15 thoughts on “Week 7 Video Picks”

      1. Checkout Gary the spy, picking Riverview to get on their good side then going and spying for Airport. And funny thing Riverview never saw it coming from a SMCC guy. Gary if we pull the upset Friday I’ll make sure you are paid in full.

        1. Not sure Gary is a CC fan. From what radio listeners tell me, he is pretty critical of CC and rips them pretty hard over the live game day broadcast. Beyond just critiquing. It is a free speech country. Thank you veterans. But come on. Unless your at practice every day and see what the coaches see daily, not sure where the critical and negative remarks are necessary. Especially on a live broadcast that’s suppose to support CC, not take in down. Granted it’s been a tough year, lots of injuries, and a HL with some parity at the top. Minus Riverview’s dominance so far, like the last few years. Maybe pick them to lose by 21 this week too so they can get another win.

          1. I call the game like I see it. I do my best to not be a homer. I dont “rip” anyone or any team.
            If a player makes a bad play, I am very careful not to use their name. I could, but I choose not to in most cases.
            The broadcast itself supports CC and high school athletics. My job is not to paint a rosy, fantasy laden picture and give a false sense of what is going on.
            I do not call out players and say they are doing poorly. If I think a game decision or play call is questionable, I may question it. That is part of the job
            of a color commentator. I may not be at the practices but I have watched more SMCC games, seen more film, than anyone not a coach. So I think I am qualified to call out things that werent done correctly. I’ve seen enough things done the right way, to know when they were done the wrong way.
            I also support the staff 100% of the time, even when others do not. It’s funny, I’ve been called a SMCC homer so many times on this blog, I lost count. Now I am accused of being the opposite. Truth is, I try to be fair. I take great care in that area. Both here on the blog and when calling a game.

            If you are looking for a different type of game call, listen elsewhere, but from me, you will get the true game action. You will get my real takes. Its what I am paid to do.
            Why would anyone want it any other way?

    1. Was told 35,000 votes casted and FR GI won and will host Lions game of the week!
      Every vote counted. Anyone who voted helped bring support to Huron league and Monroe a region football.

      Thanks victor family! Cheer one another on until Friday nights then it’s war!!!!😂

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