Saturday Regional Scores

Milan 21 Williamston 38 4th Final

FNV Thoughts from Chris: I really enjoyed watching this game. Two very good teams, but Williamston was the better team. After halftime, the Hornets offensive line imposed their will on the game. The defense stepped up repeatedly for Williamston, stopping Milan numerous times on 4th down during the course of the game. One thing I noticed during the course of the game was the outstanding sportsmanship shown by both teams. It appeared that the kids were happy to be playing and that showed in the way they treated each other after every play.

Everest Collegiate 35 Summerfield 0 Final

FNV Thoughts from Chris: Coming into this game, I thought it would be a mismatch. By looking at the score, you would think that was the case. I watched this whole game and I would disagree with that statement. Summerfield played well on defense. They were physical and made things hard for Everest. Offensively, the Bulldogs looked a little out of sync, especially for a team that averaged 28 ppg. I think that was a combination of the layoff and obviously the ability of the Mountaineer defense. Everest has a legit shot at winning the state title behind one of the best young coaches in the state, in Michael Pruchnicki.

Lansing Catholic 28 Grosse Ile 5 Final

FNV Thoughts from Chris: I was able to watch most of the game. I thought the better team won, but I don’t think the final score was indicative of how the game went. I was super impressed with Lansing Catholic’s Alex Watters. Definitely one of the better players the Red Devils have seen all year. Grosse Ile’s Joe Pizzo was his typical self, doing everything except selling popcorn at halftime (probably because the concession stand was closed). The Grosse Ile offensive line did an excellent job of protecting QB Nate Brown against the Cougars’ excellent and stat heavy defensive line, but the LCC secondary dominated with 3 Int’s and numerous pass breakups.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Regional Scores”

  1. Chris and I have talked for a few years about the Huron League adding Ida, Dundee, Trenton, and maybe 1 more team to make a 2 division league.

    1. Gary – what would be your hypothetical Huron League with two divisions if you add Ida and Dundee. What other team would you add, and how would you align the divisions? Would there be a week 9 cross-over with 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc.

      1. Chris has some thoughts on this.

        I would do it by enrollment.

        Lessner Division

        Sandersen Division
        Flat Rock

        Play everyone in your division, then 3 crossover games.

        week 9 – 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and so on, to crown league champ.
        Or you can leave week 9 open. Schedule a non league foe.

        Pros: Would give teams like Riverview, more games against teams their size. Helping with playoff points.
        Cons: You may play a team twice from the other division.

        To be honest, I haven’t put a ton of thought into this. I know Chris has some views that are most likely much different than mine.

        1. I think Gary’s headed in the right direction with this. I’m not sure if they would play any crossover games other than what teams would want to schedule on their own. You know I think, flat rock would want to play Huron every year. Airport would want to play Jefferson every year. Riverview would need to play G.I. every year. I think you just have division champions and then maybe play the champions against each other week nine and let everyone else play whomever they like. That would be a really really nice league. I think Ida and Dundee should play SMCC every year in football. I think Trenton and Riverview should play every year in football. I don’t ever see this happening, but It does allow for some really really nice natural rivalries for teams that should play each other in football.

          1. Interesting thought, I’ve always thought something like this would be a good idea.
            Logistically I think it makes good sense for Ida and Dundee.
            I like it!!

  2. I am going off rumors I read on which is like Ohio High School Football version of mLive or Searn. I doubt any of this is true but it was an entertaining rumor none the less that Bedford, Monroe, and SMCC would apart of the major conference realignment taking place in Ohio that involves 6 leagues from the last I read.

    The last I read, Monroe and Bedford would be joining a conference similar to the old Great Lakes League that includes Whitmer, Fremont Ross, Anthony Wayne, Perrysburg, Oregon Clay, Holland Springfield and Findlay

    The “B” conference or whatever they called it would include Genoa, Oak Harbor, Maumee, Sylvania Southview, Sylvania Northview, Rossford , and SMCC.

    In a 9 game schedule with so much uncertainty for the next couple of years cause of covid, how I see Bedford and Monroe joining such a tough league. The new re-alignment is not suppose to begin until the fall of 2022 so I suppose that anything is possible and based on Bedford’s past history, I guess anything is possible but I do not see Monroe trying to make their schedule more difficult. I also do not see SMCC trying to make their travel schedule more difficult, especially more non-revenue sports. Speaking to a friend of mine who coached in the Toledo area for a decade before coming to Monroe, he said schools like to leak out rumors to get their alumni base excited. I think this may be the case here at least in the terms of Monroe and SMCC going anywhere conference wise.

    Also, speaking to a friend of mine whose spouse is an employee of Toledo Central Catholic, I can confirm that a big change is coming in conference, mostly because schools are wanting to move to a seperate Public vs. Private tournament. Since that is coming from a reputable source, I can %99.999 gurantee you that SMCC going anywhere but the Huron League isn’t happening.

    Bedford seems to be the popular suiter to join this major conference realignment in the Lucas-Fulton-Williams county which would be haul for any Monroe County team, not to mention a trip down to Findlay or Lima who hasn’t been mentioned yet. From my sources (including an AD, asst. AD.) in Lucas County this is driven by Whitmer administration and Oregon Clay administration. Hopefully our Michigan schools reject this invite and focus on whats for them.

    1. Interesting read.

      A couple of points.

      I could see Bedford making a switch based solely on travel alone. Right now their closest drive is Monroe High at 22 minutes. Tecumseh and Adrian are 42 minutes and Ypsi Lincoln is 39 minutes. The Ann Arbor Schools are all 45 minutes. That’s a bunch of travel. The rest are even further. And let’s face it, Temperance is a suburb of Toledo.

      Monroe could argue travel as well, but with some schools it would be a wash.

      No way SMCC goes anywhere. They have a nice situation in the Huron League. Travel is okay and they obviously compete and win in most everything.

      For Monroe and Bedford, the MHSAA stringent rules could be the kicker. The MHSAA is a solid organization with good people, but there is concern among many that some rules are hurting kids in our state.

    2. I talked with some folks at SMCC, they will not be joining a league in Ohio.

      I also saw something on Twitter from an individual who said they spoke to the Bedford AD.
      They also will not be joining a league in Ohio.

  3. Milan not having starting Mike Linebacker and starting left guard Noah Cartright really hurt them. He moved during the break. Having to start a Freshman at the Mike and a sophomore at LG didn’t help Milan’s chances. He was a two year start on both sides and had 44 tackles in his last two games. Congrats to Williamston though. A very good team.

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