Friday Night Scores

Please submit your Michigan High School Football Scores. I will get them posted at halftime and then final scores.

Trenton 6 Carlson 27 final

Milan 7 SMCC 21 final

Grosse Ile 34 Airport 41 final

Riverview 36 Flat Rock 15 final

Huron 54 Jefferson 16 final

Erie Mason 40 Summerfield 24 final

Monroe 0 Saline 40 final

Bedford 25 Huron 30 final

Whiteford 48 Madison 0 final

Ida 6 Hudson 14 final

Dundee 36 Onsted 6 final

81 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. I am hearing Airport beat up Grosse Ile aside from 3-4 questionable plays but regardless, it looks to be Airport vs. Riverview for the league title. No one has found a way to stop Airport’s offense and Riverview is quietly punching out the opposition.

    I didn’t attend, did Flat Rock really give Riverview a difficult time or was it a slow start for the Bucs? Some have told me that Flat Rock’s QB is that big of a difference maker while others say that Riverview got off to a slow start? I haven’t seen either team in person.

    I attended the SMCC-Milan game. It looks like SMCC finally got their offense going and has 4 legit running threats. Milan hurt not having #12 Gaskell but Ronnie Johnson #11 is the real deal! He is the best running back I have seen in Huron League games this year.

    Is Monroe still banged up or is the future Irish CJ Carr that good?

    Can Dundee finally win a league title?

    I wouldn’t write off Ida yet.

    1. I want to say the bucs started slow, but honestly Flat Rock played hard all night and didn’t back down until the final whistle. View did have a chance to score at the end with running out of bounds on the 1, congratulations to both teams

  2. Flat Rock had Riverview at 4th and 4 down 21-15 in the 4th and gave up a huge throw to RB out of backfield. Good battle, view D was very good. Flat Rock will not roll over.

    1. Riverview had a ton of stupid penalties that sustained FR drives, and FR fumbled and got picked twice for 3 turnovers.
      Their QB throws a great ball, but they must throw 40 times a game, hard to win like that in high school ball.
      Riverview was not that impressive, they run the T very well and run hard.
      All in all, Riverview is not as good as I thought and FR is a bit better than I thought.

    2. FR turned the ball over 3 times, Riverview had a lot of penalties.
      Riverview took a knee the last 3 plays on the 1 yard line, showed class.
      Score should have been 43-15.

    3. View showed a lot of class at the end of the game, taking a knee last 2 plays on the half yard line.
      Could have made the score worse.
      Question- when a player is down for an injury, players don’t take a knee anymore?
      I always thought that was a classy thing to do, didn’t see that last night at FR game.

      1. As a former coach at the youth and HS levels my opinion is players standing quietly and ensuring they’re out of the way of the training staff is just as respectful as kneeling. I preferred my players to stand and clap as the injured player left the field. The Monroe News had an article addressing this some years ago. It’s worth the read .

      2. Studies show that it’s actually harmful to take a knee for an extended period of time for injuries. Not about being disrespectful at all. Both view and FR have classy coaching staffs.

    4. Bucs weren’t impressive? they had a field day and the team there playing for the huron league with only beat flat rock by 2 or 3 points while riverview beat them by 21 point 3 touchdowns it’s saying something.

    1. Respect those who came before you and built what you have now. Especially those who built the Dundee Junior Vikings, Coach Macelvany, and Coach Oestrike. Good luck to the Vikings the rest of the way.

  3. I was at the Airport/Grosse Ile game. It was awesome. I am happy I went. Great players on both sides of the ball. Good QB play, backs, receiver and line play was excellent. Defenses were hitting. The battle between Tyler Swick and Colin Nowak was epic. Those two battle one on one all night long. Good coaching on both sides. Good officiating, but there were a couple of head-scratching non-calls that didn’t go Grosse Ile’s way and should have. Airport just made one more play and got the win.

      1. Number 7 for Airport is a BEAST, and definitely college football full ride material in every aspect of the game. Good luck young man

    1. I agree, well said Mr. Schultz, it was a great game played by some very great teams and very hreat players who played above what they were delt . My congratulations to both coaches and the player’s you were unbelievably above and beyond in all aspects of the game and athleticism. Riverview beware, Airport is a team to be reckoned with and is very talented. The refereeing was questionable, but it was questionable on both teams callls. So best of luck to both teams and best of luck too.

    2. Right on Chris, for my money you will not find a more entertaining football game to attend this year. I was watching that Nowak/Swick matchup all night and dare I say edge Nowak, Swick came in with all the headlines rightfully so but was held in check when on offense. Nye threw a costly pick six but then came back and showed why he is a great leader on the last 2 scoring drives.

      1. The only way I would say edge to Nowak would be because his team won. Swick still had a very good game. I believe he had 5 catches for 79 yards along with a great block that sprung Pizzo on his long touchdown run. Nowak had an interception. I would call it a push unless she give the edge to the winning side. it was really fun to watch. There were three or four times I found myself smiling because the play was so good

        1. Not saying Nowak totally outplayed him but definitely held him in check on defense while he made some big receptions on Swick in the first half. Swick is a helluva player, but if you told me earlier in the week he would have 80 yards receiving and be kept out of the end zone I would take that. To GI’s credit they had other guys make plays including their tough as nails RB.

  4. Bedford had that game. But multiple turnovers which led to 13 total points for Huron and a turnover on downs at the 1 yard line doomed them. And yikes, Monroe. Their worst lost since 2016 and their first time being shut out since 2015. Doesn’t look like their making their making the playoffs this year.

      1. They should be able to beat Pioneer, even though Pioneer snapped their 19 game losing streak tonight against cross town rival Skyline (I’m a skyline alumni and was present at that game, felt bad to say the least ). But yeah, Monroe would need at least 2 upsets to make the playoffs. Very Unlikely.

    1. Jets had several more penalties called on them by the refs. Yes, there could have been a clipping penalty on the long TD run by jets that was missed. Would not have had effect on the play, as runner was already out in front by 5 yards and not getting caught.
      Let’s not forget about the pass interference on GI that was not called. Or the fumble that was ruled down by official that just somehow went away.
      Also, Jets helped keep GI in game with 3 turnovers (one returned for td). GI had one.
      Just wanted to clear things up, as I see some posts on here about officiating and don’t want the people that weren’t at game to think that had anything to do with the outcome. Jets were the better team and earned this win. Always tough to win on the island.
      GI is a very good football team as well and will win several more games.
      Good luck to both on the rest of the year.

    1. Isn’t the game at Grosse Ile? Seen a lot of home cooking at that field to think the refs are working against the islanders

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