FNV Week 8 Video Picks

Watch as Chris, Gary and Frank discuss Michigan High School football from week 7 and make their week 8 picks.

14 thoughts on “FNV Week 8 Video Picks”

  1. The D end for CC I think his name is riley desarko #34 is a heck of a player. He’s the best d end in the huron league and the most disruptive player for sure. Runs in the mid 4.6s and has a motor that doesn’t run out

    1. I agee Airport has been getting better every week. This could be the week they put 4 great quarters together and take Milan down to the wire and Finish.

  2. Kid Lester will be back in Newport for one night only and the Bears are feeling hungry. You can throw out the records and as a special bonus all the way from Taft Jack Dundee will be doing the play by play from the booth. As a kid and through out my life this has always been the game of the year. I’ve seen some great games played between these two schools some were in triumph and others ended in heartbreak. For these young men and their families these are the best of times as this will be the last time that they suit up in this rivalry. The stands will be packed, the popcorn will be fresh and Bears in a close one down the Falcons! Go Bears!

  3. The d end from NB Huron is the best lineman in the league since Furtney. I believe his name is Callohan or something close. An absolute monster. Saw he had a visit last week to Eastern. That kid will play serious ball D-2 or D-1at the MAC level.

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