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  1. How to stop the T = Be more physical up front, attack, and make tackles. Wow that’s like any other defense against an offense. However every offense has an adjustment to the defense and every defense has an adjustment to the offense. So then it comes down to discipline and execution by the players on the field and in game adjustments by the coaches. It’s never perfect. Players make plays. Players make mistakes. As do coaches. Then it’s field position, special teams, one on one match ups and turnover ratio.

    1. How to stop the Spread = Be more physical up front, attack, and make tackles. it comes down to discipline and execution by the players on the field and in game adjustments by the coaches. It’s never perfect. Players make plays. Players make mistakes. As do coaches. Then it’s field position, special teams, one on one match ups and turnover ratio.

  2. I have heard there is some talk at the MHSAA regarding all football teams being involved in the state playoffs.
    Have any of you guys heard something on this?

    1. There was recently a survey issued at one of our MHSAA meetings. There were 15 different survey questions. One of the questions was regarding the shortening of the season and adding a playoff game so the playoffs would include everyone. Also, a question was whether you would support keeping the current playoff point and playoff system. There was no discussion among AD’s, both questions were touched on by the MHSAA. It was strictly for data purposes for later discussion at a high level.

      1. Gary, Chris- How about we keep the playoff format the way it is. With 8 games
        After Week 8 everyone qualifies for a Week 9. The Top 32 in each division start the playoffs Week 9. Then we take the bottom 32 and find favorable matchups based on record and logistics 0-8vs 0-8 , 5-4 vs 4-5 etc.. Only problem if a Division has an odd number of teams the “ worst “ team in the division number 65 gets left out or can try to play an 0-9 from another division if possible .
        That way every team that didn’t qualify can play a team locally that’s competitive.
        This hasn’t been mentioned but I’m not a fan of the District’s being seeded locally. You could have the D8 title figured out in a pre-district which sucks for a Sand Creek or Whiteford, Addison, Hudson etc…
        My thought is 32 vs 1 etc and the Top 16 host. Reward teams that have the highest point total. After each round you take the teams that won and highest seed hosts (highest seed vs lowest) with 1-16 then 1-8
        Once you get to Semifinals you keep try and find a local field with turf and a great facility, Finals of course at Ford Field. Top seed has choice of being home or away and pick of their sideline/ locker room.

        1. Seeding 1-32. Nobody wants a 6 hour drive to play an opening round game. Which would be possible. For instance if Negaunee is seeded #1 and Napoleon #32. Thats a 6 hour and 54 minute drive to most likely lose by 100. I like seeding regionally 1-8, it wouldnt change things much, but it may keep 2 powerhouses from playing in round 1 or 2.

          I’m not sure teams or kids would want to play a consolation game in week 9.

        2. I like part of that idea. I would actually like to see the season start a week later. Play 8 games. Give the kids and parents one more week of summer. Make week 9 the first round playoffs for the top 32 in each division and allow “like teams” to schedule each other. That would give all the teams that didn’t qualify for the playoffs a chance to have a winning end of the season. For seeding purposes, you could split the state into 4 regionals and have 1 play 8, 2 play 7 and so on. This would limit big travel for the most part. Could you still have top teams in the same regional? Sure, but that happens in basketball all the time. I also disagree with reseeding. If an 8 beats a 1 seed, they should get the 4 or 5 seed not be penalized and have to potentially play the 2 seed. Reward them for pulling off the upset. Just my two cents, but I like where your head is at.

  3. Do you guys get an injury or COVID report from any teams?
    I think that can have a big impact on some games and not so much in other games.
    Just wondering.

  4. I have to say that you gentleman are looking quite swell in this video. Also, I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who reads this blog. I have done some soul searching recently and have realized that I have been in the wrong. I would like to be friends with you all if you don’t mind.

    1. @ Milan Step Dad…

      It’s all good! This blog is great for letting us folks that can’t still get on the field and play kick out some emotions.

      We are all together and one as highschool football fans but passionate about our own individual school teams we support.

      I also felt I overreacted to your comments about Flatrock being out classed when in fact all you meant was outmatched.

      We shouldn’t allow ourselves to get to sensitive but remember we are all together at the end of the day just wanting to talk some football smack so we can get in on the action. So don’t get soft on us now!

      Congrats last week. Milan put it on us, we have some significant injuries that don’t help going into that game and that will continue into SMCC this week. Whoever tagged it as the 3 game gauntlet for us said it true. We were outmatched THIS SEASON from Milan.

      Flat Rock is young and up and coming, hold on to your chin straps next year and possibly we can make some noise and a surprise or two ending out this season when every gets healthy again!


    1. Load the box with 9. I prefer an odd man front. 7-2, 5-4.

      Both corners wide as the TE’s(8-10 yards deep). Bring up “safeties” 2 and 2 off end man on line of scrimmage(outside contain, helmet on the outside with outside arm free)

      I would play head up on the NG, T and TE.
      Pinch with T and DE( no contain, pinch hard taking everyone out). LB key assignments and read(QB usually opens opposite unless its a quick dive)

      Jam the center. Follow the guards or take them out. Jam the TE’s. Tackle everyone.
      Time the snap with run blitzes in A-B gaps(can be risky).

      This is how I would start and I would probably give up 100 points.

      I watched Boyne City on Saturday try to defend TCSF’s T with a 4-3. Nope.

      1. What happens if the guards false pull? SMCC will do that. Riverview does that on their QB counter

        What’s your adjustment
        I’ll tell you mine against SMCC, if you tell me yours
        I would not read guards against SMCC and Riverview
        Nor would I Read QB facemask

        1. False pulls, dummy pulls and influence blocks are a thing. They don’t do it very often however.
          I know SMCC used an influence block to free up TJ Lovell in 2009 I think vs Consty. He went for a long run 70 yards or so.

        1. 6-2 Robber in the middle when Clinton ran it in 2015 gave SMCC fits.
          That “robber” better be the man to play that
          Which Clinton had in Sexton who is on NFL practice squads

    2. It’s really simple…… Have good players…..Base defense stops the T, but you need really good players. And if you’re short good players, you have to really scheme and do things that your team is not used to. It usually doesn’t go too well. If you watch good teams defend the T, what you usually see is a 5-2, 4-3 with the safety’s at 8 yards or so and the corners at 5 and 5. Or a team play a base 4-4 cover 3.

      However, as we know the majority of teams can’t do this so like Gary said, you have to load the box and hope you get lucky lol

      1. I like the 4-4 cover 3. Obviously gap responsibility is important, I would blitz at least (1 LB) every play up an A, B, or C gap, or just push the center back on his heels. Could also send a CB and rotate to 2 high safety. What are your thoughts on a “Viper or Rover” type player?

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