the 3rd quarter, but another Milan goal line stand turns them away with nothing. 27-8 Milan.

  10. 28-7. Milan
    Half Time

    If Airport doesn’t find a way to cover miles wide receivers in the second half, it’s going to be a long second half for the Jets

  11. Clearly someone didn’t tell Clinton that they are playing the best team ever according to this page

    How dare Clinton go up on Mason how dare they

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