MHSAA Friday Night Scores

Please submit your halftime and final scores. The guys will be doing their regular football gigs tonight and may not be able to get things posted as quickly, but they will eventually be posted. Please be patient.

Whiteford 36 Blissfield 20 final

Erie Mason 50 Saranac 14 final

Grosse Ile 20 Gabriel Richard 7 final

Summerfield 40 Our Lady of the Lakes 12 final

SMCC 3 Michigan Collegiate 28 final

23 thoughts on “MHSAA Friday Night Scores”

  1. I guess the only thing I have to say is I told you guys that it was a down year for SMCC. My sources would never lie to me. From what I watched last night… it’s going to be another dominant season from the Big Reds in the HL with Riverview and Airport competing for 2nd place.

  2. There really isn’t much to say about that game other than Warren Collegiate is a darn good team. They had 4 TD’s called back by penalties. What should you do as a coach? Keep the starters in position the entire game and risk injuries? SMCC will be fine-Huron League is nothing compared to Warren Collegiate.

    1. Yet Milan beat them last year … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      People who say the Huron league is nothing seem to just like to hear/see themself talk…

  3. CC loses one game and people think Kipf’s the problem?? Lol they must forget how good CC is going to be. 8-0 the rest of the season watch!

    1. anonymous 10:38 Hell no.. GI will beat them next week.. Offensive and Defensive lines need to make changes..amongst other changes.. Smcc is a maybe a 2 win football team.. watch.

    1. Jefferson wins and CC loses
      It’s a great way to start Week 1
      Oh and nice effort from Monroe- guessing aces weren’t wild

    2. Yes agree, after multiple state championships, HL championships and winning at a clip of ,700 %, .Coach Kipf and the multiple others on the staff that could be HC’s , this is the year they put kids in the wrong spots. Anonymous 10pm your a coaching genius…..

      Some times you just get beat by a better team

      1. i was at the Smcc game Friday night.. Yes i agree with the 10:00 pm comment.. They were manhandled.. Kids are in the wrong position.. you play your best players both ways.. period.. smcc lines were dominated.. need to move kids around like 10:00 pm comment said..

        1. We got beat by a better team last night period, after they watch film, there will be changes for sure..with 3 starters on offense and 3 starters from defense coming back from last year, we need to pump the brakes on this years team and let them settle in…we got dominated in the trenches on both sides like we usually do to other teams, hard to watch…

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