FNV MHSAA Playoff Predictions

Division 1

Chris, Final Four: Rockford, Novi CC, Romeo, Cass Tech Champion: Cass Tech Sleeper: Dakota

Gary, Final Four: Rockford, West Bloomfield, Sterling Heights Stevenson, Belleville Champion: Rockford Sleeper: Chippewa Valley

Frank, Final Four: Grand Blanc, Rochester Adams, Romeo, Saline Champion: Grand Blanc Sleeper: Ann Arbor Huron

Division 2

Chris, Final Four: Caledonia, South Lyon, Churchill, De La Salle Champion: De La Salle Sleeper: Roseville

Gary, Final Four: Caledonia, South Lyon, Churchill, De La Salle Champion: De La Salle Sleeper: Grosse Pointe South

Frank, Final Four: Caledonia, South Lyon, Bedford, De La Salle Champion: De La Salle Sleeper: Bay City Western

Division 3

Chris, Final Four: DeWitt, Zeeland West, Brother Rice, Detroit King Champion: King Sleeper: Orchard Lake St. Mary

Gary, Final Four: Muskegon, Zeeland West, Brother Rice, Detroit King Champion: Detroit King Sleeper: Zeeland East

Frank, Final Four: DeWitt, Zeeland West, Brother Rice, Detroit King Champion: Detroit King Sleeper: Haslett

Division 4

Chris, Final Four: Unity Christian, Edwardsburg, Notre Dame Prep, Chelsea Champion: Chelsea Sleeper: Grand Rapids Christian

Gary, Final Four: Unity Christian, Edwardsburg, Notre Dame Prep, Chelsea Champion: Unity Christian Sleeper: South Christian

Frank, Final Four: Unity Christian, Edwardsburg, Freeland, Chelsea Champion: Unity Christian Sleeper: Hastings

Division 5

Chris, Final Four: Frankenmuth, Grand Rapids CC, Portland, Marine City Champion: GRCC Sleeper: Williamston

Gary, Final Four: Frankenmuth, Garnd Rapids CC, Portland Marine City Champion: GRCC Sleeper: Clare

Frank, Final Four: Essexville Garber, Grand Rapids CC, Portland, Marine City Champion: Grand Rapids CC Sleeper: Howard City Tri-County

Division 6

Chris, Final Four: Calumet, Lansing Catholic, Jonesville, Michigan Collegiate Champion: Lansing Catholic Sleeper: Montague

Gary, Final Four: Grayling, Lansing Catholic, Jonesville, Michigan Collegiate Champion: Lansing Catholic Sleeper: Almont

Frank, Final Four: Standish-Sterling, Lansing Catholic, Constantine, Michigan Collegiate Champion: Lansing Catholic Sleeper: Clinton

Division 7

Chris, Final Four: St. Francis, Pewamo-Westphalia, Muskegon CC, Lumen Christi Champion: Pewamo-Westphalia Sleeper: Loyola

Gray, Final Four: St. Francis, Pewamo-Westphalia, Lawton, SMCC Champion: St. Francis Sleeper: Loyola

Frank, Final Four: St. Francis, Pewamo-Westphalia, Muskegon CC, Lumen Christi Champion: Lumen Christi Sleeper: Ishpeming-Westwood

Division 8

Chris, Final Four: Beal City, Ubly, Hudson, Whiteford Champion: Hudson Sleeper: Sand Creek

Gary, Final Four: Beal City, Ubly, Hudson, Whiteford Champion: Hudson Sleeper: Sand Creek

Frank, Final Four: Beal City, Breckenridge, Hudson, Whiteford Champion: Hudson Sleeper: White Pigeon

32 thoughts on “FNV MHSAA Playoff Predictions”

  1. I understand SMCC and JLC is an intriguing matchup to look forward to, but doing such would be a mistake. Last time I checked you can’t win state, regional, or even district if you get caught napping round 1.

    To my Falcons,
    Treat every game as if it were your last. Stay 100% focused on your preparation for Lutheran Westland. Study the film, take care of your bodies, immerse yourself a into the gameplay, and then go out their and execute on Friday night.
    – Former State Champ

  2. Don’t understand ????

    CC and Lumin will win this Friday, and obviously it’s a great matchup just like 2014…the difference this year in my opinion is special teams, you can’t give Lumin a short field to work with, Lumin wins on last possession on a short field …..

    1. Why isn’t the lipford kid kicking this year? Smcc will need a kicker who can kick FGs.. I know the lipford kid has a stronger leg then who they have kicking now.. just doesn’t make since to me..

      1. You Used to be a Falcon

        He got hurt early this season. I won’t talk about his current status but he is unable to kick. As for the JV kicker, I agree but he also was in a cast for 4 games while kicking for JV. I highly suggest Jim you contact Coach Kipf and let him know of your discovery!

    2. Just the Facts !!!

      Lumin getting the ball on there 40 or 45 spells major advantage for them and major trouble for CC, possessions are going to be at a premium this game, trust me …JV kid booms the ball on kickoffs..hint, hint !!!

    3. Last year may be a better comparison
      In 2014 the Hail Mary pass should have never counted- look at the film, there are 3 SMCC O lineman 10 yards down field when the QB released the ball.
      Officials missed it and SMCC won
      JLC coaches show that play before big games as motivation, want the kids to take care of business so refs can’t rob them of a victory
      The score won’t be as close as last years game

      1. Right, dont compare it to the year CC won. That wouldnt suit your point of view.
        Which means as much as everyone else’s, including mine… nothing.

        So here is my meaningless take on 2014.

