Week 1 Player of the Week

Airport WR/DB Colin Nowak is our FNV Week 1 Player of the Week after garnering 51% of the 428 votes that were cast via Twitter. Nowak had four receptions for 110 yards and two touchdowns and made the game-winning interception on defense as Airport prevailed in a 35-32 thriller over Ida.

Here is his post-game interview with FNV’s own Frank Vajcner after the game.

11 thoughts on “Week 1 Player of the Week”

  1. Looks like you guys can’t leave it to the people anymore. Buddy from Erie Mason tied an MHSAA record and still didn’t win the coveted Friday Night Victors POW lol

    1. To me, its about being nominated.. celebrated if you will.

      To win or lose the fan vote isnt all that important, but to be nominated for all to see, is where its at.

      Frank takes the time to scour the papers, websites and apps to find the best performances.
      Puts them down on here and gives notice to everyone of the best performances of the week.

      And if we are being honest, the twitter poll brings more traffic to the website. Thus increasing the visibility of our athletes.

  2. If you’re going to let the fans pick the player off the week
    Give them a poll to pick each game
    So you don’t come off as political 🤦.
    See if they can beat “experts”

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