17 thoughts on “Saturday Playoff Score”

    1. How do they come up with this list?
      How do they determine all region players?
      I only ask because I see names of players that I don’t think are worthy , but I don’t see names of players I think should be listed.
      Just asking is all.

  1. Great job this year you guys! Even though it’s not quite over
    all in all I thought it was a very entertaining year of HS football around the southern mitten. Looking forward to last 2 weeks. Should be some more great match ups.
    It was good to meet you Chris and Gary as well. Maybe some day I will get a chance to meet the professor (Frank). Thanks!

      1. Has #40 from Riverview received any offers. Can not imagine that kid not playing D1. He is a good looking big athlete on the field.

    1. Speaking in terms of how valuable a player was to one team

      Kincard from Riverview
      McElvany from Milan
      Jondro (offense) or Leal (defense) from SMCC
      Smith from Huron

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