        You lost that game because Brogan didnt run your QB. A fake toss to Willis and the naked boot the opposite way was WIDE open, every play.
        SMCC had to sell out to stop Willis. Which they didnt do, until they did.
        Instead he chose to give the ball to Willis 52 times, which is insane. It’s irresponsible to give a HS player than many carries.
        He was gassed at the end and fumbled. Which in the end, is what really cost them the game. I get he was the best player on the field
        but 52 times is crazy when you are a program like JLC and have many good players and options.

        And I realize Coach Brogan has forgotten more about football than I will ever know, but I did preface with my take as meaningless.

        1. I guess you are right. The schools have played 4 times, with JLC holding a 3-1 record. Makes sense to compare it to the one game SMCC won from 2014, VS a game last year, where many of the same players are returning. More so on the JLC side.

          Agree Herb should have never ran Willis 52 times- hind sight is 20/20

      2. Here’s reality again letting us know that JLC rules! Thanks for that sir! Sounds like sour grapes in 2014 for JLC. I’m sure your correct…..they will roll CC by 30 next week! There is no way they can compete with the best ever team in the state of Michigan sir. Boy I wish I was a JLC fan. You really know how to do it!

        1. To Anon 4:39
          I don’t think they will win by 30
          Think it will be 28-0
          No sour grapes from 2014
          We’ve won 2 States since then

      3. Honestly dude no average coach let alone a great coach (like JLC has) would ever show a play like that before every big game and say that’s why they lost! Many things lead to losing other than 1 play! Like a fumble (as Gary mentioned ). He probably shows that too huh?

      4. Bro what a sour grape. The farthest lineman downfield was at -1 yards from the LOS. The other 4 interior lineman were 10 yards behind the LOS trying to block for the QB and the QB heaved it up for the WR. It’s one thing to be mad about losing because of a broken lucky play but to blame it all on the refs is being a sore loser. If they play it every year at JLC you should pay closer attention stupid. Good luck next week. You’ll need it. Oh and you might want to chat with the refs too since that’s what you guys rely on

        You want the truth. You can’t handle the TRUTH!

  3. If 5 and 40 don’t get hurt for Riverview how far do you think they go??
    Still strong but without 5 it hurts their offense

    1. Riverview runs a system offense. While they will certainly miss Preston on offense, their backup is more than capable. I would actually be more concerned on the defensive side of the ball.

    2. In my opinion they would definitely make it past friday. I’m not so sure they can over come losing Preston. He was also a major factor on defense. Those are 2 huge losses. Lets just hope the next man up comes out and the team doesn’t miss a beat. Best of luck to the team though.

  4. I guess I don’t understand the Hudson Hype.. In head to head Whiteford had their way with Ida.. Literally controlled the LOS the entire game.

    Ida literally is a HB injury away from beating Hudson and had many opportunities even without one of their main offensive threats.

    Watched the Hudson vs Clinton game and even in that game I thought Clinton was the better team everywhere but the scoreboard. In fact if Hudson play Ida and Clinton 10 times, I think both Ida and Clinton beat them 7-8 times. Hudson has had a nice revival, but they’re not the Hudson of old.

    I don’t even anticipate Hudson to get out of their District. have you seen some of the score of the Centreville team they could meet up with if they get past Reading?

    1. If you wanted to pick Whiteford to win it.. I wouldnt argue.
      I dont think any of us would.

      Whiteford’s attack is more like Ithaca’s than Ida’s or Clinton’s.

      If you wanted to pick Centreville, I wouldnt argue there either.

      In regards to the “Hudson hype” comment.

      They are 9-0 and #1 in the state.
      With wins over 5 playoff teams to include Ithaca, Ida, Clinton.
      That pretty much speaks for itself.

    2. I think because Hudson plays all div 6 teams that’s why they get the hype. If Whiteford and Hudson meet up, which I think they will I believe Hudson will understand that they were over rated all year. I mean Whiteford is quietly dropping 50-60 points on almost EVERYONE. I can’t see any team stopping their offense.

      1. Yea well Hudson also has shut out 2 Playoff teams divisions ahead of them and has beaten the number 2 team in d6 twice

      2. Hudson also plays one of the strongest schedules in d8 playing some heavy hitters in D5-7, and some of the best d6 teams, Clinton and Ida, and has shut out 2 playoff teams in D6 and D5

    3. Hudson has earned the number one ranking in D8 by virtue of winning all of their games. Having said that there are 4 teams in their division I would pick to beat them and 2 of those teams are in their district. So I agree that they don’t get past districts

      1. I assume you are referring to Addison and Centreville.
        That could happen and nobody would be completely surprised by it.

        Hudson has a tough road. If they win it all, it will as earned as any team that wins a title in any division.
        Probable road by rank, Reading, Addison, WP, Whiteford, UBLY or Beal City.
        And the same could be said about Addison and Centreville.
        Zero gimmies. ZERO

        One could say the Finals would be the easiest match-up, although not easy by any stretch.

        Side note: Reading will be the first D8 team Hudson has played all year.

  5. Week 10, the end:
    Airport- Beat someone next year, would ya!
    Riverview- some bad breaks, what a season!
    Huron- is Huron
    SMCC- is, well SMCC!
    Flat Rock- Jv records mean nothing.
    Milan- The reason I say JV records mean nothing.
    Jefferson- Nice finish to your season.
    GI- soccer now number 1 sport on the island?
    Monroe- Maybe pipe down the pre-season hype next year.
    Ida- potter has a nice thing going over there!
    Summerfield- Proves you can play with a small roster
    Dundee- playoffs again! Surprise of the region!
    Mason- Big frog, little pond syndrome.
    Bedford- win at least a district! You can do it.
    Whiteford- put up 76 on Hudson? Not a fan anymore.
    Carlson- you are legit, see how you do in playoffs.

    1. Close school districts should combine instead of playing 8-man. It’s basically a cross between 7 on 7 and backyard football.

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