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Each weekend, Chris and Frank share their thoughts, comments and questions.

How about the Jets opening a can?

Not much to say about Bedford other than the better team won.

The Carlson offense is averaging an impressive 41 ppg. Even more impressive is the 6 ppg the defense is giving up.

Closer than expected, but the Vikings get the job done with defense.

It was nice to see Erie Mason back on the field again this week.

I loved seeing Flat Rock put up 62 points, this was last done in 1983 by the Rams when they beat Detroit Lutheran West 62-6. (Coincidently, this was my (Chris) last game as a player at good ole Flat Rock High)

How about those Red Devils? And senior Tyler Swick making a huge early case for Player of the Year!

Will the real Huron Chiefs please stand up?

 Looks like a long season ahead for the Blue Streaks. Similar to my (Frank) senior year

I wonder what people were thinking about Frank’s coin flip comment when Jefferson was up 14-0 in the 1st quarter?

Don’t expect Milan to fold. They have too good of a program and coaching staff to do that.

It’s about to get real for the Trojans.

Riverview looks to be the real deal, again.

Don’t fret Falcons, another “Blue Blood” program (Lumen Christi) sits at 0-3 right now.

Dawgs take care of business on the road in the heat.

 Bobcats made me (Frank) eat crow with a big win. Are they bound for that one place we can’t say the name of?

19 thoughts on “Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. So there have been quite a few comments that we have been unable to post from people complaining about coaching staffs not playing the right people.

    I have coached HS sports for over 30 seasons and have been an AD for 12 years. I have personally always played the players my staff and I thought would give us the best opportunity to win. I have never met a coach or staff from any school that would deviate from that same standard.

    For people to suggest otherwise is just tomfoolery (I have never used that word in a sentence before, but I think it’s appropriate), especially about coaches who have won their entire careers.

    Let me make a suggestion, hand write your comments on a piece of paper then wait 24 hours before you type them here and send. I think you will find your emotions have changed and you will most likely not submit the comment.

    If you think your child should should be playing more, ask them what they think. If they think they should be playing more, have them talk to their position coach and then maybe the head coach. If your child doesn’t get an opportunity after that or disagrees, then maybe you should contact the position or head coach and talk.

    Just my two cents….

      1. SMCC is a faith based institution.
        The parents and fans should apply their faith in the coaching staff.
        Trust me, they are giving their all.

        No other staff has built up the equity like SMCC. Give them time. They have earned it.
        Even if in the end, it doesnt come together like you think it should

        Sometimes we think a team has all the pieces, and the coach just has to put it together.
        Without the thought of the other team’s pieces. Sometimes you just aren’t as good as those you play.

    1. SMCC has enjoyed more success in football than any other team in the HL.
      They are having a down year and may only win a game or so.
      This does not mean the coaches suck or are trying to lose, etc.
      It means they are young and do not have the talent this year.

  2. I’m just now catching up on the blog and I’ve realized one thing-some of you people need to relax! Chris and Gary, I would hate to see the “shit” you guess don’t let through to get posted. On a side note, Airport has too many weapons and the defense was tough as nails against CC. I love how the Carleton community isn’t coming on here telling everyone how great we are. It’s still early and there are a lot of tough games left (every week). I can say this-I think Airport has finally asserted themselves as one of the top HL teams and I don’t see that changing anytime soon or in the next couple years. Junior program has finally started and started with a lot of kids! The future is bright and it’s not only about Airport baseball anymore.

  3. Please don’t compare JLC to SMCC
    It’s like MSU fans comparing their basketball program to Duke
    There’s no comparison
    Look at state titles- state final appearances – and head to head meetings ( don’t leave the games from the 80’s out)

    No comparison

    1. Both teams are in the top 20 all time winning percentage in Michigan high school football history. Obviously JLC has won a bunch of state championships but SMCC football started way before 1968. I would say that both are definitely blue bloods. If you disagree that’s your opinion. But we all know who the expert here is.

      1. JLC also has a major city like Jackson to draw from, SMCC is in the city of Monroe, not quite the same population wise. $12K a year for tuition too and they rent their own facilities, have to bus teams to practice, fundraise their entire budget every year for every sport. I always find it humorous when people think SMCC should have all these things cause their a private school. They don’t have a bunch of multi-million dollar donors like JLC. They make due without more than you would think. Yes they’re having a tough season thus far but top to bottom as an athletic program, given all their challenges, its impressive. This is coming from a family of Monroe High grads as well.

        When my kids are old enough, they will be attending SMCC, regardless of what the keyboard coaches think of SMCC’s coaching staff or “recruiting tactics” which if anyone comes across a discount on tuition, please let me know!

  4. Thanks Chris, Gary and Frank for putting in the effort and time on the blog.
    I dont have anyone playing anymore but it is helpful to keep up with area teams and scores
    I still follow HS football, can’t get out to the games sometimes.
    So thanks for doing this.

  5. I love HS football! Where teams rise and fall like the tides, where every team is an injury away from panic. I appreciate this bolg as it gives insight to the many different teams in Monroe Co and allows the numerous step dad’s the ability to voice their opinions on the predictions and outcomes of each game. Hats off to Gary, Frank and Chris who make this happen week in an week out. My thoughts!

  6. Airport played a great game last night on both sides of the ball. Big one next week on the island. Gonna be interested to see Gary’s take since he’s seen both Airport and GI the last 2 weeks.

    1. My nephew plays for SMCC. After watching Airport and GI, I would say Airport wins by 21 points. Grosse Ile has some nice players, especially #3 but it was hard to find any weaknesses for Airport.

      My prediction:
      Airport 42, Grosse Ile 21

  7. Many surprises this year, Flat Rock and Grosse Ille (mediocre programs) are doing good and great programs SMCC and Milan not doing so good. Then you have teams playing mediocre teams like Erie Mason going 2-0 in that case. Very interested to see who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t !!!

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