Friday Night Scores

Please submit your scores. We will get them posted ASAP. If you don’t see updated scores on the site right away, check in the comment section. Gary and Chris are super busy with their own games each Friday Night. We will do our best to stay on top of things.

Clinton 20 Ida 26 Final

Blissfield 14 Dundee 34 Final

Whiteford 32 Edon 52 Final

Summerfield 38 Pittsford 0 Final

Carlson 28 Trenton 27 Final

Saline 34 Monroe 7 Final

Bedford 30 Huron 31 Final

Riverview 34 Flat Rock 0 Final

Airport 48 Grosse Ile 7 Final

Huron 41 Jefferson 25 Final

SMCC 21 Milan 15 Final

80 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. LOVE when people bring receipts! lol!
    Anyone who has been around the HL for any length of time should know you don’t ever assume a win against CC or try calling your shot against them.

  2. Hopefully this gentleman is not a gambler, please see below:


    SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 AT 8:13 PM
    Lets be honest, even if SMCC has all their guys back, this is going to get ugly. SMCC has never been known to defend the pass and McElvany, Milan QB, can run or throw. SMCC has never seen a d-line like Milan’s either. SMCC’s Huron League Championship dreams die here. It is time to focus on the D7 playoffs

    To: Rick Beard



    Wins and Losses

    1. LOVE when people bring receipts! lol!
      Anyone who has been around the HL for any length of time should know you don’t ever assume a win against CC or try calling your shot against them.

        1. I would not have any worries about SMCC.
          They are stacked again this year. None of us can compete with their farm system. Those kids have been trained to go there, their whole life. The catholic schools in our area are pushing so hard for kids to go there, its very uncomfortable. None of us have this and none of us have kids from all over our county. Erie, Carleton, Newport, Monroe, Ida, Dundee, etc. Please don’t argue that we have school of transfer. The percentage of kids a school is required to allow to transfer is so small, it will not make an impact.
          There is a teacher shortage this year in our area, many of us have tried to recruit SMCC teachers. They all say they can’t handle the public school kids. This carries over to sports also. Its definitely not apples to apples.
          The Huron league is just a preseason for the playoffs for SMCC. SMCC should be in a league with schools like their own. Lumen Christi, Riverview GR, etc. For private schools
          to be in a public school league is just not realistic.
          Until this happens, no worries on SMCC, play your second string, or even forfeit. Save your kids for the games you can win.
          People will say suck it up, have your school do better, etc. LOL. Been here for over 30 years folks, seen it all come and go. Not going to happen. Count your losses and move on. Don’t waste your time.

          1. Funny you didn’t say this the last 3 years when CC Lost to Milan.

            Losers make excuses
            -Lou Holtz

            To prove you have no idea what you are talking about. Lumen plays all public schools and isn’t in the league Richard is in.

            It’s too bad we have people like this but this is the world we live in. I let this post through to show the idiocy of some.It’s too bad the kids have to read it, when adults take away from effort, heart, desire, and the great feeling it is to win. However, this can be a lesson well learned. No matter what, there are people in our society, like this poster, who will denigrate others just to make themselves feel better. Another anonymous keyboard warrior strikes again. Shame on you.

            I saw a great HS football game on Friday. These kids are dealing with so much these days. It was great to see the great competition that it was. No matter who won.

          1. I have to agree with reality on this one.
            SMCC is the smallest school by far in the HL.
            They have won more league, district, regional and state championships than all other larger schools.
            Is this because SMCC coaches are far superior to any HL coach?
            Do they work harder than Genoe at Jefferson or Reume at FR?
            Are the SMCC players just better and superior?
            Do SMCC players have God on their side?

            This goes for basketball, volleyball, etc etc etc.
            See Chris Schultz post about 4-5 one year, then go get the all stater from public school and bingo!
            We’re 11-1
            It’s been going on for years and everyone knows it.
            Parents pay tuition, with the understanding, their kid will be a champion in some sport.
            I know you live and bleed SMCC Gary,
            Public schools go through athletic cycles, SMCC does not , they reload. Period

          2. SMCC hasn’t won the HL since 2015 in football. Sounds dominating to me.

            Who has CC “recruited”? Where are these “studs”? Jondro? His Dad went to CC. Kemmerling? His Dad went to CC. Kincaid from View is a stud. CC HAS NOBODY like that. McElvany is a stud. CC has Nobody like that. You compared CC to Jefferson. The Bears are down, but many of their players over the years have played in the CYO. Why not compare them to Milan or Riverview?

            I am starting to see the same talk about Riverview now. The lesson is, once you become better than everyone else, the reason must be that they are doing something unfair. A post was recently made regarding a Milan player that lives next door to CC. That post was not allowed through by Chris.

            Why doesn’t anyone accuse FR or Jefferson of recruiting? Because they are down. But trust me, once they start winning, the accusations will fly. Ask Mr. Lockhart of Riverview.

