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Thought from Chris and Frank

I think the difference this year for Airport is the defense, but Jack Mill’s legs were most likely the difference last night.

Mules let one slip away against Ann Arbor Huron

This may be the best Carlson defense we have ever seen.

A great quarterback (Ryan Zanger) and a great defense are usually a recipe for success.

That’s a good win, going into Petersburg is never easy.

The Rams competed against the best team in the league. Did Junge really throw it 42 times.

Who on earth is Hunter Proctor? What a player! He did everything, but sell popcorn at halftime. Wait…maybe he did. I didn’t hit the concession stand because the line was so long.

Huron will win a bunch of games if they can take care of the penalties.

Blue Streaks might be the best 0-4 team in the state, but their season is on the brink.

It is never an easy road to hoe in the Huron League. Just ask the Bears.

Looks like the Big Reds won’t get to 8 this year.

It gets easier for the Trojans this week, but not much.

If I am counting right, that is 23 straight regular season wins for Riverview.

I told you people that the Falcons wouldn’t go 0-9.

Bulldogs need to regroup before a big rivalry game

Win, rinse, repeat. Rivalry game with Summerfield looms for Bobcats

27 thoughts on “Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. Feeling Grosse Ile’s pain.

    Every time i would try to get ahead, Marcy would come cluck cluck clucking around and foil all my plans.

  2. Huron league talent level is down, but it makes for more evenly matched games.
    Riverview is the top team and will beat Airport. But it should be a good game.
    Riverview is not the same team as last year, but they run the T very well.
    I think other than Jefferson and Riverview, anyone could beat anyone this year.

    1. Talent is down every year, don’t you know. In 10 years we will be rolling out kids with so little talent, they couldn’t beat the bad news bears(not Jefferson). Hogwash. Tons of talent. As you said, the league is very balanced. Balanced on the up, not the down.

      1. Seems like he was trying to get acrossed that the Riverview team was loaded with studs last year , Still the best team in the League’s this year but the Senior class last year of Riverview was special .

          1. I completely agree with you……someone is always saying talent is down. What I have seen is a very balanced league which can make for great games every Friday night.

    2. Airport will match up well with Riverview. Airport also has the ability to score rather quickly. This game won’t be a guarantee win for Riverview.

  3. Is it time to press the panic button with Milan? Blown leads each of the last 3 weeks, and in-game mistakes have come back to haunt them each time…

    1. It is always tough when you lose one of your best players to injury, especially on a young team. Do not press the panic button. Be supportive!

  4. Not knowing who Hunter Proctor is just shows you guys don’t pay enough attention to these teams. He’s been a stud on both sides of the ball all year.

    1. I saw him week 2. We knew who he was. Called his name quite a few times we did on radio. The point Chris was trying to make is how strong he has come on in 1 year. Or in 4 games. Thought maybe you would put that together on your own without explanation.

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