Week 7 Picks

Bedford Kicking Mules

Here are the Michigan high school football picks for week 7 from our Friday Night Victor’s staff; Gary Hauf, Frank Vajcner and Chris Schultz.

Here, are the results so far for this year. Last week is in parenthesis. (All three of us took beating with our picks)

Frank: 52-17 (7-4)

Chris: 53-17 (6-5)

Gary: 56-14 (7-4)

Taylor @ Carlson

Frank: Carlson 48-8

Chris: Carlson 41-21

Gary: Carlson 45-14

Dexter @ Monroe

Frank: Dexter 42-14

Chris: Dexter 35-20

Gary: Dexter 39-14

Bedford @ Saline

Frank: Saline 38-17

Chris: Saline 38-28

Gary: Saline 30-18

Adrian Madison @ Erie Mason

Frank: Erie Mason 42-22

Chris: Erie Mason 21-20

Gary: Erie Mason 22-18

Sand Creek @ Summerfield

Frank: Summerfield 28-14

Chris: Summerfield 34-20

Gary: Summerfield 20-7

Whiteford @ Loy Norrix

Frank: Whiteford 52-14

Chris: Whiteford 56-40

Gary: Whiteford 58-14

Ida @ Blissfield

Frank: Ida 28-21

Chris: Ida 24-14

Gary: Ida 22-7

Dundee @ Hillsdale

Frank: Dundee 38-20

Chris: Dundee 24-14

Gary: Dundee 26-20

Grosse Ile @ Flat Rock

Frank: Grosse Ile 28-20

Chris: Flat Rock 28-27

Gary: Flat Rock 28-26

Milan @ Jefferson

Frank: Jefferson 29-28

Chris: Milan 27-20

Gary: Milan 28-20

Huron @ SMCC

Frank: Huron 27-14

Chris: Huron 21-16

Gary: Huron 28-7

REMAX Masters Game of the Week

Airport @ Riverview

Frank: Riverview 42-20

Chris: Riverview 40-28

Gary: Riverview 38-28

29 thoughts on “Week 7 Picks”

  1. The Oracle’s Stepdad

    My Friday night prediction,
    Frank will regret his pick in the FR vs GI game. Gary will laugh, and go up by another game in his full year win/loss totals.

  2. Huron needs to have a good game to win. And it at SMCC.
    SMCC is better than there first 4 games.

    20 – 13 Huron

    Huron Fan

    1. SMCC clock operator

      Sorry Huron Fan, you are already losing 14 to zero.. Huron will not have much of a chance playing in that dust bowl.
      SMCC’s MVP for last weeks game, the clock operator. Keep an eye on the clock, at least a minute was stolen from FR last week in the final 6 mins.

  3. frank I feel like we can find a bum on the street that can do this job better then you picking grosse ile to win over THE MIGHTY RAMS its just kinda sad how you think flat rock will fall to the island on homecoming with the detroit lions coming to town the boys are fired up and ready to put on a show for this small town of flat rock I am fully aware that grosse ile is very good this year after a hard beating from the boys just up the road and even tho flat rock is coming off a devastating loss to the smcc falcons if you look at the games after flat rock has loss they have been absolute beatings, after the hard airport loss the next week the rams win 62-28 against the bears of jefferson as well as the riverview loss the week following against the milan big reds 55-28 with coming of the loss to smcc the grosse ile devils should be a little worried but I do know that this grosse ile teams is very good this year going 4-2 so far into this season I just have faith in this rams team based of the past 2 losses they faced.

          1. GI does not defend the pass very well, and that is all FR does.
            I’m thinking it could be like 55-45.
            FR doesn’t defend the run game either so could be a shootout, with FR winning.

          2. Like I sad. GI doesn’t defend the pass.

            Great job Flatrock.

            GI. No offense point in 2 weeks.

            Omg. And you have the best player in the league


            See you in basketball.

    1. Everyone should get to vote how they feel… We got beat last week and need to prove we can win to get the doubters to not be doubters…

      It’s up to us to have a good game plan and the kids to execute it. If we have those two things I feel we can compete/beat anyone in the league.

      But let’s not beat up Frank for his opinion… let’s whip GI and change his mind…

      We still got things to prove!

      1. The GI Flatrock game could be a high scoring game. Both teams need to catch the ball. Some key passes dropped in both games. Both QBs looks really good. To many dropped
        Balls last week.

    2. Can’t blame him against picking against us. CC tried everything they can to give us the game and we still lost. Let’s hope we get it together and can beat GI. Go Rams!

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