Week 1 Playoff Video Picks

Watch the Week 10 video as Frank from his car, Gary from his dining room and Chris from The Pitch Pub in Waltz, Michigan make their week 1 playoff picks.

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8 thoughts on “Week 1 Playoff Video Picks”

  1. If Airports offense can keep Tecumseh off the field they have a chance-they need some long sustained drives. No margin for error because Tecumseh will score almost at will. Keep the ball out of their hands!

  2. Maybe I’m setting myself up for failure but I like the matchup for Airport. Definitely a chance that Tecumseh outscores them in a shootout, but I believe Airport will be able to make a couple stops on defense. The biggest thing Airport cannot get off to a slow start like the Milan game two weeks ago cause they will get blown out, offense has to be in high gear for 48 minutes if they wanna advance.

    1. You got a shot E.

      Tecumseh might be underestimating you. They see Riverview looming. Not a bad spot to be in.

      They will be very well supported. Airport fans need to attend and support the Jets.

      1. I know you guys were speaking highly of the Tecumseh QB. Chris recently said he’s the best QB he’s seen this season. Is he being recruited by anyone?

        1. Guy who hears things at ansons in carleton

          Whether this is true or not idk, heard from questionable sources, but he’s a baseball stud and that’s what he will be playing next level

  3. Flat Rock huge game for our school and community biggest game ever at home let’s pack the house the kids and coaches put some much time into our program let’s do this.

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