9 thoughts on “Week 2 Video Picks”

  1. Don’t be surprised if Dundee upset Livonia- that Zanger kid at QB for the Vikings is going to turn some heads this year

  2. Jefferson canceled JV game vs. Riverview on Tuesday night. Apparently, they “don’t have enough kids to play”

    1. Riverview should consider getting out of the Huron League this is the second time this has happened to these kids . Last year it was Grosse Ile . Feeling bad for the kids who work hard every week to play .

      1. Jefferson fielded 13 players last week on JV and lost 60-0.

        They did their best to field a team so to help league members. Just wont get it done every week.

        Huron league may want to look into playing the Varsity games before the JV games like other leagues do.
        This can help with applying the 5 quarter rule.

        1. Then you have JV games on Saturday mornings where you have to have custodians, game works, coaches, and everybody else come in on a day they aren’t normally there? That doesn’t make good sense from business side of things. Riverview will not look elsewhere. Huron League member schools are solid and wouldn’t benefit from leaving. Smaller schools are going to have a harder time fielding teams from time to time. I remember times it was flipped and Jefferson was loaded.

          1. You can also play the JV on the Monday after if Saturday doesnt work for the reasons you mentioned.

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