            The 1983 team was all juniors. In 1984, all seniors. I think if you ask Chris, he would tell you, that CC wins the HL without Oliver. They would also make a run in the playoffs.

            SMCC is very fortunate to have great coaches.
            Are they better than everyone else’s coaches, no. But they are very good coaches. And that matters.

            Not sure what else to say to you my man. I appreciate the post. Heard it all before. But. When CC loses. I don’t hear it. Odd.

          3. These will be the last posts approved(those that denigrate and insinuate) that are not accompanied with a name and an email that I will verify. Put your name to it. It’s not hard.

          4. Actually if Oliver wouldn’t have transferred for his senior year, I think Jefferson or Riverview would have won the league. SMCC would not have made the playoffs that year with 1 loss.Kevin Oliver was unlike anyone in the league that season. I don’t remember his stats, but he had a huge year.

          5. I will also add, in the playoffs, SMCC has been knocked out by a public school 99% of the time. These schools were of the same enrollment as CC, Not D5, D4 and D3, which the HL is mainly comprised of.

          6. Milan has 25 guys year in and year out. They get the most out of what they have. I can assure you no one with any sense cares agrees with what that guy is saying. And that post isn’t from anyone from Milan. We respect SMCC. Every year is a battle. Almost a 50/50 game. Milan is 5-5 against SMCC over the last ten years. Who doesn’t live great competition and great football games. Milan is 5-5 against SMCC over the last 10 years. Over that period, no one else has beat them more then 2-3 times.

            That argument is old. No one cares. Milan had plenty of chances to win that game just like CC did over the last few years. Both have good players. Both have good coaches that get the most out of their kids. And that’s what HS football is about.
            Stop making excuses and crying about nothing.

            Milan Fan

          7. Mr. Hauf,
            You are way too biased towards SMCC.
            People can say express there opinions any way they want. I believe I have heard your a SMCC alum.
            I do complain about this every year, win or lose.
            I see this must have bothered you, you have done nothing all day but reply to that post. Must be nice.
            I have been around as long as you have, I guarantee you more people feel like I do than what you do.
            I really don’t appreciate being called idiotic.
            It’s my opinion, just like you have yours.
            It’s reality.

          8. Mr. Neutral1,

            Im not a fan of people coming on here when their team loses and degrading kids and programs.
            And not putting a name to it.

          9. SMCC recruiting trip as heard all around Monroe county:

            -Hey young man you run fast.. come to our school, we have a championship football program.

            +Wow sounds great, where is your football field? I dont see it.

            -Well its a bus ride away, along with our practice field, next to a beer distribution facility. Our team busses there every practice and game.

            +really, you dont have your own football field, next to the school, like every other school around here?

            -No but it has a cool name, Navarre, and its historic!

            +well I guess thats ok, I like busses, I play QB, I have a big arm.

            -Awesome, you can throw upwards of 30 times.

            +Oh heck ya, thats a lot, some colleges dont throw 30 times a game!

            -No, I mean 30 times a year.

            +Oh wow, thats crazy. hmmmm as you said, Im fast! I run track too. Where is your track?

            -Great our track program is really on the rise, but we dont have a track.
            We have to travel to our “track” every day and run.

            +You dont have a track either? seriously?

            -No, the first time you will run on a track is at your first meet.

            +Geez man this is just getting better and better, but I guess adversity builds character.
            My sister is a fantastic swimmer, she places first at nearly every meet. How big is your pool?

            -Well, sadly, we dont have a pool either. Our swim team gets up at 5am and practices at another local high school every morning before school.

            +5am! she isnt a morning person, Im not sure she would go for that.
            OK back to me, Im a pitcher in baseball I can already throw 70 miles an hour in 8th grade!
            I know you have a baseball field though right?!?

            – Johnny, I wouldnt call it “our” field, as we do rent it. Its just down the road though, a few short miles away.

            +So I have to get a ride there as well? my goodness. Soccer?

            -You will have to drive there as well.

            +So let me get this straight, you dont have a football field, baseball field, track, swimming pool?
            I get to throw 30 times a year and I wont run on a track til my first meet? and my sister has to get up at 5am to swim?
            Every other school in the state has all of these things! Top notch facilities, right outside their school on campus. Why would I want to go to your school????
            It sounds 3rd rate.

            -We have gold helmets!

          10. Mr. Neutral1,

            I picked CC to lose to Milan.
            I am certainly not biased in that regard.

            I think what makes this site interesting, is the back and forth we can do between commenters.

            I posted your comment, I didnt run from it. I could have deleted it. But I let your opinion through.
            I can of course counter that opinion with my own.

            I try to provide a perspective engrained in facts and numbers(with some bias I am sure). Not something shrouded in hyperbole, allegory and accusations.

  3. Can someone tell me what is going on at Monroe?
    This was the team that was supposed to beat Saline and contend for a SEC RED title.
    After what I saw last night they will be lucky to win 5 games.
    I just see the same Jet motion trap/power read 45 times a game with some power off of it
    I wonder if Monroe lined up in the T with those big lineman and backs while controlling the clock??? Just a thought. Hopefully my Trojans can get back on track

    1. Few surprises last night.
      Ida over Clinton, Ida is a force in LCAA standings.
      Bedford losing to AA Huron, didn’t see that one coming.
      SMCC over Milan, sounded like a great game, with limited practice time for Falcons out for COVID, thought Milan would win that one.
      Saline having their way with the Trojans, did not see a rout in this one, come on man.
      Dundee over Blissfield, told you the Vikes are better than people thought.

      1. AA Huron over Bedford is the upset of the night. At least in the rest of those games, there was a possibility of those outcomes. Ann Arbor Huron beating Bedford for the first time since 2003 is a shocker. Best of luck to AA Huron against Monroe this week!

    2. The Cat even Wonders

      Nothing is going on at Monroe…maybe that is the problem. MHS has never had a team that was called…great. So things at MHS is just par for the course.

      1. Troll you are correct, Airport looks like a different team with Hammond in the lineup. Next week’s game with Huron will be interesting cause i believe the Chiefs are better than their record would indicate.

  4. Very Very hard fought game out at Milan tonight. Every play, every down was intense. Now that’s what High school football is all about. Thanks Milan & SMCC for leaving it all on the field.

    1. Yes agreed. Hard fought, hard hitting game on both sides. I thought the officials got too involved in the game but I am thankful we have them. Milan QB Mcelvany was impressive, he pretty much did everything for their offense but SMCC made some nice defensive adjustments at halftime. Milan shouldn’t be counted out yet, they could run the table from here on out.

  5. Who is Edon? They must be pretty good. Wow.

    Good job cc. Milan has class and a good game all around I hear. Saw some clips online

    Gary Gary Gary

    FRANK which game you ref at? Heard on multiple occasions you’re best official in Huron league

    1. Jake "Not from State Farm" Clemens

      Edon is a small school in NW Ohio, actually only a matter of minutes from the Indiana state line. They are coached by Bob Olwin who is an Ohio High School Hall of Fame coach who has been all over Ohio the last 40 years and is most known for his offense which is a 5 wide spread offense with big splits by the linemen and throw 90% of the time. Edon doesn’t play in the strongest league nor are they really a “powerhouse’ program but remember that Ohio started 1 week earlier than Michigan this year so they had an extra game of experience and also in Ohio, they have 3 pre-season scrimmages which provides more experience as well. A 5 wide pass happy offense like Edon runs is not an easy offense to prepare for, especially on short notice. I’m sure this was a good wake up call for the Bobcats and they could very well win the rest of their games as long as they stay healthy.

      Edon also had amazing concession stand food!

      1. Sounds like someone from Whiteford is making excuses
        You signed up to play them.
        Bob Olin, not Olwin does a nice job but by no means is the moons over my hammy you’re making him out to be.
        The Bobcats aren’t used to seeing 5 wide football because the teams they play are on the verge of becoming 8 man teams( other than Loy Norris)
        Ohio HS football is so much better than MI

  6. years ago nb huron was playing a hockey team from the east side of Detroit they waited for the team to show up when it was game time they were not there they called the coach and the team was in Ann Arbor thinking they were playing AA Huron. Do not assume everybody knows the difference remember when you break down the word assume

  7. friendly reminder is it aa huron or nb huron in the event somebody signs on and does not know the difference like in aa gab richard or riverview gab richard

    1. The Cat even Wonders

      I firmly agree…I had a closed door session with The Cat and he nods in affirmation also saying not everyone who comes across this page knows the difference when you abbreviate too much…which happens. The Cat knew a dog who lived north of us…who mistook FB (Flint Beecher) for (FootBall)…Farfel has never been the same after that.

  8. SMCC has been tough to stop tonight. This time they are able to cap off their drive with a 25-yard touchdown pass.
    SMCC 21
    Milan 15
    8:02 4th

    1. Sorry, Mathew. I didn’t mean to slight you. You are an awesome player. I should have said “Too bad the OTHER STARS weren`t out there ALSO. The points would have been phenomenal!”

  9. Saline -28 Monroe -0 Half
    Saline total domination. Monroe looks like they haven’t practiced and it is their first game. Embarrassing!

      1. Wishful thinking I’m sure. Saline is better than any team anyone on this site has played. Their QB was unreal. Has 10 plus major D1 offers and showed everyone why. Most high schools can’t cover a pass to save their life and Monroe is one of them. Add in a lack of passing on Monroe’s part and drives stalled inside the redzone everytime. Looks like these coaches have a lot of work to do with the play calling and need to fix a pass defense that is awful.

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